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Summer Buffet Vignette and Dining Room Table Centerpiece with Tulips

Update your dining room buffet and table with a tropical vignette for Spring with a few fresh floral stems and pretty containers.

Oh my goodness, if you read yesterday’s post then you will understand why I say THE SMELL WILL NOT GO AWAY. Yuck. My husband is bringing home  a carpet shampooer rental so hopefully that will do the trick.  Blegh.

In spite of the smell, the dining room buffet got a tropical curated – eclectic makeover for  a summer vignette and the dining room table has a sweet and simple centerpiece.tulips-close-up-pinterest

I also mentioned yesterday that this (see pic below) was coming into the vignette. Did it spark your curiosity?


Here is what I did with some of the palm tree branches. dining-room-tulips

Did you spot them on the buffet?


On the left side is a collection of shells from a local beach.


The white tray was actually a little pink wooden tray that one of my daughter’s art sets came in.


A couple of pieces came from my bookshelf like the blue butterflies from Costa Rica and photo that came from a San Diego Farmer’s Market’s local artist.


Our table piece is a coffee pot my husband brought home for the middle east filled with pretty white tulips and sitting next to my tall candlesticks.


I love the contrast of the brass pot and tulips.


I added the blue herringbone pillows from our bedroom to the louie style dining chairs.  dining-room-tulips-full-tall

Since I “borrowed” some pieces from the bookcase, I had to switch things around in the living room.  I have a gorgeous oil painting from my grandfather in TX that is now sitting on my sofa side table.



The “Lovely” print that was there is now on the bookcase.



Dinner was just that much better with the pretty tulips and lit candles!  Now to get rid of that smell…signature



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