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DIY Potpourri Pomegranate Ornaments for a Floral Christmas

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Add to a beautiful floral Christmas tree DIY potpourri decoration ideas using faux pomegranates and velvet trim for a scented holiday.

Welcome back to A Very Global Christmas where my good friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living and I share twelve days of globally inspired decorating ideas and DIYs. We love doing this series every year and it has become my favorite way to kick off the holiday season.

Potpourri Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Yesterday we started off with Stephanie’s annual My Home Style Christmas Tree Blog Hop which is happening all week long with dozens of different bloggers and various styles of trees. Make sure to come back every day for more tree inspiration and over the next three weeks for A Very Global Christmas!

A close up of a gorgeous Christmas tree full of red, pink, and purple flowers spiraling up the tree and adorned with moss balls and DIY pomegranate ornaments.  The tree is in front of gold mirrors.
A Floral Christmas Tree
A Very Global Christmas 2021 Banner graphic in gold.
A Very Global Christmas

I shared my dream floral tree with pinks, reds, and purple flowers and leaf stems that match my grandmother’s portrait and our front room curtains. More is more in my book so I added decorative moss balls and DIY potpourri pomegranate ornaments.

A basket of DIY Pomegranate Potpourri Christmas Decorations on a blue and white rug near a Christmas tree skirt.
DIY Pomegranate Potpourri Christmas Decorations

Everything smells so nice when you are crafting with potpourri. It all started when I found a bag of “Partridge in a Pear Tree” potpourri from Tuesday Morning. After a flashback of my Advent Calendar with the same theme, I thought of ways to incorporate the inexpensive item into this year’s Christmas theme.

Originally I thought about filling plastic ornaments with the potpourri but after finding bags of faux pomegranates on clearance I divided to make potpourri pomegranate ornaments instead.

Potpourri is an inexpensive substitute for dried floral I think. Especially if you look at discount stores like Tuesday Morning and Ross.

Today’s story is for DIY Christmas ornaments so let’s get to it.

How to Make Potpourri Pomegranete Ornamnets

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience to brands I love. You still pay the same price but I may earn a small commission.

You’ll need:

  1. Faux Pomegranetes (Oranges or pears would be perfect for Christmas too!)
  2. A bag of scented potpourri or other dried floral pieces
  3. Velvet Ribbon cut into 6-8 inch strips
  4. Hot Glue Gun
A birds eye view of faux pomegranates and potpourri with a wooden pear and red velvet ribbon laying on a blue and white rug.
Pomegranates and Potpourri Decoration Ideas
  • Put a dot of glue near the pomegranate’s thick stem. Place the end of a velvet strip with the velvet side facing out. Hold in place a few seconds.
A woman's hand holding a faux pomegranate showing how to hot glue velvet ribbon on to turn it into a Christmas ornament.
Hot Glue the Ribbon On
  • Put another dot of hot glue right on top of the ribbon edge and fold the second edge over to glue in place. Hold in place a few seconds.
The next step for making a DIY pomegranate ornament is gluing a velvet hanger.
Create an Ornament Hanger
  • Add more glue on top of the ribbon and add a small piece of potpourri. Hold in place a few seconds.
Next glue on potpourri near the pomegranate stem with the red velvet holder.  You can see a hot glue gun and other supplies in the back ground.
DIY Pomegranate and Potpourri Ornament
  • Keep glue potpourri pieces around the stem until you have a look you like! You can alternate between a couple of different colors or stick with one type. I enjoyed keeping it organic looking.
The top view of a cute DIY pomegranate ornaments embellished with potpourri and velvet ribbon hanger.
Floral Potpourri Faux Pomegranate Ornament

Let completely dry before hanging. I kept my hot glue gun on the lower setting and the pieces dried in place quickly. I also appreciate that the lower setting doesn’t burn as much when you accidentally touch the glue!

The complete DIY pomegranate ornament with potpourri around the top and a velvet ribbon loop to hang on Christmas tree.
DIY Fruit Ornament

When in doubt, use tone-on-tone with your material colors. I love all warm or cool tones together! The velvet curtains near the tree were my color inspiration.

A close up view of a Christmas tree decorated with floral stems and pomegranate potpourri decorations.
Fruit and Floral Tree

The potpourri and pomegranates will keep making an appearance with more ideas this week! Did you know that potpourri originated in France and that pomegranates are used during Christmas in Greece?

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

In the meantime, I’m really loving the floral and fruity vibe with a delicious scent.

Potpourri Decoration Ideas for Christmas showing DIY pomegranate ornaments and gift tags in reds, purples, and pinks with potpourris.
Potpourri Decorations for Christmas

Now let’s go visit Casa Watkins Living and see her gorgeous Colorful DIY Sea Glass Ornaments and if you haven’t seen her tree yet, make sure to check her Modern Boho Coastal Christmas Tree!

Colorful Christmas Sea Glass Ornaments Diy from Casa Watkins Living.
Christmas Sea Glass Ornaments
A Modern Boho Coastal Christmas Tree from Casa Watkins Living in her blue and green living room with lots of plants.
Modern Boho Coastal Christmas Tree

I hope you are enjoying this annual series as much as we are! You can find all things Christmas and winter holidays including free modern art prints, and printable decorating tips and gift tags on my Winter Decorating Page.

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