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Make a Beautiful DIY Valentine Wreath in 3 Easy Steps


Try this Dollar Tree DIY Valentine wreath with white and gold roses for a cute and modern holiday door adornment.

It’s time to get out of the winter blues and create something for Valentine’s day, my friend! So head to your local dollar store, raid your crafting stash, and make a beautiful DIY Valentine Wreath with me.

White Rose DIY Valentine Wreath with Dollar Tree Flowers

This white rose wreath is simple to make and a nice alternative to traditional reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day decor. I think it would be especially stunning against a snowy white background.

You can repurpose floral stems you may already have or grab flowers and a grapevine wreath form from the dollar store. What makes this wreath custom is what we are going to do with the leaves! Are you ready?

A white rose DIY Valentine wreath with pink accents hang on a french door with a small chalkboard sign featuring a hand drawn heart and arrow.  A title graphic included on image.
White Rose Wreath

Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath Supplies:

I’m linking the materials to similar items from Dollar Tree and Amazon for your shopping convenience in case you don’t have a Dollar store nearby or it’s too cold to get out!

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience to brands I love. You still pay the same price but I may earn a small commission.

A Valentine's Day wreath DIY dollar tree craft with white and pink roses hangs on a mint green french door with a little chalkboard sign in the middle.  The side angle of this cute wreath!
A DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

DIY Valentine Rose Wreath Steps:

  1. Remove the leaves and stems off of the flower heads. The white roses from the Dollar Tree did not fall apart but depending on what stems you are using, you may need to cut off the stem with wire cutters and/or secure the petals with a dot of hot glue if you they feel loose after removing the flower head.
  2. Lay out your leaves and stems outside or in a well ventilated area on newspaper or cardboard. Shake your spray paint can for roughly 60 seconds. Hold the can 12-18 inches away and paint the leaves and stems gold moving the can side to side smoothly and evenly. A couple of light layers are better than a thick layer to avoid drips. Turn over the leaves and stems after they are dry to the touch (should only take a few minutes) and spray the other side gold in the same fashion. Let them completely dry. (About an hour.)
  3. Reassemble the roses with the gold leaves and stems. Trim off long stems if you still have them, lay out your roses on your wreath and adjust until you like the way it looks. Add in three larger flowers or roses for an embellishment. Secure each flower in place with a dime size amount of hot glue on the bottom of the flower head. Alternatively, you can leave more of the stem and stick the stem into the wreath form and secure with hot glue or wire if needed. Hang and enjoy!
A close up look at a DIY rose wreath with Dollar Tree flowers in white and gold with a small chalkboard sign hanging from the middle.
Repurposed Flowers

I knew the gold and white would give this little wreath a fresh update but still look sweet for Valentine’s Day. I decided to use a little chalkboard sign I had and drew a heart and arrow and hung it in the middle of the wreath.

A beautiful white rose DIY Valentine wreath with dollar store and repurposed flowers hangs from a wreath hanger covered in jute twine and a cute small chalkboard sign with a heart and arrow hang in the middle of the wreath.  IT is displayed on a mint green french door on a beach house.
Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

The little chalkboard sign I picked up in a cute boutique in Kirkland, WA but you could easily find one (or make one) from your local craft store. The larger roses I repurposed came from a large wreath my grandmother no longer wanted.

The wreath hanger got a quick makeover by wrapping jute twine from bottom to top for a fun texture. Use can use hot glue to secure ends in place and to prevent unraveling.

A cute Dollar Tree valentine wreath made with white roses and gold stems hang on a mint green french door with a little chalkboard sign in the middle.
DIY Rose Wreath for Valentine’s Day!

I also love the idea of heart-shaped wreaths. Check out this cute dollar store wreath from South Lumina Style or this fluffy heart-shaped wreath from Girl Just DIY.

Here are some of my favorite online picks if you change your mind about the DIY part. 🙂

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    1. Yep, this is the first official Valentine’s Wreath I have made. I used to only do Spring/Summer, Winter, and Christmas. Thanks for the sweet comment Rachel!

    1. Thanks Aleshea! It came out even better than I had hoped. (My expectations weren’t to high with my dollar tree roses lol)

    1. LOL, I have made dozens of wreaths now. I need to break away from the traditional and try some newer things. This is the first time I dissected the flowers to paint them and I really like how they turned out. Thanks for visiting miss Kita!!

    1. Yes Skye! I’m still in mourning. ;( I do have about a thousand pics on my phone and FB so I’ll manage. BUT I wonder how I did it? Thanks for your sympathy. lol It made me smile!!

  1. Such a beautiful wreath! I love how it turned out. Wish I were crafty and could come up with things like this.

    1. Thank you LaVonndra! I’m sure you could make a beautiful wreath! I pulled the roses off two times before I glued them on the “right spots”. 😉

    1. Thanks Christy!! Thank goodness I had a photo book made with trip pictures and I post things to “world wide web”… LOL but I still miss the ones I’ll never get back…. I will now be more diligent about backing them up. 😉

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your iPhoto library! That’s SO PAINFUL, speaking from personal experience.

    This wreath is a little cutie, and I love how simple it is to make. My mom was the queen of making wreaths when I was a kid, so I’ve carried that tradition into adulthood. While I don’t have a Valentine’s Day wreath, I think it’s high time I made one!

    1. AWW, thanks Erin. So sorry you know how I feel. 😉 This is officially the first Valentine’s wreath I’ve made. Do you ever think of recipes while you are laying in bed trying to sleep? lol One night I thought “a pink, white, and gold wreath would be pretty…..”

      Have a lovely weekend!

      1. Yeah, it’s unfortunate to lose all your photos! Been there, done that, and it SUCKS. Here’s to you figuring out a way to get some of them back.

        And yes, now that you mention it, I’ll sometimes come up with a recipe in bed. And if that happens, I get up and write it down because I will NOT remember it in the morning. My husband thinks I’m a little batty, but that’s OK. And that’s AWESOME that it happens to you, too! What a fun inspired idea for this wreath!

  3. I totally pinned like all of these photos! They are adorable Kathy!! I am loving the month of love! My fiancé’s birthday is the 9th of Feb and then we have Valentine’s day! OMG lots of lovin’ at our house 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂

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