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Spreading Christmas Cheer


Hello, hello! I’m sorry today’s post is a little late.  I am getting my hair done by my favorite hair dress ever and had a few internet problems this morning, but  I have a little more Christmas Cheer for you today!  We finished our tree (at least for now) and I added a little “wintery” sparkle to our bedroom.

Spreading Christmas Cheer in our living room…..

This year I placed our four silhouettes pictures we had done at Disneyworld on our tree to give it a vintage appeal.  Some of my coffee filter roses (you can find the tutorial here) and extra white poinsettia from my door hanging with my pearl garland, and pink ornaments added a more feminine look to it but my husband said it looked really nice, so it’s a go!  Those large snowflakes I just picked up yesterday at the dollar tree and even though I was apprehensive about them at first, I love how they look on the tree. Can’t beat $1 for two large, sparkly snowflakes!


Spreading Christmas Cheer in the bedroom…..

My headboard was decorated with snowflake garland that I made with  smaller snowflakes from the dollar tree.  I just snipped off the hangers and looped croquet thread through the middle of the snowflake so they would stay in place. It worked like a charm.  I layered it with a gold beaded garland.


My sister had given me a couple of pretty starfish last year for Christmas that are hanging on my dresser and bathroom cabinet.  I love hanging ornaments on furniture pulls and door knobs!


Well, that’s it for now.  Are you decorating for Christmas yet?

Have a wonderful Thursday! As always, I would love to hear what you have been up to.  Just leave me a comment below so that we can chat! =)



  1. First off, I love your website! I’m a little late but I wanted to thank you for linking up to Click Chicks as often as you do! 🙂 Today is winter, next week is RED, and the 26th is GREEN! I hope you can join me again!

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