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Don’t Miss this Summer Eclectic House Tour with Unique Colorful Global Home Decor Ideas


Welcome to our summer eclectic home tour and blog hop where you’ll find lots of inspiration for global home decor ideas!

Are you looking for creative ways to incorporate global home decor without it looking dated or cluttered? Check out our fun global home tour with fresh and unique DIYs and decorating tips on a budget using travel and global souvenirs and unique home decor finds styled in a modern eclectic way.

Summer Home Tour with Global Home Decor

Welcome to my summer eclectic home tour!  This is the first official home tour of our Iwakuni, Japan rental home. If this is your first time here, we are a military family stationed in Japan. We just moved from the beautiful island of Okinawa where we lived right on the ocean in a concrete bright and sunny home!

A collage of bright interiors with global home decor decorated for summer in a rental house in Japan.
Summer Home Tour with Global Decor

Now we get to experience true Japanese living in a traditional styled home with tatami mats, rice paper screens, fish oven (yep, that’s a thing!), and lots of natural wood and other materials.

I’m thrilled to be participating in an Eclectic Home Tour blog hop hosted by my good friend Jess from Domicile 37. There are some amazingly talented bloggers sharing their homes every day this week!  Scroll down to find the lineup.

Konichiwa!  Please come in (dozo!).

Global Home Decorating Ideas in the Entry

  • Display an eclectic art gallery with global art, wall hangings, and items you’ve picked up traveling.
A Japanese foyer with white wallpaper and light wood built in shoe cabinets.  A light and pretty gallery wall goes up the wall with a tray and decorative box for storage.
Japanese Foyer

Here is our entry.  True to Japanese fashion, there is plenty of shoe storage.   I’ve used the open wall space to display some of our paintings and art from travels and a few pieces from Minted.

Japanese art, flower, paintings, and prints on a wall in a foyer.

When you come into the foyer, the stairs are on the left with a powder room underneath the stairs.   The stair wall was the perfect place to store/display our hats.

  • Use vertical wall space to store and display a collection of hats.
A stairway wall with white wallpaper is used to display hats.
The Hat Wall

Straight ahead is a French door to the living area and fusuma (Japanese panels that slide to define a space) to the tatami room (our dining room).

A traditional Japanese home entry view into a tatami room and western room with colorful and eclectic furniture.  A dog lays on the rug and there's a beautiful wood banister.
Global Home Decor in the Entry

Global Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

  • Use textiles to bring in global style with rugs, pillow covers, throws, soft wall hangings, and curtains.

Our house is small and reminds me of a charming cottage.  I’ve really enjoyed infusing it with global eclectic flair unified by blue hues in every room.  Perfect for summer decor!

You can read more about the house in these stories but I love that I was able to infuse our global -eclectic style with a faux fireplace area and plenty of wall decor in our rental with lots of restrictions.

  1. The Easy Way to Bring Hygge Decor into Your Space
  2. My Home Style: Mix and Match 
  3. TV Stand Decorating Ideas 
A global eclectic living room with bamboo birdcage on a wood stump accent table next to a small tv on a white campaign style chest with botanical art and a colorful rug.  A peek into a tatami room on the other side.
Our Small but Cute Global Living Room
A small tv sits on a white campaign style three-drawer chest with a black bamboo birdcage styled on a stack of books and wood stump table.  Cute botanical art hangs on the white wall and a blue curtains frames the sliding door.
TV Corner
Shibori frabric and washi paper print are framed for large art displayed over a faux white mantel with a white stove space heater underneath.  Super cute and renter-friendly!
A Renter-friendly Fireplace Solution
Summer home tour living room with eclectic style showing a grey leather tufted sofa with global pillows and grey ottoman bench on a colorful rug.  Wood shutters frame a window behind the sofa and small gold mirrors are on the wall.
Global Living Area
  • Corral global decor finds in a pretty dish like I did with japanese floats for a simple approach to eclectic-global decorating!

The decor will probably stay pretty consistent a couple of years we will be here but I do enjoy changing around vignettes and textiles to reflect the season.   I placed our Japanese glass floats and sea glass on the coffee table with a mix of bright floral, geometric, and global pillows on the sofa for the warmer months.

Summer eclectic coffee table decor is a grey tray with a gold dish displaying Japanese fishing floats and a tall blue glass carafe sits on a grey upholstered storage bench used as the coffee table in front of a grey leather tufted sofa.
Fishing Floats in a Dish

Dining Room Global Decorating Ideas

called tatami or washitsu in our Japanese rental home

  • Use a piece of imported furniture for storage in the dining room. Global dining chairs can be paired with a traditional table for a global vibe.
  • Incorporate plants in global storage containers like terracotta or chinoiserie styles.
  • Display small collections of global items even if you use them. I did this with hand fans, napkin holders, chopsticks, and table linens on our Chinese eterege.

Find more ideas and DIYs in these recent stories with our dining room.

  1. Inspired by DIY:  Wes Anderson Dining Room
  2. Wicked Inspired Tablescape
  3. British Colonial Vignette

This room has gone through a few changes in the 6 months we have lived here.   I really wanted the decor to flow with the Japanese architectural elements in the space; tatami mats, shoji doors, and wood trim.  

I absolutely LOVE the direction it’s going.   Just a few more tweaks and then it will be time for a complete before and after room reveal!

A boho style bookcase with lots of plants and eclectic global decor.
Global-Eclectic Bookcase Decor
A carved wood Chinese eterege bookcase styled with plants, copper, green, and pops of orange.
A Maximalist Styled Boho Global Bookcase
Mix copper pots, terra cotta, plants, and books styled for a global eclectic bookcase in a Japanese rental home.
A Chinese Eterge we Found Second-hand
A washitsu room in a Japanese rental decorated for an American family with a dining table and mixed black and white chairs on an area rug.  A beautiful wood bookcase decorated with global finds is in the background next to a tatami closet.
Dining Area in the Tatami Room
A fun global tablescape with lots of potted plants and green dishes on a wood dining room table in a pale yellow sand walls tatami room.
Plant Tablescape
A British colonial styled dining room corner with a rattan cabinet, plants, shibori and other Japanese art are in a Japanese rental home tatatmi room.
British Colonial Inspired Corner

Global Decorating Ideas in the Kitchen

  • Use peel and stick wallpaper, art, and plants for global style.

Once you walk through the French door, the kitchen is behind the living area.   Thanks to the New Room New Refresh challenge last January, our little kitchen has quite a bit of personality with removable wallpaper, wall storage, and art.

A super cute global eclectic kitchen makeover in a Japanese rental home with plant wallpaper and grey tiled walls.  A wood trolley cabinet adds additional storage in the small space.
A Japanese Kitchen Makeover
A botanical print for kitchen wallpaper on sliding doors in a Japanese rental home.
Peel and Stick Wallpaper Transformed this Kitchen!
Small space solutions for the kitchen showing leaning cutting boards and a plant on a wood trolley in a Japanese rental kitchen.
Global Touches in the Kitchen

There’s a little opening and windowpane that divides the kitchen from the living space.  Straight ahead is my office nook and piano studio. I used the ledge to display a leaf in a sea glass bottle for a touch of tropical flair.

Global decor for grand piano in small space with framed washi paper art and a peace lily on the back of the piano.
The Piano Studio

These are all the main spaces downstairs.  Upstairs consists of one western bedroom, 2 tatami rooms, and a water closet.  I’m super close to finishing the kids’ bedrooms (in the 2 tatami rooms) but for today’s tour, I’ll share our master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Global Decorating Ideas

  • Use baskets from different countries as wall art.
  • Try a mix and match of pillow textiles on your bed.
  • Hang a tassel or other small global ornamnets on cabinet and door knobs/pulls.

Don’t miss the fun global DIYs in these bedroom stories.

  1. Thrifted Basket Art Wall
  2. $100 Room Makeover
  3. Modern Eclectic Bedroom 

The bright colors in our room are perfect for summer with the addition of a pineapple pillow. We were also lucky to have a second large garden window for more plants. The room is very small, I have to crab walk to get around the bed, but it has plenty of storage with large closets made to hold tatami bedding.

Colorful threshing baskets for global bedroom wall decor with a tan chair in the corner next to a window with a pineapple pillow and a colorful red rug.
DIY Basket Wall
Mix and match global pillows on a white bedspread and gold canopy bed frame.  A picture hangs from the headboard and white chests are on each side.
Mix and Match Pillows
Art hung on canopy bed for a focal point and global style.  A capize shell hanging is over the bed and colorful global pillows on a white bedspread.
Bright and Colorful Global Bedding
View from bed is a disk turned vanity with a large mirror and gold lamp with watercolor floral lamp shade.  Woman's bust displays costume jewelry and a tray corrals makeup and brushes.
Vanity Area Beside the Bed
A super cute global bedroom in a Japanese rental home featuring a gold canopy bed with a desk turned vanity, art, and colorful pillows.
Global and Glam Bedroom
Spray painted basket with air plant and brass bells is displayed on a white wall.
Spray-painted Basket with Faux Airplant
Garden window ideas on a budget with a mix of plants and shells on a large windowsill in a traditional Japanese house.
Plants on a Garden Windowsill
A tall global tv cabinet for rental bedroom with a small tv on top and a camel leather small suitcase for storage.
Global TV Cabinet
A cute small suitcase is on a shelf in a tall wood cabinet with books and antler.
A Cute Small Suitcase for Extra Storage
Rental bedroom in a Japanese rental home decorated in global eclectic style on a budget with lots of natural light and second hand finds.
Budget Friendly Global Eclectic Bedroom

And that wraps global decorating ideas in our summer home tour. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Please enjoy the other tours below.  My friend Erica’s gorgeous home at Designing Vibes is next!

Summer Eclectic Home Tour 2

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Make sure to check out my summer page full of DIYs, decorating tips, and printables for the season.

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

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  1. What a lovely home you’ve created. I adore how you’re keeping within the cultural traditions and how you translated the rooms into Japanese for us! Love learning that kind of thing. 🙂 Your dining room shelfie is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to your full reveal in the near future!!

    1. Thank you Jessica!! It’s been fun learning about Japanese architecture. I can’t wait to incorporate some of it when we move back to the states. Especially the Japanese gardens. 😉

  2. Kathy, I love your home! The eclectic mix of artwork and decor has me convinced that I need to up my game in those departments! You’re textiles have me drooling, too! Oh… and, you’re vignette styling and photography skills are on point!

  3. Oh i love it all. No matter which home you have, it is always so inviting and interesting. Well done.

  4. Kathy,
    As I was scrolling through your tour overwhelmed by all of the incredible styling and awesome-ness that is your home , I get to your bedroom and I am pretty much freaking out. It definately belongs in a magazine. You have such a strong gift at styling vignettes and shelfs (which is one of my weaknesses). So needless to say, I am pretty jealous and will take notes. Amazing tour!

    Much love,

    1. Wow! Thanks Erica! That totally made my day. That bedroom has vinyl floors, vinyl wallpaper (and smelled like old feet). lol It needed so much love!!

  5. Gah girl!!! You make rental living look so stylish. I really love that shoe storage area and your gallery wall. I think it is al the different wood tones. You make honey colored wood look so dang on stylish and trendy. I was sitting her thinking I need more wood in my home. Soon good!

  6. Your entry gallery wall is perfect! And I have to say, I love the little Japanese-living touches that are part of the home’s bones: the fusuma and shoji doors! And the way in which you incorporated more western styles looks effortless. Beautiful!

    1. You are so sweet Diane! I was wondering how to mesh our style into the home’s Japanese features but it’s been so much fun and I love it that much more.

  7. Hi! What a gorgeous space! I’m so glad you were on the tour and I came across your blog! I’ll definitely be returning!

  8. I seriously love every square inch of every wall in your home!! You ALWAYS nail the styling, the photos are flawless and I want to come over to peek around and take it all in. So many unique and beautiful things to look at. Love it, Kathy!!

  9. I love how you use ordinary objects to decorate and fill in space on the walls to make them so much more vibrant and “alive”, in addition to standard pictures/mirrors. Thank you very much for sharing!

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