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Plate Magnets {diy}

Make gorgeous magnets with dollar store plates and a few easy steps. The perfect DIY for rental kitchens to add eclectic decor.

Greetings!  Our kitchen is one step closer to it’s finished makeover.   We have had a hard time displaying wall art because of rental policies and concrete walls.  I decided to use the side of our white fridge to display a beautiful “plate wall”.  It was super easy and cheap.  Scroll down for the details.

DIY Plate Magnets

Supplies for DIY plate magnets:

Cheap plates (I found all of mine at the 100 yen store!)

strong magnets


hot glue


My husband suggested that I glue felt to the back of the magnet to protect the fridge from getting scratched.  Sound advice my friends.  It worked like a charm.

Create the magnets in 3 easy steps!

1.  Trace your magnet on felt and cut to size.

2. Hot glue felt to the magnetic side.

3. Hot glue the other side to your plate.

Aren’t these plates fantastic?  I chose blue and pink hues for a cohesive look.

The spiral is my favorite.  I might need to grab a few more for dessert plates. 😉 

The magnets were a little thicker than the lip on the back of the plates.  They were just the right size. 

Now the fridge is decorated, I can move on to other kitchen projects. Ha! 

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(A sneak peak of my cabinet makeover half way finished!)

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