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How to Make a Colorful Zinnia Wreath in Four Easy Steps


Join a group of creative bloggers as we craft our way from A to Z. I’ll show you how easy it is to make a Zinnia wreath even if you can’t find zinnias!

Did you know that March is National craft month? I’m participating in Crafting in the Rain’s Craft A-Z month with many other talented bloggers and I can’t wait to show how my DIY Zinnia Wreath that I made with faux-cheap sunflowers. Scrolls down to the last crafts from letters T-Z of this fun series.

How to Make a Simple Colorful Zinnia Wreath

how to make a zinnia wreath
How to Make a Zinnia Wreath

Last year I shared a Zig-Zag tray for the craft series and this year I’m happy to tackle a Z project again. I used items I already had in my crafting stash so if you don’t have faux zinnias readily available I’ll show you how to alter other flowers.

First, I should explain we are a military family living in Okinawa, Japan. Common crafting items, like grapevine wreath forms, are expensive and hard to find out here. I love the challenge of finding unusual things to create door hangings and found used gold crafting wire from the 100 yen store to create a wreath shape.  All of my other supplies also came from the 100 yen store which is the bee’s knees of all dollar stores.

What you need for a zinnia wreath:

  1. gold crafting wire
  2. faux greenery and flowers
  3. hot glue
  4. Scissors, yellow craft paper, and markers for flower alterations
How to Turn Daises into Zinnias for Crafting


Step 1: Twist a few pieces of gold wire to make one thick piece. Shape it into a circle and connect by twisting the ends together.

Step 2: Wrap faux vine greenery around the wreath form and tuck into place.

Step 3: Create zinnias with cheap dollar store daisies. First, use yellow craft paper, cut into a fringe, and glue around the stigma to create stamen. You can change the colors with black and orange markers. Snip the petals into straight edges and thin out some of the petals to make the shape of zinnia petals.

DIY Zinnia Wreath with Dollar Store Supplies
DIY Zinnia Wreath with Dollar Store Supplies

Step 4: Hot glue your flowers grouped together on the wreath form.

Spring zinnia wreath in the foyer
Spring Wreath in the Foyer

I love how it looks in my newly styled foyer. It has a minimalist look that I was going for in our Japanese rental home.

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You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.



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