The Best Spring and Easter Home Decor and DIYs

Find a guide with over 45 ideas for a Spring and Easter home with decluttering tips, decorating ideas, home decor, and Spring holidays.

A Guide to Spring Decluttering and Decorating

There is something so delightful about Spring. An awakening that motivates you to open the windows, clean the house, and refresh your space with floral pillows. But where to start? How do you transform your house into an Easter-worthy paradise with the same attic decorations year after year but maintain an up-to-date seasonal home? Let me show you how!

Spring Home

Table of Contents

  1. Declutter and Organize Your House
  2. 20 Decorating Tips to Get Your House Pinterest-Ready for Spring
  3. 10 Quick and Easy Spring DIYs
  4. How to DIY Beautiful Easter Decor on a Budget
  5. Additional Resources for Spring Holidays
  6. Spring Category Page

Declutter and Organize Your Spring Home

Before we start decorating for Spring and Easter it’s good to work with a fresh clean palette. Let’s prepare your house by decluttering and organizing. There are two ways to approach this…

When you want to start at the beginning:

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If you have a lot of time on your hands and are ready to tackle a big project, I suggest using the KonMari method of decluttering and organizing by category as opposed to room by room. The basis of her method is to only keep things that spark joy.

When I first heard of this Kondo Marie Kondo and the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was worried that I would get rid of too much or it wasn’t practical. After putting it into practice and falling in love with this cleaning method, I shared my tips for using the KonMari method for organizing our master closet and the kids’ space.

I highly suggest reading the original book or subsequent book , Spark Joy, that includes detailed explanations on how to store and display items. It also briefly outlines the first book. It is truly a gold mine!

On a side note, Marie shares how to express gratitude for your house and things. After living in Japan for four years, I appreciate the spiritual tips in the book but know that it can come off strange to a fellow American or someone not from that culture and mindset. Just know she expresses deep-rooted Japanese spiritual beliefs and it’s a lovely reminder to show more gratitude!

Looking for a quick and easy way to prep your house for Spring?

If you already feel confident in your decluttering and organizing skills or just have too much on your plate to start at the beginning. Try using a list of things you can get rid of right now! (Also included in the free checklists at the top of this post.) After you complete it, give yourself a pat on the back, and let’s get to decorating and DIYing.

20 Decorating Tips to Get Your House Pinterest-Ready for Spring and Easter

Try a few decorating tips or all of them to transform your home for the season in no time!

  1. Add a no-fuss flower arrangement with tulips or daffodils.  They look beautiful without the help of any other greenery.
  2. Fill in an empty hearth with a fern for Spring. Display it in a pretty pot and really turn your fireplace into a focal point.
  3. Rearrange artwork to highlight Spring colors and themes. Showcase the pieces that highlight florals, Spring, green, and pastels on a wall that gets seen by everyone like the foyer or living space.
  4. Don’t worry about shopping for Spring decor. Save money by repurposing items in your house and swap accessories and textiles from other rooms.
  5. Green works just as well as traditional pastel colors like pinks and yellows for a seasonal update. Don’t be afraid to use darker colors too!  Small pops of deeper hues against neutral backgrounds with minimal decor can still read as light and airy.  Completely appropriate for Spring!
  6. Surround yourself with things that make you happy. Souvenirs from favorite vacations, family photos, and a fun accessory that you couldn’t live without are as important if not more than decorating with beautiful store-bought decor.
  7. Bring in the light!  Exchange heavy drapery for sheer or cotton curtains.  If you don’t do anything else; open your curtains, blinds, and shutters every morning. Natural light does wonders in creating a cheerful space.
  8. Add accessories that remind you of Spring.   Shop your house to find accessories in bright hues and fun textures.  Display them in pretty containers on a stack of books, a tray, or a collection on a side table or shelf.
  9. Switch out winter textiles for florals and bright colors for an instant Spring update. Storing only pillow covers without the inserts takes up little closet space. Switch them out by season or swap pillows from a different room. You can also update a pillow for Spring by tying a scarf around it.
  10. Add a temporary Spring printable to a shelf display or wall gallery. Browse some Spring prints and find your favorite!
  11. Bring out rattan and woven pieces front and center for a tropical accent. Whether it’s a piece of furniture or simply a basket, the texture of rattan and other woven pieces add interest and a vacation vibe to your seasonal decor.
  12. Pull your furniture away from the wall to let the space breathe.  Even if you don’t have space to place your couch in the center of the room, leaving 3 to 4 inches between the wall and furniture will make a difference.  You may also be surprised at how much space you will have with a better conversational arrangement. 
  13. Display a floral or chinoiserie table cloth on the dining room table all season long. You can also drape it over the back of a chair or accent table for a Spring touch.
  14. Try layering floral on floral. Mixing patterns doesn’t have to be tricky. Use a large scale and small scale floral print to create a striking combination of mixed florals.
  15. Gather all of your accessories of one color or color combos like blue and white and display them as a collection. Turn it into a treasure hunt by searching the house for decorating accessories including pretty plates, bowls, or books in the same hue for a fun tone on tone vignette.
  16. Add a subtle hint of Easter by displaying an Easter tree or a pretty container of decorated eggs. Enjoy the holiday longer than a week by setting these out early on in the season.
  17. Go no further than your kitchen for a vase filler. Place a few lemons or other fruit in a bowl for a Spring pop of color. If you need a fuller look, scrunch up grocery sacks at the bottom of the dish first.
  18. Clip blooming branches from outside put them in a unique vessel. As long as it can hold water, it’s fair game!
  19. Use lighter fabrics on your bed including throw pillows and blankets. Pack away extra winter blankets.
  20. Don’t over-accessorize. If you have been accumulating a lot of decor accessories or other things (shh! I won’t tell!) on your flat surfaces, try removing all of it and only putting back a few favorites.  You can store the rest and switch it out again next season.  Let your bookshelves and tabletops breathe.

10 Quick and Easy Spring Easter DIYs

  1. Create a nordic Spring garland for a simplistic seasonal touch. Perfect to drape across a mantel, shelf, or window sill.
  2. Adorn a chandelier or wall sconce with light pink and green floral pieces for a whimsical style.
  3. Assemble a Spring table centerpiece with faux flowers and follow easy tips for getting the arrangement just right.
  4. Set a Spring table with flowers from your garden tucked into each napkin held with string or ribbon.
  5. Decorate a table with faux succulents and eclectic dishes for an impressive and beautiful tablescape.
  6. Summon vacation vibes with a dollar store tropical table.
  7. Create your own Spring-inspired art with a free floral printable and dollar store moss.
  8. Add a touch of elegance to your front door with a two-step DIY orchid wreath.
  9. Cut out paper butterflies for a show stopper wreath!
  10. Layer threshing baskets with recycled floral pieces for a bespoke piece to impress your guests.

How to DIY Beautiful Easter Decor on a Budget

Use these global-inspired DIYs to repurpose your Easter decor and freshen your seasonal vignettes. You’ll find ideas for baskets, eggs, and Easter trees using items you already have!

Basket ideas:

Egg how-tos:

Easter tree how-tos:

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Additional Resources for Spring Holidays