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How to Create Beautiful Two-Toned Walls with a Chair Rail

See how to create colorful two-toned walls with chair rails in this New Year New Room Refresh gallery hallway makeover update!

Our hallway makeover is down to the wire my friend!! Welcome back to the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge hosted by Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living. This fun annual series is where 12 of us bloggers transform a room in a month which puts our final reveals next week! Scroll down to the bottom to see all of the participants.

Blue and Green Two-Toned Walls with Chair Rail

I finished up the final wall paint color today with mint green. I knew I wanted a beautiful lighter color to compliment the upper Sherwin Williams Celtic Green that I had leftover from my bathroom makeover. I ordered some samples online at Lowe’s and did a quick locker pick-up after a long weekend of procrastination.

Have you tried that service? It’s so convenient and you don’t have to go completely inside the store. After deciding on another Sherwin Williams color, Inspiring Hue, I ordered a gallon just this morning and got to painting!

A colorful hallway with two-toned blue and green walls and molding.  A beautiful walnut cabinet is on the foyer wall with a gallery art wall above.  Matching runners compliment the spaces.
Blue and Green Walls with Chair Rail

The first three weeks of the challenge I shared the before pictures with plans for a colorful gallery hallway makeover, a mood board featuring hallway rugs in blue, and how to use and install a chair railing (with crown molding) in a hallway. And that catches us up to this week.

Update: Now you can also find the final reveal in this story!

The hallway leads to three bedrooms and a hall bath which all feature light blue, mint, and green so it made sense to stick with the color palette for the hallway. I love that they are an “entry” to the bedrooms and it looks inviting and cozy from the living room which is in Sherwin Williams Alabaster White.

Two-tone blue and green hallway with dado railing.
Tone on Tone Walls in the Hallway

Even though the open layout living and dining rooms are painted white I do have colorful artwork and “feature/focal” walls. You can also view my maximalist bird office from the open layout. Here are how I used blues and greens throughout the house! Green is definitely the prominent color. And my favorite.

Rooms featured in gallery:

Living and Dining Room in a Summer Room Tour

Parisian Inspired Bedroom Makeover

A Girl’s Boho Vintage Bedroom

Garden-Inspired Small Ensuite Bathroom

Classic Black and White Marble Bathroom

A Windowless Office Makeover

Tips on Selecting Colors for Two-Toned Walls with a Chair Rail

  • Use two colors from the same color family.
  • Use only warm colors are only cool colors.
  • Select one color than it’s complimentary color on the color wheel.
  • Use two different colors but with a similar tint or shade value (how light and dark they are). Also, try the opposit, light with dark or dark with light!
  • Test with sample paints before comitting. Make sure you view during different times of the day and with artificial and natural lighting before commiting to gallons or quarts of paint!
A bedroom hallway with two-toned blue and green walls and crown and chair molding.  Matching rug runners in blue and beige.
Two-Toned Hallway with Blue and Green
Two-toned hallway with a brass fixture.  Colorful decorating in a small home.
Matching Runners with Similar Hues
Close up of decorative light switch plate on a green and blue wall with chair moulding.
Fun Details

I’m so pleased with how the color combo looks with the new rugs! I’m thrilled to be partnering with Mohawk Home again for this challenge. They are gifting me three runners and rug pads.

I am also being sponsored by Signature Hardware which is generously gifting a flush light fixture for the hallway makeover and new knobs for the entire house! Come back next week for all of the details and the final reveal!

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

Here’s what’s left!

  • Sand the walls and repair any cracks
  • Install crown molding and extra trim 
  • Install chair rail and extra trim
  • Caulk, fill holes
  • Paint doors and molding white
  • Touch up ceiling paint
  • Paint upper walls green
  • Paint lower walls a lighter tint of green/blue
  • Install new light fixture
  • Install new door hardware
  • Hang art
  • Place rugs

Make sure to see everyone’s progress below! I love our creative community and these girls always blow it out of the water!

Nynrrc Bloggers 2022 Participants logo.
New Year New Room Refresh Participants

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