Traditional Christmas Decorating with Colorful Global Accents and Greenery

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Welcome to our global holiday home tour with traditional Christmas decorating in our living and dining combo.

Season’s greetings friend! Are you looking for ways to incorporate greenery into your traditional Christmas decorating this year? Check out our open concept living and dining area with plenty of ideas for displaying faux greenery with colorful accents.

Traditional Christmas Home Tour with Greenery and Global Accents

Welcome back to A Very Global Christmas series where my blogging buddy Casa Watkins Living and I love to share our globally inspired homes with unique Christmas decorating ideas and DIYs. We are wrapping up the twelve-day series this week with four more stories and I’m excited to invite you to part one of our holiday home tours today.

Check out A Very Global Christmas page to find all of this year’s and previous years in one place!

An eclectic green and white living room with lots of greenery for Christmas.
Green and White Living Room Decorated for the Holidays

Our small open concept living area is feeling pretty cozy for Christmas with lots of faux garland in place and a DIY German smear fireplace. I wanted lots of greenery this year and I love how this side of the house could pass for all winter long!

Beautiful greenery in an eclectic white and green living room for Christmas.
Christmas Living Room

I started by bending the ends of a five ft garland inwards to fit on top of the mantel with thicker and taller ends. I then added extra stems of eucalyptus and other stems to finish framing it around our beautiful oil landscape that was an antique store buy.

A large advent wreath sits on a white coffee table in front of a german smear fireplace with matching garland and landscape painting.
DIY Advent Wreath with Pomegrantes

I shared how easy it was to turn a wreath into an Advent wreath centerpiece and really love it as our coffee table Christmas decor this year. It is the first time I’ve cleared that tabletop just for Christmas decor.

Pine garland hangs around white french doors and white walls next to gold furniture and a green velvet sofa and chair.
Garland Wrapped Doors

I decided to add to my collection of faux pine garlands from JoAnn‘s so that I could hang them around both sets of French doors. Black satin bows hide the nails and plastic ends at each corner. It really does wonder for the blank white wall and windows/doors. You’ll find the other French doors to my office when you scroll down. 🙂

A colorful and eclectic open concept living dining room decorated for Christmas with greenery.
Green and White Living Room with Pops of Pink and Red

In the corner of the living room is a glass display cabinet that holds all of the Japanese pottery we collected while we lived there. On top, I added my grandmother’s Italian triptych with a nativity lamp she gifted us and a fun red-beaded wire tree on the side.

A living room corner decorated for Christmas with green garland on white walls and a pine advent wreath on a white coffee table with matching green and white artwork and a gold display cabinet.
Japanese Pottery Collection
A close up of a nativity lamp on a gold display cabinet with Japanese sake cups.
Nativity Lamp

You can probably tell from the pictures that our dining area is right behind the sofa. The space was meant to be a breakfast nook but our grand piano is in the traditional dining room (with the Christmas tree) so this small space is where spend most evenings eating dinner and the kiddos and husband do homework.

We also paint, play games, do puzzles, and where I love to set up fancy table settings like the one I’m sharing tomorrow. 😉 It gets used a lot!

White walls and green and white furniture in the living room and floral pink curtains in the dining room decorated for Christmas with green garland.
Living and Dining Room Combo

Another great spot for faux garland is right on the chandelier. You’ll also find it draped on a few different mirrors in our house for the holidays.

A colorful and global decorated dining table for Christmas is between the green velvet sofa and white kitchen.
Christmas Dining Room

Last year I had a big garland draped over my DIY cane cabinet but this year I kept it simple with a little DIY Christmas wreath I made years ago for this same series.

A pretty DIY cane cabinet is decorated with a DIY gold Christmas wreath in a small dining area with lots of color and textiles.
DIY Cane Cabinet with DIY Wreath

Here is the other pair of French doors framed with more garland. I’m excited to share my office with you later on this week. This year I decorated our tree with flowers and I used a few leftover stems for a table centerpiece between the living room and piano front room.

Christmas garland around french doors that leads into a colorful office with bird wallpaper.  A cherry blossom flower arrangements sits on a tulip marble table right in front.
Floral Centerpiece

You can really see how maximalist or granny chic our house is in this view. I have a lot of areas for the eye to rest on but I love mixing patterns and colors.

A foyer table sits between the piano studio and living room in a small open concept single story ranch home all decorated for Christmas.
Colorful and Eclectic Decorating

Even though I used faux greenery and we have a faux Christmas tree I placed a lot of potpourris, scented pinecones, and burn scented holiday candles so the house always smells amazing!

Bright blue and green bird art.
Bird Art

Here’s a peek at the floral Christmas tree with the same cherry blossoms. Make sure to read the full story and see how I made the DIY potpourri pomegranate ornaments!

A gorgeous floral Christmas tree sits behind a grand piano with a blue and white large area rug.
Floral Christmas Tree

I can’t wait to see Casa Watkins Living’s home tour part one! Let’s head over.

Ideas for Christmas Decorating with Plants

Christmas Decor Ideas Using Foliage from Casa Watkins Living.
Christmas Decorating Ideas with Plants
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