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See A Colorful White and Grey Bathroom with Garden Accents


Check out our One Room Challenge white and grey bathroom makeover with colorful garden wallpaper and accents for our small master ensuite.

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When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.

Minnie Aumonier

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge! Eight weeks (plus a two-week extension) of planning, demo, many setbacks, and finally seeing our white and grey bathroom together has made the last two months fly by. Without further adieu, here is our garden-inspired white and great bathroom reveal!

A White and Grey Bathroom Makeover

Small bathroom with green floral wallpaper and white tile wainscotting.  Grey vanity and toilet with marble hexagon floor tiles. Plant accents.
Garden Bathroom with Grey and White Tile

If you’re new here, the One Room Challenge with an official media sponsor, Better Homes, and Gardens, is an eight-week-long room makeover documented by 100s of featured and guest designers as they transform a room of their choice. The One Room Challenge website is a fantastic source for decor and design inspiration and where you can find all the reveals for this season and previous ones.

We’ve had many ups and downs with our small ensuite bathroom makeover using most of the eight weeks to completely rip it apart to repair water and termite damage. Our grey and white small ensuite bathroom makeover quickly turned into a full renovation.

Due to the nature of the bathroom problems that needed to be addressed, I shared articles all about bathrooms and room makeovers for my progress posts each week as I really wanted to provide helpful tips and DIYs relative to what we are doing. You can find these below:

My White and Grey Bathroom with Garden Vibes

Now on to the fun part! Let’s take a look at where we started. Here is what the bathroom looked like when we first moved in. This is the view from our master bedroom. (There’s a shower to the left.)

Bathroom Before with dark cabinet and medicine cabinet over toilet.  Pale yellow walls and colorful rugs.
Our Bathroom When we Moved in

Shortly after, I gave it a paint makeover with jewel tones and bright white!

Dark green wall with dark blue bathroom vanity and toilet.  Cute boho accents.
Bathroom Progress
Small Bathroom Makeover On A Tight Budget, view of white walls with a bench and gold towel rack for a colorful shower curtains round up
Bathroom Progress

Two years later brings us to the current Spring One Room Challenge. We had originally planned to keep the same layout and only install new tile, a vanity, light fixture, and bathroom trim/faucets. After weeks of demo and repair, we are finally getting to those fun elements plus some. Here’s the mood board.

Bathroom Mood Board featuring grey and white tile and floral wallpaper.
Bathroom Mood Board

Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper | Custom Light Fixture | Bathroom Trim and Faucets | Floor, Field, and Accent Tiles | Grey Vanity

We used Jeffrey Court marble tile in our last bathroom makeover and had floor marble hexagon pieces left over. I was thrilled to work with them again and decided on a bright Gloss Starry White 3″x6″ field tile with a 1″ hexagon mosaic tile in Gloss Mountain Fog and Ramp Edge Matte Mountain Mist accents. I also asked Hansgrohe to send me the shower and sink faucets from the same beautiful Joleena collection that were in our hall bathroom. This time we have it in the chrome finish.

Being able to use these two wonderful brands again for our second bathroom renovation ensures cohesiveness in our house which was important to me. But with different finishes, each bathroom still has a style of its own which makes my eclectic-loving heart happy.

Let’s get into the details.

Grey and White Shower with Marble Accents

A little silver lining in the termite damage and the complete gut job was that we were able to extend the shower back about 10 inches into the hall linen closet. This gave us enough room to put in a built-in shower bench and makes the entire bathroom look much larger. It’s amazing what a couple of square feet can do!

White And Grey walk in shower with marble bench and chrome faucet trim.
White and Grey Bathroom Shower

The shower is covered in Jeffrey Court’s field tile from floor to ceiling. The shower niche and floor have grey mosaic accent tile from the same brand. Leftover marble tile that my contractor bull-nosed, frames the niche and an additional slab of marble for the bench seat completes the shower surround.

Spider plant on a shower bench with white and marble tiles.
White Field tile with a Marble Bench
Jeffrey Court Tile Bathroom Shower surround with white field tile and grey mosaic tiles in the niche.  Chrome shower trim.
Taupe Shower Niche in a White and Grey Shower

Unfortunately, we ran into some problems with the tiler and had to bring in a new guy to complete the shower floor. I gave him leftover Jeffrey Court marble and mosaic tiles and he came up with a beautiful art deco pattern. It was the perfect making lemonade out of lemons scenario. The floor is stunning!

Shower surround with art decor pattern on the floor with white and black marble.
Art Deco Marble Trimmed Shower Floor

The shower trim with the faucet is the icing on the cake in the shower. You can find the complete Joleen set on build.com in many different finishes. I love the sleek design and it goes so well with the Jeffrey Court tile.

White And Grey shower with chrome shower head.
Chrome Shower Head
close up of a chrome shower faucet trim against a white subway tile surround.
Chrome Shower Trim

I was inspired after sharing the best bathroom plants for low-no light bathrooms earlier this month and decided to add a few humidity-loving options for this bathroom. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep a maidenhair fern happy in the shower. I know they want to stay moist and warm like their tropical home but also ignored. A spider and staghorn fern are also finding new homes in this bathroom.

white and grey shower surround with chrome accents.
White and Gray Bathroom with Garden Accents

White Tile Wainscoting with Grey Trim and Marble Floors

The same field tile in the shower continues around all four walls for a beautiful tile wainscotting and is finished with the Jeffrey Court grey ramp edge trim. This custom wall treatment is a perfect pairing to the marble hexagon floor.

White And Grey Bathroom with green floral wallpaper.  Grey vanity and marble floors. White subway tile wainscotting.
Garden Wallpaper in White and Grey Bathroom
Grey vanity with mirror, modern light fixture, floral wallpaper and tile wainscotting.
One Room Challenge Bathroom Reveal
White marble hexagon floors.
Jeffrey Court Tile Marble Hexagon Floor

I purchased a new vanity from Lowes that arrived damaged so I ordered a second and it arrived damaged as well. If you followed along in my Instagram stories, you saw that I repaired the first one myself instead of trying a third. I really wanted a free-standing vanity to maximize the small space. It has a porcelain sink and chrome pulls that work well with the Hansgrohe faucet collection.

White And Grey Bathroom with grey vanity against white tile.
Grey Stand Alone Vanity
grey vanity with porcelain sink and chrome faucet.  Styled with soap, airplants, and hand towel.
Chrome Faucet
dark green floral wallpaper with tile wainscotting behind a grey free standing vanity.
Grey and White Bathroom with Green Accents

Now let’s talk about the garden wallpaper. I had originally planned on using tone-on-tone green paint colors with the upper walls, ceiling, and molding. After being inspired to bring in a few plants I knew I really wanted a green wallpaper in there. Plus the new drywall is completely smooth and I couldn’t pass down the opportunity to wallpaper without having to sand!

woman outside in the garden holding floral garden wallpaper
Me Holding Garden Wallpaper Against our Garden

I found a gorgeous garden print from Home Depot which turned out to be part of the Rifle Paper Co. collection so it was love at first sight. It wasn’t too expensive and I was able to install it in one afternoon. It features beautiful colors in garden flowers with specks of gold.

dark green floral wallpaper and white subway tile wainscotting with toilet and grey vanity
Bathroom With Garden Accents
tile wainscotting in the bathroom with floral wallpaper
Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper next to Marble Door Trim

I painted the ceiling and molding Sherwin Williams Celtic Green that matches the light green accents in the wallpaper.

A few more details are a custom light fixture I ordered on Esty and bringing back my gold hotel-style towel rack and rustic Japanese bench. A chrome toilet paper holder from the Joleen collection will bring the chrome with gold accents metals to a complete circle.

white tile with chrome toilet paper holder next to  toilet.  Pop of green floral wallpaper on the wall.
Fancy Chrome Toilet Paper Holder

I love, love, love that the bathroom features chrome AND gold accents. Mixing metals is a great way to get a custom look!

The second to last installation for the bathroom was a frameless shower door for a new line of sight that makes the bathroom look twice as big! The old shower door had textured frosted glass which wasn’t appealing at all.

frameless shower door with grey and white tile wainscotting, marble floors, and white shower surround.  Grey free standing vanity and floral green wallpaper
A Frameless Shower Door and Free Standing Vanity Make this Small Bathroom Bigger!

And finally, the old pocket door was removed and a gold barn door kit with the same door as our closets and bedroom door is in its place. It is much quieter but has a big gap between the door and wall when it’s shut. I’m still troubleshooting and need to paint the door. I’m on the hunt for vintage hardware to change it up a bit!

With all of the stress of the termite and water damage and other setbacks, it was a breath of fresh air to work with two wonderful brands, Jeffrey Court and Hansgrohe. They both have been flexible and supportive and their outstanding products speak for themselves. They really helped create a custom master ensuite bathroom that is just what my husband and I dreamed of as they brought my design to life!

woman install white subway tile in a small bathroom White And Grey Bathroom
Spring One Room Challenge Bathroom Progress
Orc Guest 400x218 logo
Spring ORC 2021


  • Demo bathroom Contractor
  • Check walls for damage and fix if necessary (almost there!!) Contractor
  • Shower surround, floor, and niche Contractor
  • Wainscotting tile Contractor
  • Marble flooring installation Contractor
  • Reroute plumbing and install a new vanity Contractor
  • Install faucets and trim (it’s here and GORGEOUS!) Contractor
  • Sand texture down on walls (Won’t need to as the drywall will be brand new!Me
  • Wallpaper walls Me
  • Paint the ceiling Me
  • Paint the trim Me
  • Install frameless shower door Contractor
  • Install vanity light, mirror, and towel rack Me
  • Paint new bathroom door, find cool hardware Me
  • Install barn door kit and hang door Contractor
  • Decorate! Me
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