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How to freshen up your space

Okay readers, do you ever look at a room and think it is time for a change but feel lost on where to start?  I’m here to help! =)

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Space

Here’s five easy (and potentially free) ways to freshen up your space:

1.  Move your furniture around.   Try a different seating arrangement, put a sofa table between the sofa and the wall or swap two pieces from different rooms to change it up.



2.  Change the textiles.  Add trim to your curtains, change your pillow covers, or throw a blanket across the back of a chair, sofa, or ottoman.

home-office-makeover-anthropologie-curtains-navy-wall-black-deskThe Inspired Room

3.  Place new wall hangings.   There are so many great ideas floating around on the internet.  You can try framing fabric, create a modern/abstract Japanese brush style art or watercolor, or for something more unexpected, look for something that usually isn’t hung like baskets, trays, a pretty rug.  You could also frame post cards or print off a favorite quote.


Atlanta Homes

4.  Add something from nature.  Depending on the season, clip some branches or flowers and put them in containers.  Collect pinecones, acorns, or shells and place in a pretty bowl or vase for display.


Arcadian Home

5.  Make the room smell good.  Light a scented candle, add potpourri/scented beads, or a scented plug-in.


It’s amazing how a room can feel when you use sight, touch, and smell.  What have you tried to “freshen up your space?”

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