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Bright and Beautiful Scandinavian Wreaths Door Hanging

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Create a modern DIY Scandinavian wreaths door hanging with pre lit copper forms and DIY candle sconces for a bright and festive holiday decor!

Greetings friend!  Welcome to Day Four of A Very Global Christmas.  If you are new to the series, Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing 12 days of globally inspired decorating ideas, DIYs, recipes, and printables.  You can find the entire library of the past two years at A Very Global Christmas Page!  Today, we are sharing a DIY door hangings.  I pretty much used everything in my crafting supplies to create a trio of modern Scandinavian inspired wreaths to hang on our coat closet door.  I’m just thrilled with how it turned out.

Modern Scandinavian Wreaths Door Hanging

Copper Wreath Christmas Door Hanging

Global Christmas 2018

Okay first, can we just enjoy how perfect it looks with Daphne and that gorgeous Asian cabinet?  *sigh*

So here’s the deal.  My husband picked up three pre lit copper wreath forms at a home goods store in Japan.  The challenge with them was how to hide the battery pack, wires, and hold a battery operated candlestick and turn them into those pretty Scandi wreaths we see hanging in windows.  Amazingly enough, my first plan of attack worked!   Get ready for an easy to follow tutorial with pictures.

What you need for a modern Scandi wreath:

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  1. three copper wreath forms – I actually found my exact wreaths at WeRChristmas, a UK online store. But if you use a wire wreath form with fairy lights, you can get the same look.
  2. battery operated candle sticks
  3. small craft mirrors (IKEA)
  4. black satin ribbon
  5. 6 faux pine stems and wire cutters (dollar store)
  6. hot glue gun and glue (dollar store)
  7. copper wire (dollar store)

Copper Wreath Pre Lit Forms Evergreen

How to put a modern Scandinavian wreath door hanging together:

  • Wrap the cord from the lights around one end of the wreath form.  Secure the battery pack with hot glue on top keeping the on/off switch facing the back.  Glue a mirror on the front side of the battery pack.

Battery Pack Cover Mirror

  • Trim down your pine stems leaving 3-4 inches at the bottom.  Tuck one in on each side, threading the smaller stems through the openings of the wreath form.

Evergreen Stems Scandi Wreath Wreath Diy Scandi With Candle Sconce

  • To hide the wire, cut a piece of ribbon and hot glue around the wire.  A bow glued on top will help cover it even more.

Wreath Hot Glue Ribbon Cover With Ribbon

  • Create a candle holder by wrapping copper wiring 8-10 times around a candle stick.   Trim and slide off.  Glue just the spiral of copper wire onto the mirror.

Create A Candle Holder With Copper Wire

Hot Glue Copper Wire To Mirror

You now have a completed wreath!  The candle sconce will allow you to place and remove the candle sticks easily.  Here is how the back looks.  You can see it is easy to open the battery pack to replace batteries and also access to the on/off switch.  It also acts as part of the candle sconce!  I was seriously amazed at how well this worked out and with hot glue.  Super easy! Battery Pack Wreath Candle Sconce

Repeat all steps for the other two wreaths and connect them with another piece of black ribbon to have a trio of wreaths or enjoy one.  Wreaths Door Hanging Close Up

They look beautiful with just the candles on or both the wreath lights and candles off.  And of course bright and magical with all of the lights on.

Copper Wreath Christmas Door Hanging Door Hanging Three Copper Wreaths Candles Christmas Door Hanging Copper Wreaths Candle Sconces

I hope you are enjoying the series as much as we are.  If you liked these Scandi wreaths check out how to make a gold and rosemary wreath.

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