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How to prepare for overnight guests in a small space

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Find tips and tricks for hosting overnight guests in small spaces and without a guest room.  Suggestions for what to have on hand and how to create a cozy space included.

Hey there!  With the holidays around the corner, do you have any plans for overnight guests?  Living overseas is already a challenge but not having an extra room for our friends and family when they visit can be overwhelming.  But don’t let the lack of a spare bedroom stop you from entertaining overnight family and friends.  Hey, if you are flying out to Japan to see me, I’ll make room!  Try these tips and tricks I’ve used in our small rentals to accommodate out of town visitors in style and comfort without a guest room.

Let’s start with the basics for overnight guests: 

1.  Find a space.
Try to find a place in your rental that provides privacy if possible.  Use an office, a child’s room or den so you and your guests don’t feel obligated to be on the same sleep schedule or intruding on each other’s privacy.  In small rentals, the living room is always a go to.  We usually have our kids bunk together to free up some space.How to be guest ready in a small space
2.  Set up bedding. 
When you have the space and time, set up an air mattress or bed before hand.  Otherwise have bedding close by in a basket or bin for night time.  If you host overnight guests frequently in a living space, invest in a storage ottoman, trunk, or storage cubes to serve double duty for guest items storage but function as a coffee table or extra seating.rental friendly decorating ideas for fall
3.  Create a cozy sleeping area with extra blankets and pillows.
Since most sofa or air mattresses are not as comfortable as a good mattress, add a foam mattress topper to make it softer (and warmer).  Your overnight guests will thank you!
Lean pillows against the wall at the head of an air mattress to create a headboard.   Nothing beats a cozy spot to relax at the end of the day.Easy DIY Candy Striped Coverlet inspired by Serena and Lily
If guests are sleeping in a common area or somewhere where there’s light coming in at night, lay out sleep masks to aid in a good night’s sleep.keep eye masks on hand for overnight visitors

Just because you don’t have a designated guest room and bed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up your air mattress, sofa bed, or futon with decorative pillows and a throw.   Your family and friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness and their stylish and welcoming surroundings.

Overnight Guests essentials:

  • Good lighting especially a table lamp or reading light by the bed is a must.  Use a night light in the hall or bathroom to help guide guests in the middle of the night.
  • Provide a “bedside” table using a tray, ottoman, or stool.  Make it easy for your guests to grab a glass of water or the alarm clock with the help of a little elevation!how to accommodate overnight guests without a guest room
  • Set out enjoyable reading material. When you have a small space, it might not be practical to have a tv in the guest area. Let your guests wind down in the evening with favorite books or magazines (sudoku anyone?).Have reading material for overnight guests
  • Set out small dishes for jewelry, toiletries, and towels near by. Use a bench or chair to display guest items so it can double as a luggage rack.Tips for hosting overnight guests in a small space
  • If possible, hang empty hangers and empty a drawer for long-term guests. This will help keep the guest area clean and less cluttered which can be harder to manage in a small space.

Thoughtful extras for overnight guests:

  • Make staying in a living area fun with board games, books, and movies easily accessible for your guests.
  • The kitchen is a great spot for creating a little breakfast station with coffee, tea, bottled water, and granola .  That way early risers will feel free to help themselves.
  • Add other little touches to make your guests feel special like stationery or notepad for jotting down thoughts about their fun visit and wonderful hostess. 😉What to keep on hand for overnight guests
  • Don’t forget to provide your wifi passworda house key, and local maps and brochures!Extra house key for house guests
  • If your small abode only has an eat in kitchen or small dining room, store a folding table that can be brought out for holiday meals. Dress up with a tableclothlinens, and china for a chic and festive dinner!keep a folding table in a small space for guests

With some creative thinking and a few supplies on hand you can accommodate your overnight guests without a guest room but in comfort and style.

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Do you have any favorite tips for hosting guests in a small space?   Leave me a comment below and let’s chat!


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