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Styling a New Print

Have you ever bought something for your home without knowing where you wanted it to go? It all started with a frame. A silver frame. new-print-silver-frame

I had been using it for years with a black mat for family photos but has my decor tastes have changed, I stopped using it.  So I decided to paint it white. (Yes, you can paint a metal frame!) I used interior paint with a sponge brush because I am trying to use up all of our paint before we move.  Otherwise, I would suggest spray painting it. new-print-white-frame

I ordered a new print off of one of my favorite sites, Cozamia.com, that I have been wanting for a while.  The huge purple, blue, and pink print that is in our dining room is also from there. fall-sign-buffet-chairsWhen the print came, it was too big.  I laid the glass on top of the print and traced around it. If your print is right side up, you can center it how you want. new-print-trace

After I finished framing it, I tried hanging it in my room.


I liked it next to our tall dresser but I wasn’t completely convinced. new-print6

I knew the colors would work perfectly with our blue and white bedside tables. A couple of books and accessories styled it perfectly.


It is however, my bedside table and I need a few other things. 😉


For now it will stay. new-print2

It matches our bedding and brightens up the corner. new-print

Every time I go in the room now, I smile.


When is the last time you brought a new piece into your home? Did you have a plan or just fell in love with it?


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