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Winter Eclectic Christmas House Tour in a Cute Rental Home


Renter-friendly decorating in an eclectic Christmas house tour. Enjoy all of your favorite bloggers’ holiday homes in this festive blog hop.

Seasons Greetings my friend! I enjoy participating with other bloggers and sharing lots of inspiration for the holidays with you. So once again, it’s time for another festive blog hop!  

Did you see the My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition?  I’ll share the lineup of homes again at the bottom for you in case you missed it. I’m sure it will give you Christmas tree decorating ideas you won’t want to miss!

An eclectic Christmas house tour view of a cute grey leather sofa with a deer pillow and a Christmas tree with oriental fans as decorations and grand piano behind couch. Pretty wood shutters with mini moss wreaths frame a small window.
Eclectic Christmas House Tour

Today I’m sharing our first home tour in a traditional Japanese house as part of  Winter Eclectic Home Tours hosted by Domicile 37.

The tours started Monday, so if you missed any of the previous ones, here they are (and they are beautiful!).


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Winter Eclectic Christmas House Tour

Here’s a quick update.  We just moved (military orders) to mainland Japan from Okinawa and have downsized again to under 1300 sq feet this time!  Our house is a traditional Japanese home with three tatami rooms.  

A little goes a long way in our charming home, so decorating happened in no time.

Welcome to our holiday home!

A view of a window with wood cottage shutters behnid a gran piano and Christmas tree.  Lots of pinks and reds and Christmas art decorations.
Christmas Living Room

The living area is very small but we managed to squeeze in our couch and baby grand piano.  I’ve sold a lot of furniture (including our big screen TV) and decor for the last two weeks.  

I’m excited to shop for a larger dining room table for the downstairs tatami room.  We couldn’t fit in a dining area in our Okinawan home.

I added Christmas touches with holiday books, ornaments, and tinsel garland (from last year’s tree).

A small TV sits on a three drawer white campaign style chest in the corner of a small room in a traditional Japanese home.  Tinsel garland hangs on the white wall and there are pretty light hardwood floors and natural light.  A grey ottoman is used as a coffee table and a cute little plant sits on a wood table stump.
A close up of a blue star fish ornaments sitting on a stack of Christmas decorating books on a gray upholstered storage bench.
Starfish Ornament

This morning I quickly put together a couple of moss wreaths for the wood shutters and printed out free Christmas art from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body to display on the piano.  

A close up of a black baby grand piano with Christmas art display and wooden shutters with mini moss wreath and pink ribbon.
Cottage Christmas House Tour

I shared my Christmas tree Monday where you can find my shopping guide and top ornament picks!

Since we’ve just moved in, I haven’t had any time to look for new Christmas decor.  I used my stash of floral and oriental fans to change up the tree this year but am thrilled with the outcome and love that our Christmas house tour includes Japanese decor.

An eclectic global Christmas tree in a Japanese rental with purple and brown ornaments, Japanese fans on the tree, and a black and white striped blanket as a Christmas tree skirt.  A cute wooden primitave rocking horse sits near the tree and a glimpse of a black baby grand piano.  A wooden cottage shutter is in the background.
Winter Eclectic Christmas Tree with Fans
An antique primative rocking horse under a decorated Christmas tree.
Antique Rocking Horse

My go-to styling tip for bookcases is to color coordinate seasonal decor with books organized by color. It has such a fun impact and really makes tricky shelf decorating easier.

The DIY modern nutcrackers are a quick dollar store DIY.

A close up view of a beautiful dark wood Asian eterge with color-coded colorful books and Christmas decor in blues, reds, and greens.  A string of shells hang on the side.
Color-coded Books and Christmas Decor

From this angle, you can see a wood French door that leads into the foyer. Japanese homes are usually heated or cooled only in the room you are occupying so there are many doors in this house.

A colorfully decorated wood Asian eterege with red, blue, and green books and Christmas decor with a string of seashells hanging on the side is next to a pretty wood French door that leads into the Japanese foyer.
Looking into the foyer!

To the left, right next to the tv corner, are a pair of sliding doors that open up to the downstairs tatami room.  I set up our faux fireplace in there with  DIY stockings.   I have big plans for this room after the holidays!

DIY Christmas Stockings from recycled clothes hang on a white faux mantel that is decorated with botanical art, and metallic accessories with a guitar leaning nearby.   A cute white stove styled room heater is under the mantel surround.  A brown rug sits on the tatami mats.
Faux Fireplace Vignette in a Tatami Room
A close up look at the DIY Christmas Stockings from recycled clothes hanging on mantel with a silver candelabra and brass deer with red berries.
DIY Stockings with Trim
Linen stockings hang on the side of a fireplace surround and a silver champagne bucket holds metallic Christmas wrapping paper rolls.
Wrapping Paper Displayed in a Champagne Bucket
A faux fireplace in the tatami dining room for Christmas with neutral decor.
Our Japanese Christmas House Tour
A faux fireplace mantel with Christmas stockings and wrapping paper rolls are next to shoji screens in a traditional washitu room.
Rice Paper Screens

I’ve added a little Christmas cheer to our bedroom too but I’ll share that with more Christmas DIYs next week.  I hope you enjoyed our Christmas Japanese home.  It really feels like a little cottage, doesn’t it?

Next on the tour is my friend Jen from The Striped House.  Her home and Christmas tree are stunning and I can’t wait to see more!

Scroll down for the rest of the tours and My Home Style Christmas trees!

The winter eclectic home tour graphic with a collage of Christmas house tour pictures from the participants.
Winter Eclectic Home Tour


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Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more stories and resources!

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

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  1. I think you should definitely name at least one of the deer Steve the Stag (that’s what we named out brass deer figurine). I loved seeing the new space and I love that you color-code your books too!

  2. Your tree is absolutely stunning! I love the fans and am looking forward to seeing what you do with your bedroom. The new home is lovely.

  3. Your home is just beautiful! Absolutely swooning over your Christmas tree…I can’t get over how gorgeous and unique it is! Seriously love the jewel tones and the addition of the fans…just exquisite!


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