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Here’s How to Make Gold-leaf Watercolor Easter Eggs Easily


Create beautiful seasonal decor with gold-leaf watercolor Easter eggs. Follow easy step by step instructions for different techniques.

I love creating unique seasonal decor and gold-leaf and water color eggs were on the top of my list this year. Check out how easy it is to create these beauties.

Water Color Easter Eggs

gold-leaf water color easter eggs DIY
Gold-leaf and Water Color Easter Eggs

What you need for gold-leaf watercolor eggs:

  • Blown out eggs or fake ones.  (DO NOT use water colors or craft paint on eggs you are intending to eat!)  I love the plastic eggs I found at Wal-Mart. They look and feel exactly like a real egg and were under $2 for a dozen.  (I did not get paid to say that.) 😉
plastic decorating eggs
Plastic Decorating Eggs
  • Water color paints, brush, and a cup of water for step 1.
  • Gold leaf and a mixture of 1/2 glue and 1/2 water for step 2.
watercolor easter eggs and egg cups
Watercolor Paints and Egg Cups

Alright, let’s get started.  If you are comfortable with water colors, then have fun! Otherwise, you can follow my steps. I already have my colors ready at this point. (You can use a plastic plate or wax paper to put your paints on.)

How to create gold-leaf watercolor eggs:

  • Submerge your egg into the cup of water and place it on an egg stand.  (An upside-down egg carton works nicely too!)
Steps for water color easter eggs
Dip Egg in Water
  • Dip your paint brush into the paint and start at the top of the egg with a small glob of color.
water color easter eggs steps
Water Color Easter Eggs
  • Keep dipping your brush into the water and then on the paint glob with a little pressure to encourage the paint to run down the sides.
watercolor wash on egg
Watercolor Wash on Egg
  • Once you are happy with that color, add as many more as you would like but be careful not to muddle all of the colors together.  I added a little color on top of the purple but pressed my brush on the exposed white parts of the egg too.
Second Color on easer egg
Second Color on Egg

Another technique to try:  

  1. Dry your brush (dab on a paper towel a couple of times), dip into paint, and dab all over the egg.  
  2. Then use a second color and dab on the egg blending a little with the first color.  

It’s just like sponge painting your walls because I know we have all been there, done that, right? 😉 Check out my “dabbed egg” with the teal and yellow for an example.

Dry brush paint easter egg
Dry Brush Paint Easter Egg

Once you are finished painting, let eggs dry about an hour before you add gold leaf.

painted easter eggs
Painted Easter Eggs

To apply gold leaf, dip your brush into the glue/water mixture and start with a small amount on your egg (be careful, the glue will run) and then place a small bit of gold leaf on top.

painted easter eggs
Steps for Gold-leaf Easter Eggs
apply gold leaf on egg
Apply Gold-leaf on Egg

Try not to handle the gold leaf too much otherwise your fingers will get all sticky and the gold leaf will come off.  Once you are done with the gold leaf, very gently press your paint brush on top to smooth down the pieces.

gold leaf and water color easter eggs
Gold-leaf and Water Color Eggs

There is no rhyme or reason on how I placed the gold leaf.  Some eggs I add bigger pieces while others just a few specks.

close up of easter eggs
Close-up of Easter Eggs
watercolor and gold leaf eggs
Watercolor and Gold-leaf Eggs
gold leaf and watercolor easter eggs
Gold-leaf and Watercolor Easter Eggs

I am beyond excited on how these turned out. Let me know what you do with your Easter eggs this year.  Do you think you might try water-color or gold leaf?

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables and checklists and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.



  1. How cool is this!!! Thank you for sharing Kathy!! 🙂 I wish I had little ones to decorate eggs with! 🙂

  2. These eggs are really pretty and would me great to sit out in a basket at the front door! My boys could definitely pull this off. love it!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I must try! Thank you for sharing these beauties with us 😀 Its great to see so many 🙂 smiles throughout a post too. I do it all the time! Thanks.

    1. LOL Thanks! I think I grin from ear to ear to when I am writing about crafts and decor. So glad you stopped by! 😉

  4. Make sure you have a disclaimer that you cannot do this with eggs to be eaten. Some watercolors are harmful. I know you wrote to use blown out eggs or fake, but just be clear.

    1. Good point! That is why I said to use the faux or blown-out eggs but you are right about the disclaimer. There can be lead in the water colors (or other paints) I will add that in!

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