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Try Repurposed Ornaments with Ribbon Tape – A 5 Minute DIY!


Try DIY repurposed ornaments with ribbon tape! Find easy, budget-friendly crafts to create festive décor & learn current Christmas trends.

Are you looking for a way to repurpose Christmas ball ornaments to give your tree a fresh look this year? I love changing my colors and trying a new look for our Christmas decorating every holiday season by repurposing what I already have.

It is a great way to save money, be more eco-conscious, and not add more items or clutter to your holiday storage. A good practice for any holiday or seasonal decorating!

DIY Ribbon Tape Ornaments

Here’s a short ribbon history you might love to know:

A long time ago, merchants would travel across different lands, selling ribbons that had precious metals woven into them and were made from fancy materials. People back then saw these ribbons as a sign of wealth and importance.

DIY ribbon tape ornaments graphic for Pinterest with text showing copper and white ball ornaments with ribbon tape on white fur.
DIY Ribbon Tape Ornaments

Eventually, everyone started using them in their own fashion, and both men and women would wear clothes decorated with these ribbons.

Today, we use ribbons for lots of things, like making Christmas decorations and other festive stuff. There are many kinds of ribbons available now, from fancy ones to practical ones, making your celebrations more colorful and exciting.

Get Your Christmas Color Pallete With DIY Ribbon Tape Ornaments

A couple of months out before Christmas, I started thinking about what colors to use.  I don’t go out and buy a lot of new things each time, but I do repurpose old Christmas decor and shop the dollar store for Christmas finds and DIYs.   

I’ve been reviewing lots of shows and expert recommendations, trying to find out what’s going to be cool for Christmas décor this year! 

And I’ve learned about all kinds of things, from decorations made out of paper to these neat ornaments you can make with ribbon tape. And guess what? I’ve also found out about the colors that are going to be in style for Christmas in 2023!

A Christmas tree with DIY copper and white ornaments embellished with blush pink and gold ribbon tape for modern holiday decor.
Copper and White Ball Ornaments Repurposed with Ribbon Tape

Repurposed Ornaments with Ribbon Tape – 3 Simple Steps!

Ribbons – the colorful, decorative strips we see on gifts and many other items – can be used in so many fun and creative ways! The ribbon ornaments are not only beautiful but also give a sense of accomplishment.

It’s about adding a personal, festive touch to home during the holidays. Whether repurposing Christmas ornaments with ribbon or creating new ones, the ribbon tape is a versatile tool to bind and beautify. 

Various Ribbon Types!

When you start using ribbons, you’ll find a lot of different kinds, like shiny ones, see-through ones, and even tough ones made from cotton or jute. You can turn them into awesome DIY ornaments.

The sticky fabric ribbon tape, in particular, is a lifesaver when it comes to attaching decorations securely.

Choosing the Right Ribbon!

The choice of ribbon can significantly influence your creation. The width of the ribbon is crucial. It can determine whether your project has a delicate elegance or a bold presence.

I really like using velvet, satin, or silk ribbons of different widths, from 3/8″ to 1.5″, as they make each ornament look different. This season, I love the fancy look of glittery fabric ribbon tape. 

Here are the steps to give your old ornaments a fresh new look with just a wrap of colorful ribbons!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • Scissors
  • Old ornaments (You can repurpose Christmas ornaments from your collection or find some at a dollar store.)
  • Ribbon tape (Look for sticky ribbon tape that suits your festive theme and makes this project a breeze, even for DIY newbies!)

I found a pack of four ribbon tape spools at the 100 Yen store (“dollar store”) that had the perfect pink with gold specks.  I also searched for some plain white and brown ornaments, and I thought I could make them look nicer. 

Supplies needed for ribbon tape ornaments with copper and white ball ornaments and spools of ribbon tape laying on white fur.
Supplies Needed to Repurpose Ornaments

Step 2: Start Wrapping!

Cut a piece of your chosen ribbon tape and strategically wrap it around the ornament. Use sticky ribbon tape to ensure it stays in place. Experiment with different wrapping styles, diagonally, horizontally, or in patterns, whatever tickles your festive fancy!

In about 5 minutes, I changed these regular Christmas ornaments into unique, special holiday pieces.

Step 3: Secure the Ribbon Tape

Once you are satisfied with how your ribbon ornaments look, use scissors to trim any excess ribbon and ensure the ends are securely adhered. If you’re using fabric ribbon tape, you might need a little dot of hot glue to keep it in place.

All Set to Hang Your Creations!

Now, with your newly repurposed ornaments, decorate your Christmas tree, garlands, wreath, or any other festive spots around your home. 

Close up of copper brown and white ornament with ribbon tape in metallic colors.
Dollar Store Ribbon Tape and Old Ornaments

Ribbon Ornaments DIY – FAQs

What color ribbon looks best on a Christmas tree?

Wrap gold or silver ribbons around your Christmas tree to make it look fancy and festive. These ribbons go well with lights and decorations, making everything look rich and special. To make it look even better, try using ribbons that have different textures and widths in complementary metallic shades.

White ornaments decorated with pink metallic ribbon tape are beautiful.
Use Colors from your Christmas and House Decor

What is the color trend for Christmas 2023?

For Christmas 2023, colorful and varied decoration themes are in style, mixing both old and new vibes. Warm colors like rust, brown, and terracotta are in style, making everything feel cozy and old-fashioned. They look great with simple, natural decorations like pine cones.

Burgundy, a deep red, is back! It makes everything feel fancy and traditional. Use it for ribbons and flowers, and with classic Christmas things like Nutcrackers and old toys, it will feel like a storybook Christmas!

If you like bright, happy colors, use teal, orange, green, pink, and purple to make the place feel lively and fun. It’s like a colorful rainbow but even more cheerful!

Close up of beautiful DIY ribbon tape ornaments in copper, white, and pink.
DIY Repurposed Ornaments in Copper, White, and Pink

‘Pinkmas’ is a cool trend, too! Use all kinds of pink and purple, from light pink to dark raspberry, to add a playful and girly touch. If pink isn’t your favorite, blues, greens, or navy are also good choices to make your decor look special.

Want a cool, calming look? Use icy blues with whites and silvers to create a peaceful winter vibe, perfect for snow-themed decorations.

And don’t forget about gold! When mixed with black, white, or green, it adds a touch of sparkle and makes everything look fancy and stylish.

Soft, sophisticated pastel colors, particularly shades of peach and pink, matched with champagne golds or light green tones, give a sophisticated and fresh look, especially with flocked trees.

Lastly, the timeless red and white candy cane stripes are as popular as ever, giving a classic Christmas look, whether paired with green for a Grinch theme or with brown for a Scandinavian theme.

A brown ball ornament wrapped with pink and copper thin ribbon tape looks beautiful.
Thin Ribbon Tape Lays Flat!

How do you display repurposed Christmas ornaments?

To show off Christmas decorations well, simply add festive touches to everyday things around the house. For example, you can put Christmas ornaments with ribbon in a bowl you usually have out or put Santa hats on everyday items to make them look festive.

Use places like coffee tables, bookshelves, and piano tops to place Christmas decorations or festive books, mixing them in with your usual home décor. 

A white ball ornament with pink swiss cross design using ribbon tape on a christmas tree.
Pink Swiss Cross Design


When decorating for Christmas, picking one main idea can make everything look and feel more together. Whether they’re big or small or have different colors, everything will look like it belongs in the same holiday picture.

So, I picked Christmas tree decorations with a ribbon theme that made decorating so much fun! 

For those who love a touch of homemade charm, ribbon ornaments DIY projects are an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. From Christmas tree decorations to door hangings, the possibilities are endless. 

Christmas balls in white, brown, and copper are decorated with ribbon tape.
Repurposed Ornaments for a New Christmas Tree Style!

I can’t wait to start the next ornament makeover.  These turned out so pretty! You can find more Christmas DIYs HERE! Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!

Thanks for stopping by today,

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