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Sunshine on a Wall: Crafting a DIY Sunburst Mirror with Skewers

Craft your own gold DIY sunburst mirror with our easy tutorial. A budget-friendly, step-by-step guide using items you probably already have.

Are you searching for a budget-friendly way to elevate your home decor? Look no further! Discover how to create a stunning DIY sunburst mirror that adds style and flair to any room without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to dull walls and hello to chic decor!

A DIY sunburst mirror with gold skewers and thrifted mirror.  Easy to make and beautiful to display.
DIY Sunburst Mirror with Skewers

Crafting Your Own DIY Sunburst Mirror: A Step-by-Step Guide

There is something so satisfying in coming up with creative solutions for empty walls especially when you don’t have a large budget. I was looking for a way to create a big girl room for my daughter after yet another military move.

I had already transformed her changing table/ dresser to just a dresser and painted her convertible crib turquoise for the full-size bed headboard. Now it was time to decorate the walls for the cheap!

This versatile DIY mirror can look great in any room and you can have fun with the customizations using different materials. Let’s get started on this budget-friendly project!

A cute dresser with white and green and initials in a girls room with pops of pink and DIY wall art ideas.
Girl’s Room Cute Personalized Dresser with Initials

Materials Needed for a DIY Gold Starburst Mirror

Gather Your Supplies for a Successful Project

  1. Round or Roundish Mirror: Select a round mirror as the centerpiece of your sunburst design. Choose a size that suits your space and desired aesthetic. You can create different looks with a large or small mirror.
  2. Skewers or Alternative Frame Material: Opt for wooden skewers as the traditional choice for constructing the sunburst frame. Alternatively, explore other materials such as dowel rods, bamboo sticks, or even repurposed items like wooden branches for a unique twist.
  3. Adhesive: Choose a strong adhesive suitable for attaching the skewers or alternative frame material to the mirror and securing any decorative elements. Options include hot glue, wood glue, or construction adhesive, depending on the materials used.
  4. Decorative Elements: Add flair to your sunburst mirror with decorative elements such as beads, acrylic gems, metallic accents, or paint. Select items that complement your chosen design and enhance the overall aesthetic.
  5. Tools: Equip yourself with basic tools to aid in the construction process, including a saw or scissors for cutting skewers or alternative frame material to size, a ruler or measuring tape for precision, and a glue gun or applicator for adhesive application.

Where to Find Affordable Materials for Your DIY Project

Finding budget-friendly materials for your DIY sunburst mirror is easier than you think. Consider the following options:

  • Local Craft Stores: Visit your nearest craft store to browse a wide selection of mirrors, skewers, adhesives, and decorative elements. Look for sales or discounts to save on costs.
  • Online Marketplaces: Explore online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy for a vast array of mirror and craft supplies. Compare prices and read reviews to ensure quality and affordability.
  • Hardware Stores: Check out hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s for adhesive options and alternative frame materials like dowel rods or bamboo sticks. Take advantage of any available discounts or bulk pricing.
  • Thrift Stores or Yard Sales: Hunt for hidden treasures at thrift stores or yard sales, where you may find mirrors, decorative elements, or even pre-loved frames that can be repurposed for your project.
  • Repurpose Items: Get creative and repurpose items you already have at home, such as old picture frames, wooden pallets, or metal hardware, to customize your sunburst mirror at minimal cost.
  • Dollar Stores: Shop at your local dollar store and you may be surprised to find everything you need! Small mirror, skewers, mini hot glue gun, and gold paint.

Supplies: For the two sunburst mirrors I made, I used two thrift store mirrors (that used to be in the master bedroom), skewers, and gold spray paint.

DIY sunburst mirror with skewers and gold paint.
DIY Sun Mirror with Skewers and Gold paint

Assembling the Mirror Frame

Detailed Instructions on Building the Frame for Your Mirror

  1. Prepare the Skewers or Alternative Frame Material: If using wooden skewers, ensure they are clean and free from any debris. If using alternative materials such as dowel rods, natural wood paint sticks, or bamboo sticks, cut them to the desired length using a saw or scissors. Spray paint gold.
  2. Prepare the Mirror: Make sure your mirror wiped clean and spray paint gold if not already.
  3. Arrange the Skewers or Alternative Material: Lay out the skewers or alternative frame material in a radial pattern around the perimeter of the mirror. Experiment with different configurations until you achieve the desired look and symmetry. Space them out and make a full starburst with wood shims.
  4. Secure the Skewers or Alternative Material: Once satisfied with the arrangement, begin attaching the skewers or alternative material to the back of the mirror using adhesive. Apply a generous amount of adhesive to each skewer or piece of material and press firmly against the back of the mirror. Since I used wooden skewers, hot glue was the easiest adhesive.
  5. Maintain Even Spacing: As you attach each skewer or piece of material, ensure they are evenly spaced around the perimeter of the mirror to maintain symmetry and balance. Use a ruler or measuring tape to guide placement if necessary.
  6. Allow Adhesive to Cure: Allow the adhesive to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding to the next step unless you are using hot glue. This may involve letting the mirror frame sit undisturbed for several hours or overnight to ensure a strong bond.

How to Spray Paint Anything

  • Dust off the piece with a damp cloth and let dry.
  • Use a drop cloth and paint in a well-ventilated area (like outside!).
  • Always read the directions on the spray can.
  • Spray long and even strokes with the spray can holding it about 8-12 inches away.  A couple of light coats are better than full coverage all at once to prevent drips.
  • Sand drips and touch up if necessary.
  • Let dry. Wait a few days for the paint to fully cure before placing anything on it if it’s a surface that gets used a lot.
How to make a sunburst mirror with skewers and gold paint
A Large Starburst Mirror that is Easy to Make

Using Skewers or Alternative Materials for the Frame

While wooden skewers are the traditional choice for constructing a sunburst mirror frame, alternative materials offer versatility and customization options. Consider the following alternatives:

  • Dowel Rods: Choose dowel rods in various diameters for a more substantial and polished frame. Cut them to size and arrange them in a radial pattern around the mirror.
  • Bamboo Sticks: Embrace a natural and eco-friendly aesthetic with bamboo sticks. Trim them to the desired length and attach them to the mirror using adhesive.
  • Repurposed Items: Get creative and repurpose items such as wooden branches, driftwood, or metal rods to create a unique and one-of-a-kind frame for your sunburst mirror. Sand or paint them to suit your desired style.
A girls bedroom with DIY wall projects for cheap but cute wall decor with vintage charm.
A Girl’s Room with DIYs and Vintage Charm

Tips for Achieving Symmetry and Balance in Your Design

Achieving symmetry and balance in your sunburst mirror frame is essential for a visually pleasing result. Consider the following tips:

  • Use a Protractor: Measure and mark the angles between each skewer or piece of material to ensure uniform spacing and symmetry.
  • Start from the Center: Begin attaching skewers or alternative material from the center of the mirror and work outward in a radial pattern to maintain balance.
  • Step Back and Assess: Periodically step back and assess your progress to ensure the frame is symmetrical from all angles. Make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired look.

By following these instructions and tips, you’ll be well on your way to assembling a stunning frame for your DIY sunburst mirror that enhances the overall aesthetic of your decor.

Assembly tip: I attached a piece of scrap cardboard with little nails and added a picture hanger after I hot glued the skewers onto the back of the mirror.

hanger-backside of DIY starburst mirrors
Add a Picture Hanger to the Back for Easy Hanging

Wall art idea: The wall gallery came from a 99¢ calendar that I had purchased previously.  The pictures were hung with ribbon from wooden letters that came from the nursery. I  threaded the ribbon through a bead at each hole to secure it.

Cute girls room with DIY gold sun mirrors and wall art with calendar.
DIY Wall Art Projects with Sunburst Mirrors and Calendar Wall Gallery

Congratulations on completing your DIY sunburst mirror! You’ve done an amazing job, and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Hang your new mirror proudly, and let it bring a touch of your creativity and personality to your space. Remember, the best part of DIY is making something uniquely yours.

Keep up the great work, and keep exploring new projects. The world of crafting is full of endless possibilities, and you’re just getting started!

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    1. Thanks Dawn! 😉 I had so much fun putting it together. Wish I had inspiration for my sons room. We don’t exactly see eye to eye on decor. lol

  1. The wall art is the focal point of the room it’s the first thing my eyes are drawn to when I come in a room. My mom use to take old stuff and make them new and people would be in awe.

    1. Sounds like your momma was quite a lady!! I love having a gallery wall to be the focal point. In fact, except for my son’s room and the kitchen, all of our rooms have gallery walls.
      Thanks for stopping Kita, I appreciate your comments as always! 😉

  2. This is my kind of decorating. I’m always thinking outside the box to repurpose something to make it fit with our new style!

    1. Nice! I love the challenge of trying to create “upscale” decor with things I already have. 😉 Thanks for stopping by Stephanie!!

    1. Thanks Adie!! There is definitely lots of pops of color in that room and I LOVE repurposing things (and it’s cheap, lol).

  3. Very smart and crafty. I have to begin brainstorming for my daughter who will be 10 next month, or as she likes to say . . . double digits, lol.

    1. Thanks Jerrie! So glad you stopped by. 😉 The decal in the nursery stayed… I kinda miss it. I guess I could always get another one!

  4. Wow this is so awesome! I am feeling major jealously for your daughter right now 🙂 I bet you got lots of hugs after you were done! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. These are fantastic ideas, Kathy, and I’m making note of them because, umm, we hardly have ANYTHING on the walls in our home right now. And while I desperately want to invest in art, that’s not gonna happen for a while unless I suddenly become BFF’s with an incredible artist… and even then, I’d want to pay them for their work, haha. I especially love what y’all did with the mirror. What fun!

    1. Thanks Erin!! My husband and I love to going to festivals and farmer’s market to find local art. I usually don’t spend more than $20 on something. I also love Etsy and Cozamia.com to find unique prints.

    1. Aww, thanks Joan! I love decorating for my daughter but have a hard time with my son’s room. Poor guy, he’s on my to-do list! lol

    1. Thanks Melissa! No, I did’t do that painting but it would probably make a great DIY project. It came from Urban Outfitters.

    1. Hi Danelle! I found the calendar in a clearance bin outside a used book store in Va Beach. It was the previous year so it was already outdated when I bought it. I was just drawn to the Victorian style pictures. I stored it for a few years before I even used it on my daughter’s wall!

    1. Thanks Jazmine. The curtains started out as white walmart curtains panels and then I added the hot pink fabric on the bottom to make them longer.

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