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How and why you should layer rugs

Are layering rugs a design faux pas? Try these tips with beautiful examples to see how and why you should layer rugs and decide for yourself!
Today I want to share with you how unconventional design can be accomplished in a gorgeous way.  Layering rugs.  A  trend that has been going on for a few years (I first wrote about in 2014) and with good reason.   It can help save costs (more on that later), add texture and interest, and help define spaces.

How to layer rugs!

Any flat rug, like durries (Indian origin), kilims (Turkish rugs), and other flat woven rugs look fantastic over natural carpets/rugs and will bring more interest to an otherwise neutral floor.
 Using an animal hide over a neutral rug will allow  more flexibility of rug placement and the size of the area.
 Using a smaller rug over a carpeted floor will help define the space and add more color.global-style-living-room-makeover-1

Casa Watkins Living

Don’t be afraid of layering pattern rugs together.  As long as they are similar in color and texture it can create a fun, exotic feel for your space.

layered rugs

By Tezza 

Layering rugs is a great solution for when you find a pretty rug that’s out of your budget.  Placing a smaller expensive rug on a large natural fiber rug (which are relatively inexpensive) can save you almost half the price.living room with rug
You don’t have to stay inside the lines.  I promise.  This room could easily look too formal  but imperfectly placed rugs and pillows make it look more causal and relaxed without losing any of its elegance.
Another beautiful example of adding color and interest to an all neutral room.  Not to mention, more texture and layers.  Plus the smaller bolder rug isn’t overwhelming because of it’s scale.
If your small rug looks lost centered on a larger one, put it at a diagonal.  This is make a bigger impact and will break up all of those squares!

Have you tried this gorgeous trend?  For help in choosing, purchasing, and placing a rug check out this post.

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  1. I don’t know if I could do this, but some of these are just beautiful!! I like the woven mat like one on the bottom and a more decorative one on top… Now I just need a beautiful open home like these too ;o)

    1. I love that combination too! I think they could be used in smaller rooms. I have never had a large home but I don’t let that stop me. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. I’m with Kristin…I love the look of layering an animal-skin type rug over a traditional rug. Super chic and give the room an eclectic vibe. Otherwise, I’m a one rug girl.

  3. I notice most layers include a natural fiber rug, but I want to layer a rug over my existing wool rug. Is that okay? Will it look fine? What are your suggestions?

    1. I think you could layer over a wool rug, as long as the colors and patterns don’t clash. ALL of our rugs are wool, I would totally layer if I found the right “top” rug. 🙂 Is the pile on your’s thick?

  4. What’s the best way to keep the top rug in place? I placed a runner over a section of the bedroom carpet for heavier foot traffic. BUT, I am constantly movi9ng it back in place.

    1. Hi Pat! Check out this post for layering rugs over carpet (or other rugs). I think it’s a great idea and it won’t damage the rug underneath. Every time I’ve placed layered rugs, I’ve had furniture legs on them so they stay in place but I know that’s not always practical! Thanks for stopping by.

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