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Wicked Inspired Table

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Hi there.   Thanks for popping in today!  I’m participating in another fun tablescape blog hop hosted by Chloe from Celebrate & Decorate.  We had so much fun last time sharing a Spring tablescape that I couldn’t wait to decorate our table for this hop’s theme, broadway.   Enjoy different tables every day this week!

I’ve been making a few changes in our dining room recently so when my friend suggested I use Wicked as my inspiration, I knew it would be perfect for this space.  Thanks Abby! 

Wicked Inspired Tablescapetable-wicked-plants-watermar

boho plants bookcase for eclectic global style

After we moved into our Japanese rental home, I imagined decorating this space with neutral colors and plants to emphasize all the character of this tatami room.  I like to stay true to a home’s style but also true to my modern global eclectic taste.  After making a few more changes and sharing how I mix styles last week, I feel like this room is really coming together.

For the tablescape, I headed to the 100 yen store (Japan’s version of the dollar store) and found black and white fabric squares with gold stars, plastic green salad plates, and green paper with gold flecks.   All in all, I spent about $10.


The green paper is tucked into the middle of our extension table.   I layered the green plates and napkins with white Ikea plates.  My bamboo serving ware is always adorning my table.  I just love that pop of gold!


There’s no easier way to add green then with a collection of  house plants.  I’ve been growing lettuce and herbs/ spices on my windowsill too!  It smells so good.


The black star garland came from The 100 yen store.  The stars definitely give the table more of a broadway feel.  The Wicked color palette is fun without being too literal.  But it would also make a fabulous table for Witches Tea Party!!


I love how this tablescape shows that you can find inspiration anywhere! Make sure to check out 50 + Fall seasonal and holiday decorating ideas, DIYs, and free printables for the season.


If you came from Everyday Living, next on the list is Knock if Off Kim.  See you over there!

Make sure to come back each day this week for more Broadway inspired tablescapes!

broadway tablescape blog hop


  1. Kathy, you NAILED it – both your interpretation of Wicked, and your comment of being an interpretation without being too literal. I really love your style. It seems you have adapted very well to the traditionally simplistic, Japanese approach to life and style. Love the overhead shot of the table best of all. Very nice tablescape! 100 yen store – cracks me up. I guess the $ Store is a universal thing.

  2. Lovely! You amaze me how you can infuse a theme into your own style, no matter the challenge! Your pretty green glass salad plates are perfect along with your black star garland! I have a friend performing at Tokyo Disneyland, so I had heard about the 100 Yen store. I am glad you have bargains available to you there and I really admire that you seem to have adapted so well to living in such a foreign environment. Thank you so much for being a part of this fun blog hop!

  3. Kathy, Wicked is my FAVORITE – I’ve seen it four times and I love your interpretation of it! Your table brings to mind the mystery of Wicked in the most perfectly subtle way. Bravo!

  4. I really enjoyed your post and tablescape. I like to interpret themes a bit loosely, too (not too literal) and I also appreciatae your eclectic home décor style. Very inspiring! Love it!

  5. Such a nice tablescape Kathy. You incorporated so many elements. Being in a different country, must be tough tryouts no to adapt. Bravo to you. Love that they have a 100 yen store….that is too funny.. Very fun blog hopping with you.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad I found those green plates. Most of my china is in storage and I get tired of using our Ikea plates over and over. lol

  6. I’m sure it is challenging to do a lot of things when you are living in a different country! The 100 yen store is too funny! I love the way you didn’t deviate from your clean eclectic style and the hints to Wicked with the green and black. Lovely~

  7. Kathy, what a fabulous interpretation of Wicked! I can’t imagine living in another country and being able to be so creative. It seems you have found an inexpensive way with The 100 Yen store. Love it and am excite to blog hop with you this week!

    1. Aw thanks Pam! Yes, it’s a bit challenging but I LOVE the 100 yen store. It’s such a wonderful experience living in Japan. 🙂

  8. Kathy, We saw Wicked a few years ago, Your use of lots of green was a great way to bring the mood of the musical into your tablescape. I love the large napkins with stars. Very cool tablescape.

  9. It’s very “wicked” indeed, with the wonderful napkins and stars and all the green. FINE use of the hundred yen store, too! Simply delightful.

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