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Small Space Decorating Ideas with renter friendly tips!

Inspiration for small space decorating with renter friendly solutions in bright and colorful interiors. Optimize your small room with style and function!

Hi there!  How are you today?  My family and I just went on a last minute summer vacation beach trip.

We had a wonderful time exploring gardens, shopping, swimming, and eating.  The hotel we stayed in was a one bedroom suite and had a really cute layout.

Since we have to downsize when we move to Japan in January, I’ve been looking for inspiration on small space decorating ideas with some rental friendly tips!

small space living ideas with style and function

First, a few shots of our cute hotel suite overlooking the ocean.  It felt very peaceful.
small space ideas

Small Space Decorating Ideas

Here are some lovely bright and colorful small spaces and why I choose them for inspiration.

This small space feels large with a wall mounted tv cabinet and open coffee table giving the illusion of more floor space.


Image source: freshome.com

A folding table mounted on the wall in a small kitchen is a clever way to provide extra counter space or a place to eat when needed.

pinterest-small-kitchenImage via Apartment Therapy

Add wall storage to your small kitchen to free up counter and cabinet space like a pot rack underneath upper cabinets.  Using vertical storage is a must when working with a small blueprint.global eclectic kitchen makeover

Rental Kitchen Reveal

Low profile furniture provides plenty of seating in a small space but keeps the room airy and bright.  This cozy seating arrangement can fit almost any living area.

Large-living-room-ideas-for-small-spaces-380Image via scenarhome.us

Use an extendable table to accommodate guests in a small dining room.  Mix and match chairs for a curated designer look. small space decorating ideas, use an extendable table in a small dining area

Wes Anderson Inspired Dining Room

Placing the dining room table against the sofa saves space when there is no room for a proper dining area. Isn’t this room gorgeous?  You don’t have to sacrifice great style in a small space!

small-spaceImage via Small Scale Homes

Adding a breakfast bar that utilizes seating on both sides doubles as the dining table in this classic black and white space.

modern-small-apartment-Alvhem-Makleri-700x466Interior by Alvhem Makleri and Interior

Place a cabinet as a half wall to define different zones and provide more storage.  So pretty and smart!

decorating-small-spaces-apartments-white-paint-1Image via Comfy Heaven

If you have a small living area, store an ottoman under the coffee table for extra seating.

small space furniture arrangement ideasImage via Freshome

Add a pony wall to create a cozy eating nook with banquet style seating.half wall banquet table nook in small space living area

Photography by Douglas Friedman via domino magazine

Use rugs to divide up your space into work, eating, and living zones. small space living room with multiple zones

Small Rental in Japan Home Tour

With some creativity and thoughtful furniture arrangement, a small space can be functional and stylish! But don’t stop there, find more rental friendly decorating tips in small spaces with 7 Easy Renters Tips and The Best Bedroom Hacks for renters.


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  1. Pinterest never fails 🙂 And I hear you on the housing situation! I remember when I went to Germany, we stayed in a hotel for a month because they didn’t have our housing situated yet. But my dad had orders to be there. How crazy.

    Interested in making new blog friends and getting a kickass journal? Check out my latest post! 🙂

      1. the last time we went to Germany, I was in the 9th grade, we spent 6 months in a hotel because they lost our household goods!!!! when they found them we lived in temporary housing in a 5th floor walk up that had 8 bedrooms 2 kitchens and 4 bathrooms for 6 months then they moved us into “permanent” housing where we lived 4 months and then they moved us 90 miles away for the remainder of my Dad’s 3 year tour!!!

        Needless to say it was a very interesting time for our family of 5.

        1. Wow! That is quite an adventure. We’ve been thinking about moving to the other side of the island half way through for a different experience but it would be way smoother move than what you went through! 😉

  2. Hello! My husband and I have a tiny house just no kitchen because we eat at the house with the family. We have a 12=22 building we call The Condo. LR is 12=10 and the bedroom is 12=12 with a half bath and a closet. My question is, how to get the most storage possible??

    1. Wow, I would love to see pictures! I would use as much vertical space as possible, especially in the closet. Every piece of furniture you have should be serving double duty and should probably have storage too. Even if it’s just a basket tucked underneath a table or chair. Good luck.

  3. I love these space saving ideas. It is usually a problem to decorate small spaces. I enjoyed over reading your blog post. Your blog have nice information and I got good ideas. Thanks for this.

  4. All your “TIPS ON DECORATING A SMALL KITCHEN” is wonderful,maintaining small kitchen is a difficult task. Thanks for sharing.

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