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Easy and Creative Solutions for TV Stand Decor

Struggling with your tv stand decor? Check out these easy tips and tricks for different types of media stands and how to decorate them!

Hey there!  Today is one of those days where I’m getting down to the nitty-gritty of a major decorating struggle for a lot of people. 

I know decorating around tv and media stands can be tricky and sometimes you have to come up with creative solutions for your tv placement and decor. I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas of ways to decorate incorporating your tv.

Tv Stand Decor Ideas collage with examples of different tv stands and colorful decorating
TV Stand Decorating Ideas

We’ve moved around a lot in the last 15 years due to being a recently retired military family so I’ve had to come up with a lot of creative solutions for TV stand ideas from small spaces in foreign countries to traditional living areas and bedrooms.

Read on for tips and tricks to get gorgeous tv stand decor and styling that you can’t mess up!

Tips for Decorating a Modern TV Stand

The first media stand we found was at a thrift store in Okinawa, Japan.  I loved the clean modern lines but had a hard time styling especially since it was in front of a window.  After a few tries, here’s what I learned.

How to decorate around a tv stand steps

  • Start with a blank slate!  This will give you a fresh perspective and room to try a couple of options.  If your tv stand is in front of a window, use white curtains for an empty canvas.
modern tv stand in bright living room with art on walls
Our rental in Okinawa with a thrifted modern tv stand
  • To keep styling easy peasy, use accessories in the same color family. I chose one side of the media stand for a grouping of two candles and a plant and the other side has one tall vase with stems.
A modern tv stand in bright living room decorated with neutral colors.
Our modern tv stand is all decorated for Halloween!
  • Keep accessories in groups of 3 or 5.  Use a tray, books, or basket to coral them and /or add visual height. 
A modern wood Tv standwith a grey rug and puppy laying on it is decorated with books, candles, and a plant.
Fun tv stying for a modern minimal look.
TA V stand decorating idea is a DIY plant terrarium from a candle lantern.
An easy DIY terrarium for decor on the TV stand.

A floor lantern that I turned into a plant terrarium by adding a faux plant, brass animal, and a Japanese paper fan is another good option and has a more eclectic vibe.   Its bigger scale takes up the entire space on one side of the tv.

A full view of a bright white living room in Okinawa feautring netural furniture with a beautiful modern tv stand decorated with pops of black and white and eclectic decor.
Bird’s eye view of our Okinawan renal living room.

If you have enough wall space around a modern tv stand try hanging a gallery wall like this stunning one from Homey Oh My.

TV Cabinets for Small Spaces

  • Look for smaller dressers, side tables, and accent furniture to use as a small tv stand in a tight space.
A cute small campaign style chest with a tv on top and a wood stump table with books and a plant near by.
A small living area in a traditional Japanese home.

When we were in our Japanese rental house in Iwakuni, Japan we had a very small space for our living room.  We used the biggest tv we could find that could sit on a small chest of three drawers but I still found ways to add living room decor.  

  • Try placing the tv in a corner and at an angle in a small room.

Doing this, gave me a little more wiggle room for creating a pretty vignette around it.

Here’s how I decorated our tv stand for an eclectic vibe. I anchored the small tv stand by using a small wood stool with books and a plant to cover the outlet and cords.  The art above it on each wall helps creates a nice focal point for the room.

A global eclectic living room with bamboo birdcage on a small wood stump table next to a white chest with small tv in a corner with modern art.  A colorful living room rug and grey coffee table and couch are nearby.
Campaign chest used for a tv stand.
  • Use a black cabinet to help blend in a tv.  

I love using this trick!  We had a small master bedroom in the same house as above.

TV stand ideas with a tall black cabinet.
An interesting thrifted black cabinet was used as a tv stand in the bedroom.

I found a tall and skinny cabinet at the local thrift store for the tv sit on.  It had an open shelf that was perfect for a little styling with home decor.

I kept the accessories in light and bold colors since the cabinet is so dark for a pretty contrast.

TV stand idea for a small bedroom with a desk, chair, and garden window
An ideal tv cabinet for a small bedroom.

Decorating Around a TV and Dresser

I just had to include this example.  Since we were active military living overseas we had to deal with government-issued furniture.

If I can make that look good, I know what you’ll do will be a million times better if you try this tip!

  • Place the tv off-center and create a gallery wall around it. 
A wall gallery above a dresser incorporating a small television looks beautiful and balanced.
Working around government-issued furniture and tv styling in the mast bedroom.
  • Again, don’t forget the areas around your tv stand if you have the space.

 Here I have a leaning floor mirror but a basket, plant, or little stool would work to complete the vignette.

A vintage tall dressing mirror leans against a wall next to a dresser with small tv and eclectic gallery wall around it.
TV placement ideas for a long dresser.
Dresser wall art around tv looks beautiful, airy, and eclectic.
Decorating around tv on a dresser.
  • Another option is to mount the TV on the wall.

There was already a box and mount in our current house and after moving my grandmother’s dresser under the tv I created a gallery wall around it.

A bright white wall with white dresser as a wall mounted tv with art all around it.
Decorating Around a Wall-Mounted TV and Dresser
A wall mounted tv as modern art all around it in the bedroom.
TV in Bedroom

TV Built-In Cabinet Ideas (with fireplace)

Okay, now we are to our most recent setup.  Lucky for us, our house has a fireplace with a custom built-in bookcase next to the mantel with an opening for a large television.

First, if you have an off-centered tv on a large brick or stone wall, this is a great solution!  Second, you could do the same thing with a free-standing bookcase if you anchor it to the wall.

  • Paint the built-in black to blend in with the tv or white if your room is already dark.  Here I painted the original brown bookcase white to be consistent with the trim and because the room does not have a lot of natural light.
German schmear mortar wash fireplace with global eclectic decor bright and colorful with a tv on a built in bookcase.
DIY german smear mortar wash for under $10 to lighten up the fireplace and tv built-in!
The corner of the living room features a bright floral painting next to a tv in a built in bookcase.
TV built-in bookcase with eclectic and colorful Christmas decor.
A bright and colorful living room showing how to decorate a tv stand.
Colorful and eclectic living area.
Color coded books underneath the tv.
Color-coded books around the tv.

If our living room TV was up against the wall I would love to try going the opposite of light and painting the wall dark to really make art pop and the tv blend in. But I’m super happy with the colorful and eclectic style currently shown with the fireplace and built-ins.

A beautiful german smear fireplace with tv stand built in and eclectic decor.
Blues, greens, and neutrals on the built-in.
A view of the dining room to the living room featuring blues and greens in a bright white home living spaces.
TV and Fireplace in an Open Layout
Neutral eclectic decorating ideas around a tv stand next to the fireplace.
Eclectic Decor Around the TV

We are huge movie buffs and since this is our only living space, we embrace having a large television which I think that it’s totally fine and looks pretty swell!

If you have a smaller tv or prefer it not to be the focal point, I hope you found the tips for smaller media stands and decor helpful.

Leave me a comment and let’s chat about decorating around TVs!

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  1. Hi is there any chance you could send me the dimensions of the unit please? It is the first unit hubby and I agree on and I would love to get one made. Just need the height and length of the unit as well as the height and length of one of the drawers and the open section. Please:)

    1. Isn’t it gorgeous?!? Okay, it’s 71″ wide, 17 3/4″ tall, 17 5/8″ deep, the top and side pieces are 1 5/8″ thick. Each drawer is 22 1/4″ wide, 16 1/2″ deep, and 8 1/2″ tall. The opening is 5 1/8″ tall and 67 1/2″ wide. Good luck! We just love ours. 🙂

  2. Hi Kathy,

    i really liked this TV Stand the way the designed and finishing, Could you please let me know what kind of material (Wood/Plywoord with veneer finishing?) they used for TV stand. If they used wood means what kind of wood material they used. If plywood with Veneer finishing means, what kind the Veneer material they used.

    Please suggest me to do the exact TV Stand to my Living Room.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Suresh Balakrishnan

    1. Hi Suresh, I’m sorry but we purchased the tv stand at a thrift shop. I know it’s solid wood because it’s very heavy but I’m not sure what type or finish.

  3. Kathy,

    Thanks for your reply!

    Do you’ve any Crockery Unit design, which is you used in your home? I wanna same material and finishing as like TV Stand.

    Thank you!
    Suresh Balakrishnan

  4. I just read your blog and found it very useful. They look great, you can always rely on CFS! Your TV Stand is lovely too

  5. Kathy,

    I love your tips for grouping objects and styling around a TV. I needed this blog post for styling our TV stand after we moved last year! It was just sitting in our front room with no decorating around it, looking purposeful, yet very out of place with the rest of the home. Styling around the TV makes it look like it belongs.

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