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Cheerful Blooms: A Colorful Floral Spring Home Tour with Free Printable

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Join our colorful floral Spring home tour. Find creative decor ideas that bring cheerful floral accents and vibrant colors to every room.

Warm greetings, dear friend and fellow decor enthusiast. I’m delighted to invite you on a virtual tour of a vibrant Spring home with simple decorating ideas to bring lively colors and Spring accents into your abode.

My family and I live in a 3 story coastal rental home on Emerald Isle so I focus on bringing a maximalist eclectic style on a budget but staying true to the coastal vibes and of course, renter restrictions.

For this Spring season, I wanted a more vibrant living room so I added colorful floral accents and pops of black and carried it through the rest of the main floor. I also created a free floral Spring printable as a gift for you that you will find at the end of the tour.

Whether you’re a decor enthusiast or just looking to infuse a bit of Spring vibes into your space, let’s get started!

Welcome to a Colorful Floral Spring Home Tour

A Colorful Butterfly Wreath Entrance

What better way to greet guests than with a cheerful-colorful butterfly wreath? This is one of my all-time favorite door hangings and a reader-favorite DIY. Find all of the details, including free printables of the butterfly template, in this story so you can recreate this beautiful wreath!

Budget-Friendly Spring Updates in the Dining Room

Working Around Rental Restrictions

Right away you can see the open-concept dining-living room combo with a small kitchen when you enter the main floor (second level). The biggest temporary change I made in this rental is our West Elm capiz shell chandelier.

A small dining area with a large grey capiz shell chandelier, wood table, and Spring decor with purple and pops of black and white.
Spring Dining Room

The rental unit’s light fixture is stored until we move and I snagged the chandelier 40% off. Look at the Facebook marketplace and estate sales if you’re on a very tight budget!

And because we weren’t allowed to change the wall colors, I found ways to work with the neutral straw yellow walls. A beautiful large bold print was an inexpensive way to add a vibrant color palette and inspiration for the rest of the main floor including seasonal decor!

A beautiful and large purple and navy abstract art print above a wooden buffet with colorful spring flowers and silver lamp.
Buffet with Colorful Art and Matching Flowers

Supermarket flowers in shades of purple and bright green went a long way in a medium-sized white vase on our buffet and a stem here and there for a large dining table centerpiece.

Colorful Spring Flowers Dining Table

I was able to achieve such a big statement with a thrift antique wood toolbox, painted bright white, empty bottles, and tall candle holders in each hole. One of my favorite decorating tips is to shop your house! The only thing I spent money on was the cheap grocery store flowers.

A cute spring table centerpiece with a wooden white tool box holding flowers, candles, egg cups with watercolor painted eggs, and candles.
Colorful Floral Spring Home

Did you notice the pretty watercolor and gold leaf eggs in the centerpiece? I love trying new Easter egg-dying techniques each year and used what I had in my crafting stash to create these beauties.

Two more easy handmade decor ideas; DIY Gold leaf watercolor eggs and gold dipped egg cups.

How to paint watercolor eggs showing three painted eggs drying.
DIY Watercolor Painted Eggs
A watercolor and gold leaf egg sits in a gold dipped egg cup on a place setting with black and white dishes.
Watercolor and Gold Leaf Egg and Gold Dipped Egg Cup

Adding black with cheerful floral accents is a great way to modernize whimsical spring accessories. A little goes a long way just like applying eyeliner to make your eyes and makeup pop!

So if you are taking a break from pastels this year, try adding a black plate mixed in with neutral dishes, black egg cups, and black and white patterned cushions to your dining room decor.

A watercolor egg sits in a black chicken egg cup.
DIY Watercolor Eggs with Gold Leaf Specks
A large primitive wooden tool box painted white makes a lovely Spring centerpiece with flowers and candles makes a lovely statement for a floral spring home tour.
Old Wooden Tool Box Spring Centerpiece
Place setting on a wooden table uses watercolor and gold leaf painted eggs nesting in gold dipped egg cups on a mix of eclectic dishes.
Easter Egg in Egg Cup
A birds eye view shows a grey shell chandelier over a long wooden dining table with a beautiful and large centerpiece of flowers, candles, and shells, with place settings showcasing painted easter eggs and eclectic dishes for a floral spring home tour.
Floral Spring Table Settings

A Vibrant Spring Living Room

A mix and match of spring patterns and playful spring color schemes is easy to achieve with solid colors, organic patterns, and geometric shapes. Just try mixing and matching throw pillows from around the house, you might be surprised at what works!

The purple and green hues with pops of black and white continue in the living room with a few more painted Easter eggs and colorful flower stems. Doing this allows a seamless flow from the dining room side to the living area.

More Renter-Friendly Tips

Back to the yellow walls, I would love to share how I came up with the purple color scheme. Anytime I’m working with rental restrictions I can’t change, I look for inspiration online.

As I was looking at colorful living rooms with straw yellow walls I found this lovely living room makeover from House Beautiful that was done in nine hours while the homeowner was at work.

It prompted me to look for an art print and that is when I bought the Cozamia piece over my buffet. I also added purple lamps, painted my side tables white, and added white trays over my thrifted mahogany coffee table.

You might have recognized the Ikea pillow covers on the sofa and I even created a purple and navy art print to hang in the living room.

A coastal living room with straw yellow walls, grey leather sofa, white frames wall gallery and mahogany coffee table with eclectic accessories for a floral spring home tour.
Floral Stems and Easter Eggs

Adding in colorful seasonal decor is simple now that our rental house reflects our style.

A close up of Spring coffee table decor with a gold dish holding easter eggs in a large white tray with a plant and large shell.
Easter Eggs in a Gold Bowl

This is the view from the dining area.

A wide view of a beach house with lots of natural light and light straw yellow walls featuring a grand piano in the corner, a beautiful ombre painted desk, and grey leather sofa with eclectic styling and accessories using purples and black and white.
Coastal Eclectic Spring Living Room

Cute button flowers from the grocery store bouquet look darling in a vintage green small bottle. Seashells and other nautical finds are still around the house to reflect the area we live in.

A purple table lamp sits on a stack of books with a silver dish, shell, and green bottle with colorful spring flowers for a floral spring home tour.
Grocery Store Flowers

And I included a DIY Anthropologie-inspired vase on my desk with more spring flowers. The desk was another DIY makeover project that started as a $40 garage sale find.

An anthropologie inspired DIY yellow vase with a flower is on a white desk.
DIY Floral Vase
DIY Ombre Painted Desk

Eclectic Spring Home Decor in the Bedroom

The end of the tour is the main bedroom which is the last room on the main floor apart from a small bathroom. I recently made a pillow cover with some pretty floral Spring colors fabric and created a Spring art print for our bedroom decor.

The purple and navy colors came from the living room inspiration pictures and I added a green throw blanket for more Spring vibrancy.

Seagrass headboard with white bedding and colorful accents is flanked with blue and white white side tables and watercolor art gallery on the wall.
Cheerful Floral Pillow

We’ve been enjoying our master bedroom after I gave it a refresh.  You can find all the details for saving money on the gallery wall, furniture updates, and more.

White framed watercolor art gallery is over a tall woven headboard with spring accents.
Vibrant Spring Accents Bedroom

And if happen to find a piece of fabric you would like to use for Spring decor, check out this easy envelope pillow cover tutorial.

Blue and white geometric pillows layered with a bright spring pillow on white bedding.
DIY Spring Pillow Cover

Free Spring Floral Art Print

The art print sits on our dresser with the last of the flowers. Free art prints are always a go-to for seasonal and holiday decorating.

“Come the spring with all its splendor all its birds and all its blossoms.  All its flower and leaves and grasses.” Don’t forget to grab your free Spring printable here in 8×10

A floral art print that you can print for free with a spring quote!  Floral Spring Home tour
Spring Quote Free Printable
A free printable spring quote art print.

Wrapping Up Our Cheerful Spring Home Tour

As our colorful floral Spring home tour comes to a close, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for joining me for this virtual home tour. We’ve explored creative decor ideas that infuse every room with cheerful floral accents and lively colors, transforming spaces into lively sanctuaries.

Living in our three-story coastal rental home on Emerald Isle has inspired a maximalist eclectic style, embracing the beauty of coastal vibes while navigating the constraints of a renter’s lifestyle. This spring, I aimed for a more vibrant living room, and I was excited to share the journey of incorporating colorful floral accents and pops of black throughout the main floor.

A Recap of Our Spring Home

The tour started with a whimsical entrance adorned with a cheerful butterfly wreath, setting the tone for the colorful adventure that awaited. We ventured into the budget-friendly updates in the dining room, where I shared tips on working with neutral walls and creating a vibrant atmosphere with inexpensive yet impactful elements.

In the living room, we embraced a mix and match of spring patterns, playful color schemes, and DIY decor ideas. The infusion of purple and green hues, complemented by pops of black and white, brought a seamless flow from the dining area to the living space. The view from the dining area showcased cute button flowers, seashells, and nautical finds, reflecting the coastal surroundings.

Our journey continued into the main bedroom, where a recent refresh brought a touch of spring with a DIY pillow slipcover and a vibrant art print. The use of purple, navy, and green hues echoed the living room’s inspiration, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

As a token of appreciation, I’ve created a free spring floral art print for you. Feel free to download it here and let it bring the beauty of spring into your space.

Thank you for sharing this delightful floral Spring home tour with me. I hope these ideas inspire you to infuse your home with the joy and vibrancy of the season. Until our next adventure, stay inspired and embrace the blossoms that surround you. Cheers to a colorful and cheerful spring!


You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.


    1. Thanks so much Melissa! We have slim pickins for flowers at the grocery store, I was hoping to find pretty tulips or something but all they had was dyed daisies. I do like the pop of color though! 😉

    1. Thanks so much for hosting the Spring tour. This is the first one I’ve been a part of. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment Vidya!

    1. Thanks Kristen! That painting in the dining room is a print from Cozamia.com. I love her work. I bought it to distract me from the yellow walls in our rental. lol It worked!

    1. Thanks Christina, me too! Every day this week I woke up thinking yay, three more pretty home tours to look at. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Have a wonderful weekend. I had fun being a part of the home tour with you and the other lovely bloggers. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed “touring” your home and so excited to discover your pretty blog. 🙂

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