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Why You Need First Alert in Your Home

Thank you First Alert for sponsoring this post. Help protect your home and family with voice and location alarms from First Alert!

Update your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms with voice and location technology to ensure the safety of your family with First Alert and never have to replace a battery!

As we are in the middle of a huge room makeover for our open concept living and dining room and updating just about everything I took the opportunity to update our smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.  Having a beautiful, organized, and well-functioning home is something to strive for but also a healthy and safe one!

It’s vital to stay on top of your home’s alarm systems especially with kids.  Ours have been wonky the seven months we’ve been this house so I jumped on the chance to install and try First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Alarms with Voice and Location Technology.First Alert Voice Location Technology Smoke Alarms 2

One of the great features with these alarms is that they will tell you the type and location of the emergency and studies have shown that voice alarms increase the chance of your child waking up.  According to the Journal of Pediatrics (2018) I learned that voice alarms woke 86 to 91% of children, encouraging 84 to 86% to successfully escape within five minutes of the alarm’s start compared to only 53% of children waking up from a standard alarm and %51 escaping. First Alert Voice Location Technology Smoke Alarms 3

I found this super interesting because when we lived in Japan if there was any type of emergency there would be an alarm sound and voice.  In fact, the cities were wired with public speakers for urgent announcements and warnings.  So smart!   Knowing that there is a voice and location feature in our new alarms definitely makes me feel more confident that the alarms will wake up our sleeping children.First Alert Voice Location Technology Smoke Alarms 4

Now I have a confession to make.  Ever since we moved in and pretty much looked at the oven our smoke alarms started beeping.  After a few sessions of waving towels and opening doors and windows we finally just removed them and hid them in the pantry.   Have you ever just gotten fed up with sensitive or unpredictable alarms?    First Alert Voice Location Technology Smoke Alarms 5

First Alert alarms come with a patented smoke entry system to reduce false alarms and a ten year sealed battery so no low battery chirps or battery replacements for the life of the alarm.   If can’t get any easier than that!  First Alert Voice Location Technology Smoke Alarms

Installation and set up was a breeze with them.  In fact, the base plate screw holes were in the same place as our old ones so I had them up in minutes.

First Alert Voice Location Technology Smoke Alarms 7

One you have it in place you simply hold the test button and it directs how to set up your location. First Alert Voice Location Technology Smoke Alarms 6

It then goes through a test alert with beeps and voice stating the emergency and where.   Now that we have them installed and ready to go in our home I can rest easy and am feeling much better about being a responsible parent!

First Alert Voice Location Technology Smoke Alarms 8

I’ve enjoyed turning our house into a beautiful home that reflects who we are and where we’ve been as a family and now that we are ready for emergencies I know it is a safe home too!   What steps have you taken to ensure your home is safe?  Leave me a comment and let’s chat.


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  1. The smoke alarms sound great. Voice warnings sound more effective. I understand what it’s like to try and cook without one going off. I have an island grill and can’t grill anything without the alarm blaring. The exhaust fan has too many turns in it to be effective. Our dog would stress as soon as I turned on the grill. 🤣

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