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Sofa Table Styling and Blog Hop

Today is chalk full of styling tips for you!!  I can’t wait to see what my friends are sharing.  Styling might be the last step in the decorating process but it can sometimes be the hardest.

Here are my step by step tips for styling the sofa table! SONY DSC

This long and narrow piece of furniture can be a little overwhelming to decorate.  Just break it into sections and it won’t be so bad.  You can always just decorate a 1/3 or 2/3rds for a more simple look.  I had to have fun this time so I can show off some of my new items!

Step One:  Start with an empty table top.  (Go ahead and clear everything off!)


Step Two:  Add horizontal items in sections.  Use stacked books, trays, and decorative boxes.  Make sure there is some space in between for breathing room. SONY DSC

Step Three:  Add in vertical height.  I like to use candle holders, tall vases, and lamps. SONY DSC

Step four:  Find sculptural objects to add interest to your vignette.  Plants, figurines, and even seashells are great for this step.   (Note:  I kept the right side a lower profile because that corner is a high traffic area.)SONY DSC

Step Five:  Add in layers in unexpected places.   A basket sits on the ottoman (which stores DVDs) to hide the star lamp cord. SONY DSC

Draping a blanket over the back of the couch connects the sofa table closes in the gap between the sofa table and couch and also provides more visual interest in layering. SONY DSC

Wahlah!  A beautiful styled sofa table.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on pretty accessories.  Hard bound books without their dust jackets feel all grown up.  Collected seashells spread out on the tray looks like a specimen display.  The elephant, plant (in a painted Japanese tea cup), candle holders, and candles all came from the dollar section.  SONY DSC

Mixing in old and new, cheap and more expensive is a fantastic method for a smart looking vignette with high style!SONY DSCSONY DSC

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  1. That sofa table!!! Excellent breakdown of how to set everything up, and I really like the tip about using a throw over the back of the sofa to connect the pieces. Very visually calming. Ahhh.

  2. Great tips Kathy! I must say your decoration and design is absolutely amazing, I love the way you put all items together without any mess. Simply Amazing!

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