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Rental Friendly Wallpaper

Hi there!  Well, it’s been a little of a struggle, but I’m happy to see a huge improvement in our rental kitchen.  Welcome to week 3 of the month long New Year New Room Refresh challenge hosted by Casa Watkins Living.   That means next week will be the final reveals for all bloggers participating.  If you are coming from This Is Our Bliss, welcome!  I can’t wait to see how her modern playroom is coming along.

New Year New room Refresh: Global Eclectic Rental Kitchen

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renter friendly makeover with removable wallpaper

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After I used removable wallpaper on our kitchen cabinets in our last rental, I was ecstatic to use it again. Unfortunately, I didn’t order quite enough to cover everything I wanted to do but the kitchen still has the same vibe I was going for.  I chose this from Walls Need Love to add more eclectic style.removable wallpaper in japanese rental kitchenI measured twice before my making my cuts but quickly realized there was a lot of unevenness around the sliding doors and wall frame.   My perfect straight cuts didn’t get me anywhere.  I finished the wall the best I could but had to come up with a solution for exposed old wallpaper around the frame.  I decided to border it with washi tape.  japanese sliding doors with removable wallpaper

This is just a temporary wall solution while we live here so I’m okay with the tape.  The wallpaper actually went over smoothly on the existing textured wallpaper which was a happy surprise.  It’s also gorgeous! removable wallpaper in japanese rental kitchen

I was planning on covering the cabinets to the left but ran out.  I also wasn’t able to completely cover the wall.  Still trying to think of a solution for this corner.  Any suggestions? renter friendly kitchen makeover

Instead of pre cutting holes for the windows and door handles,  I laid the wallpaper right over them and scored around the edges lightly with an exacto knife.  It worked like a charm. tips for cutting wallpapertips for removable wallpaper

The wallpaper print looks great with all the plants around the house.  I can’t wait to share the reveal next week! dollar store plants in a rental kitchen

There’s not much left to do!

The plan:

Create a focal point with .

Add more storage and counter space with a kitchen cart/island.

Update hardware with recycled copper pulls from our last rental kitchen.

Add a colorful rug to brighten up the space.

Include more wood tones with counter top storage and cutting boards.

Brighten up the gray tile with a mirror or art.

Display our existing copper pots and pans with a stainless steel rail to free up cabinet space and add more interest.

winter friendly wallpaper

Make sure to see Vintage Romance Style’s update this week!  She’s been working hard on her gorgeous master bedroom. new-year-new-room-refresh-participants

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    1. It’s super easy! I’ve actually never put up real wallpaper but this one is really easy to cut and reposition (it’s like a big vinyl decal). It can take longer to remove because of glue it may leave behind but totally worth it. 😉

  1. I love that wallpaper in your space! For the gap on the wall, why not fill it with some of the Walls Need Love solid stripes? A green or even metallic would look cool and it comes with plenty of feet on the roll to add some stripes to the cabinets.

  2. The paper makes such a huge difference! It would probably be too much of a pain to take down the paper from the walls and apply it to the cabinets so that just the doors and cabinets have paper. Can you get more sent and just not sweat the reveal next week? I really love the look of having all of the walls and cabinets covered. Either way, your kitchen looks great!

    1. Thanks Sharon! I think I might do something more in the future but I’m happy to have the bright pop of color that’s up. I’m trying not to stress since it’s just a temp space and solution. 🙂

    1. You’re so sweet! Thanks Corinna. I was a little iffy with this one because I wanted more color but I let my husband help me decide. I knew I needed a botanical!

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