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Make a West Elm Inspired Dollar Tree Cake Stand

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Love high-end decor but not the price tag? Make a West Elm copycat DIY dollar tree cake stand and enjoy modern decor for less.

Howdy! I’m back in Texas doing wedding planning for my sister and spending precious last moments with my grandmother.

I fell in love with a glossy black cake stand from West Elm when I was looking for pretty and modern Halloween decor in my “go-to” spots. Everything about it was perfect except for the price tag.  $69 wasn’t exactly in my budget…. but Dollar Tree always is!

West Elm Inspired DIY Cake Stand

Check out how I made my own black cake stand for under $10 below. Actually, a whole two whopping buckaroos!

Make an easy DIY dollar store cake stand for halloween with dollar tree items.  This image is a pinterest graphic showing a matte black cake stand with a gilded polka dot pumpkin on it.  Small metallic pumpkins are around it.
DIY Dollar Tree Cake Stand

DIY Dollar Tree Cake Stand Supplies:

  • Candlestick holder and glass dinner plate from Dollar Tree
  • Glossy or Matte Black Spray Paint depending on your preference (I used a matte black because we already had a can in the garage…)
  • Super Glue
  • Newspaper, cardboard, or drop cloth

How to make a dollar store cake stand to look like it came from West Elm!

 Learn from my mistake: Paint, then glue! (Otherwise, you will have a clear circle in the middle of the plate.)

  1. Place the plate and candle holder upside down on a newspaper/drop cloth outside.  Follow the directions on the spray paint can or do the following. Shake the can for 60 seconds. Test the spray on a piece of scrap material first. Hold the can 12-18″ inches away from the item and spray moving the can evenly from side to side for a light consistent coat. Spray paint a second and then third coat if needed once the first coat is dry to the touch. Only spray paint the bottom of the plate but make sure all sides of the candlestick holder are covered.
  2. Place the dry painted candle holder right side up and squeeze a line of super glue around the rim of the holder. Center the plate right side up and press down on the candlestick holder for a few seconds. Let the glue completely cure before using. The superglue tube will tell you how long to let it dry.
Dollar store cake stand collage showing a clear glass plate and clear glass candlestick holder on a newspaper and a putting super glue around the top of the candlestick holder.
DIY Dollar Tree Cake Stand Steps

Tip:  Don’t spray paint the top of the glass plate.  The black paint will show through the glass and it will still be food-safe!  It also has a lovely glossy layer. 🙂

A halloween cake stand inspired by West Elm collage showing two views of a matte black DIY cake stand with a dollar tree plate and candle holder on a white lace tablecloth with metalic pumpkins.
Matte Black Cake Stand

Handwash to prevent paint chipping!

Beautiful west elm inspired cake plate stand dollar store DIY for $2 shwoing a black cake stand with a gilded pumpkin and crow on top.
DIY Dollar Tree Cake Stand

Doesn’t my gilded pumpkin look spooktacular on it? 😉 The variations of this DIY are endless. Try using different size plates and candlestick holders and different colors of paint for a fun collection!

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