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Moving Tips: Effortless Decor Transitions Between Homes

Discover easy and creative ways to transition decor between homes seamlessly. Get budget-friendly tips, DIY inspiration, and hacks for stress-free decor transitions.

Hey there, friend! With so many military moves under our belt, I’ve been pondering the ins and outs of rental decorating and frequent moves. It’s a mix of excitement, exhaustion, and the thrill of new beginnings, isn’t it?

Each move presents fresh challenges in creating a home that truly reflects you and your family’s style. But fear not, positivity with some creativity is key for a smooth transition, no matter if you’re relocating across the country, overseas, or just across town.

Easy Ways to Transition Decor Between Homes

If you are new here, howdy! I’m a retired military spouse who moved back to Texas after being gone for 19 years.

I perfected the art of rental decorating and overcoming challenges in small spaces for over fifteen years but now am tackling homeownership with a new set of challenges!

Our family of four lived in some of the most beautiful coastal towns in the US and Japan which have influenced my colorful and global style with DIYs and furnishings in our one-story 60’s ranch-style home in Fort Worth.

Pinterest pin for transitioning decor between homes.

Embrace your new space.

Even if it’s not exactly your dream locale, let your new environment inspire you. Whether it is mountains, ocean, or a tranquil desert, draw inspiration from your surroundings for your decorating projects.

Okinawa, Japan

Seize the opportunity for change

Moving gives us a chance to shake things up! Instead of sticking to old habits, experiment with your belongings in new ways.

Repurpose items, play with placement, and don’t be afraid to get creative. You might be surprised at the fresh vibe you can achieve without spending a dime!

We tend to be creatures of habit and use our belongings for the same function we bought them for.  Take a chance and try to use them in a different room or for a different function. 

You can achieve an entirely new look and feel for your home with things you already own.  Be creative with placement, updating with paint, and functionality. Shoot! You don’t even have to move to do this!

Here are a few of my favorite repurposed pieces from our last move!

Treat Yourself, You deserve it

After all the hustle and bustle of moving, why not indulge in something special for your home? Whether it’s that gorgeous couch you’ve been eyeing or a statement chandelier, a little splurge can make all the difference.

 I had been wanting this chandelier for three years.  I finally bought it on sale after our last move and hung it in our rental while safely storing the other light fixture until we moved out.

A dining room with capiz shell grey chandelier and wood table and bright art.
A West Elm Chandelier in the Rental

Adorn Your Walls

I can’t say that enough. 😉 With military families, you can move a few times in just about as many years.  Don’t let that stop you from hanging things you love on the wall.  

If you don’t want holes in the walls, use command strips.  But really, it is super easy to take care of holes, especially if there is touch-up paint already lying around.  You can also lean larger pieces on your dresser, buffet, and counters.

Maximizing Storage Solutions

When moving between homes, optimizing storage space can make a significant difference in how smoothly your transition goes. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your storage:

  1. Utilize Multi-Functional Furniture: Invest in furniture pieces that offer storage solutions, such as ottomans with hidden compartments or beds with built-in drawers. These versatile pieces can help you maximize space while keeping your belongings organized.
  2. Vertical Storage: Make use of vertical space by installing shelves or wall-mounted organizers. This can free up valuable floor space and provide additional storage for items like books, decorative accents, or kitchen essentials.
  3. Closet Organization: Before unpacking, take the time to organize your closets efficiently. Invest in closet organizers, storage bins, and hanging shelves to maximize space and keep clothing and accessories tidy.
  4. Under-Bed Storage: Don’t overlook the space under your bed! Use under-bed storage containers to store off-season clothing, shoes, or bedding, keeping them out of sight while maximizing your bedroom space.
Pretty Storage Solutions

Personalizing Your New Space

Once you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to add those personal touches that make it truly feel like yours. Here are some tips for infusing your personality into your new space:

  1. Display Personal Mementos: Showcase cherished photos, artwork, and keepsakes that reflect your personality and experiences. We talked about hanging items on your wall but also try creating a gallery wall or displaying items on shelves to add character and warmth to your home.
  2. Incorporate Your Favorite Colors: Use your favorite colors as accents throughout your home to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s through throw pillows, rugs, or wall art, infusing your preferred color palette can make your space feel more personalized.
  3. DIY Projects: Get creative with DIY projects to add unique touches to your decor. Whether it’s refurbishing furniture, creating custom artwork, or crafting handmade decorations, DIY projects can add a sense of pride and individuality to your home.
  4. Bring in Greenery: Introduce plants and flowers into your home to add a touch of nature and freshness. Not only do plants enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space, but they also improve air quality and can boost mood and productivity.
Boho Easter Baskset Spring Living Room Wm Resized 14
Family Heirlooms and Treasures on Display

Explore Your New Neighborhood

Incorporate local treasures into your decor to add personality and charm. Whether it’s a seashell wreath or handmade crafts from nearby artisans, infuse your home with the spirit of your new community.

DIY seashell wreath made from local shells
DIY Seashell Wreath Made from Local Shells

Is there anything special you do when you move?  Do you have any tips to share? I love to read your comments and emails!!

Warm regards,

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    1. That’s awesome Dana!! I can’t believe how many “dead critters” we have in our house now!! (seashells and such) Thanks for the comment.

  1. I love this post. You nailed it. I do t like moving though, but who does. I’m stopping by from the blog hop. Your blog is great! I hope your enjoying your Thursday evening.

  2. I am so beyond happy I found this via Fresh Fridays! I live in Rome, Italy and while I moved into my new apartment 6 months ago it looks like we moved in.. two days ago! It’s really under decorated (and that’s an understatement!). Absolutely LOVE that coffee table and tray! (I’m back in the USA for a month and I’m trying to quickly gather ideas and buy stuff here).

    I really really want to hang things on our walls… however, the walls are about 400 years old and my husband (Italian) is afraid to “ruin” them. Which means it’s baren. Anyways, I’m taking the plunge and going to make him hang things anyways. I love the all white or all black look. However, do you think all black will darken the space? (It’s a dark little apartment).

    Going to follow along on bloglovin’.

    1. Wow Madaline, what a life you are experiencing!! I would love to see what you do with the walls. Do they have a patina on them? I seem to prefer white frames for the last few years because they were a nice contrast to all of our traditional furniture and decor. I’ve seen all black frames done very nicely though. White definitely helps lighten a space. 😉 I would love to see pics of your apartment!! Visiting Pretty Thing and Co.

  3. In six weeks I will be making my fourth move in as many years. it’s a daunting task, however, I like you, make each place a home. I hang the things I love and work my pieces in different ways depending on the amount of room. The house I am leaving was much smaller than I am used to, so I look forward to having more space in my new home ( and hoping it’s the last move for awhile0. i left Florida 3 years ago for Canada and I have missed it horribly. I used the natural elements that I had collected in Florida to remind me of a wonderful time in my life. Great tips and I shall keep you on my read list!

    1. Thanks for the comment love Colette. Hanging things and using natural elements are great ways to make a place feel like home, no matter how many times you move! Enjoy decorating your new home in a few weeks. 🙂

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