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$100 Room Makeover: Rental Bathroom DIYs

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Hello, hello.  Welcome back to the $100 Room Makeover challenge hosted by Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry week 3!  Participating bloggers have all month to transform a space with a restricted budget and I’m taking on our rental bathroom.   This week I’m sharing 3 renter friendly DIYs to add personality to a rental bathroom. one-room-challenge-graphic

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3 Renter Friendly DIYs for the Bathroomrenter friendly diys for the bathroom

DIY #1:  “Wallpapered” shelves

Last week I shared our pretty new bathroom vanity from the landlord and I’ve enjoyed giving it some personality.  First the open vanity shelves had stickers and shelf notches that I wanted to cover.   I decided to add a floral print with leftover origami paper and command strips.

rental friendly bathroom DIYS renter friendly DIYs for shelves

DIY #2:  Stick on tiles 

The oh so amazing 100 yen store here has just about everything including the bathroom rugs I mentioned last week and 3D stick on tiles.

rental bathroom makeover on a budgetdollar-store-stick-on-tiles

I lined 3 sets of them up right above the sink and used the 4th for a Moroccan inspired tray for The Global Styler.

Tip:  Use fingernail polish remover and toothpaste (or baking soda) to remove sticky residue or glue left over from tiles when it’s time to take them off. 

$100 rental bathroom makeover in an eclectic style

I really love all the Mediterranean blue and white in the space.

DIY #3:  Storage with painted baskets

The baskets I bought for the bamboo shelf were the perfect size to use as “drawers” but were plain.  I used chalk paint I had on hand to paint a stripe on each basket and them embellished it with a sharpie marker.

bathroom-shelving-unit-storage-rental3 renter friendly DIYs for your bathroom painted-baskets-bathroom painted-baskets-renter-bathroom

I can’t wait to show you the completed space next week.  I just need to do a little more styling!

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rental bathroom key elementsBamboo Bathroom Shelves | Pineapple Print |Blue and White Hand

towel  | Peel and Stick Tiles  | Hanging Vine Plant B&W bath mats |  Storage Baskets 

To do list: 

Ask landlord for vanity replacement – free

Add a storage unit between the vanity and laundry – $39.99 (I already purchased the bamboo bathroom shelves from the mood board.)

Place storage baskets on shelves to hold laundry supplies – $10.00 each (plus a DIY!)

Hang pineapple print – already owned

New hand towels blue and white – $20.00

Blue and white accents – stick on tiles; $3, and hanging plant; $9

New rugs – $6 

Total spent: $88

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  1. Those tiles are awesome! I love the blues and of course how easy they are to use! Great idea to use command strips – I bet those solve a lot of problems in a rental. 🙂

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