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Wes Anderson Inspired Dining Room

Inspired by DIY challenge is back for another great year of DIYs and decorating tips inspired by your favorite designers.   I’m thrilled that our lovely hostess Jess from Domicile 37 has asked me to help co host this year and we are being joined with an amazing team of talented ladies!  decorate like Wes Anderson movies

Our first inspired by DIY challenge is featuring my favorite movie film maker, Wes Anderson. If you aren’t familiar with his name you might recognize titles like The Royal Tenenbaums or Moonrise Kingdom.  His interiors and cinematography have a distinctive style and we are so excited to share DIYs and decorating tips to help you get the Wes Anderson look.

Wes Anderson Inspired Dining Room

with movie influence from Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Wes Anderson Inspiration

One thing I love about his movie sets and cinematography is Wes’ use of color and color blocking.  His shots are either monochromatic or uses a signature color palette with the same color intensities.  The colors are usually solid and have distinct separation.  life-aquatic-screen-shot

Image: Buena Vista Pictures via Film Grab

Fantastic Mr Fox screen shot for decor inspiration

Image:  20th Century Fox via Film Grab

The dining room makeover in Wes Anderson style

Our dining room is a traditional Japanese tatami room.  The walls are made of sand (which makes it difficult to hang things.  The architecture includes a natural wood beam, decorative molding, paper shoji screens, and a beautiful wood plank ceiling.  Needless to say, I prefer bright-white interiors to a room full of earth tones but looking to Wes Anderson for inspiration has made me appreciate this room even more.  wes anderson color palettes

The major focal point in the room is this alcove where I put our thrifted Chinese eterege.

Here’s what I started with..

traditional tatami room used as a western Dining room

and after I gave it  “Wes Anderson” style.

Wes Anderson style in a Japanese dining room

So much color! Love it.

To achieve the color-blocking, I started by creating two art pieces with construction paper in warm hues.  I cut out geometric shapes and assembled them with craft tape.  I also love to color block my booksbookcase art and styling inspired by Wes Anderson

My husband and I went thrift store shopping over the weekend and found pots to add more pops of orange/red and blue.  This one holds my collection of oriental fans. wes anderson decorating tips

The turquoise pot is for bonsai but displays 100 yen store faux succulents for now.  To add a bit more blue, I backed the framed butterflies with construction paper.

The antique silver bowl holds vintage napkin rings and baskets on the bottom shelf hold table linens.

bookcase styling inspired by Wes Anderson Life Aquatic

While we were at the thrift store, my husband found two types of shibori fabric.  I know, that man has a good eye!

First he found this indigo kanoko (tie-dye) shibori that I framed to use as art. indigo-shibori-fabric framed for decor

He also found red silk shibori that was an obi (the piece of fabric that is used as a belt with a kimono).  I plan on making it into a table runner.  It’s beautiful.

The room has sliding doors on two walls that can be removed to open the space.  The house isn’t insulated so it’s necessary to have them closed in cold months to keep the heat in.

wes anderson home decor in the dining room

The rest of the main living area has white walls and lots of natural sunlight so the view into the dining room is cozy and warm.

wes anderson home decor in a rental dining room

So now you know that one way to achieve a Wes Anderson inspired room is to try color blocking!!   Just shop your house for a minimal color palette and make sure to have monochromatic groupings in each color.  

tatami room with shoji screens and American style

save for later, pin it button

I was blown away by my friends’ Wes Anderson inspired projects and they all fantastic tips for creating his signature style.   Next on the list, is PMQ for Twowes anderson inspired diys

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    1. Oh gosh, what a sweet thing to say! Thanks Brynne. Watching Wes Anderson movies this month was just the inspiration I needed. 😉

  1. Now that your house is up and running it really looks great! Love the pinks and reds, but I hate to say it! You left out the iconic Zissou red on your colour palette!

    1. Thanks Ariel! I actually have the red in the second shibori fabric but just didn’t get a good shot of it. It’s on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. I’ll try to update the post with it. 😉

  2. I love how effortless your space looks and the colors are amazing. I also really, REALLY, really love your seating. You have done so much more than me. Love it!!!!

    1. Thanks Jess! Furniture is just so hard to find out here. I was ecstatic to find the pair of windsor chairs at a trendy Japanese store.

  3. Kathy beautiful shelf styling! The soft pink’s, orange, and turquoise makes such a pretty combination. I really like that second to last photo that shows your dining room table with the shelf in the background.

    P.S. Lucky you to have a husband who will go thrifting with you, plus also has such a great eye. I love that fabric he found! Your new space is really coming together beautifully.

    1. Thank you Linda! It was planning on keeping the room neutral when we moved in but I’m so glad there’s color in there now. My husband is a huge fan of Wes Anderson so it was easy to persuade him to help me. That’s not usually the case. lol

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