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See a Creative Modern Boho Dining Room in a Winter Eclectic Home Tour

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Find global holiday inspiration in this winter eclectic home tour featuring the dining room plus 18 other eclectic bloggers sharing their homes!

Hello again! I hope your week is off to a great start. I’m super glad our home is set up for Christmas and home tours are well underway in blogging land since we are going to be gone for the holidays. This means early inspiration for you!

Winter Eclectic Home Dining Room Tour

Welcome to our winter eclectic home dining room tour.  If you are new here, we are a military family stationed in Japan and living in a traditional Japanese rental home!

It’s really cool and I’m excited to share it in Domicile 37’s Winter Eclectic home tours where 19 creative bloggers are sharing their eclectic holiday styles all week! 

I’m also sharing today’s story for A Very Global Christmas series. Its 12 days of globally influenced Christmas DIYs and decorating ideas (which you can find right HERE) cohosted with Casa Watkins Living

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the full line of Winter Eclectic Home Tours.

Without further ado, let’s begin. This is our global eclectic dining room. It is a washitsu room complete with tatami mats, shoji screens, sand walls, and wood molding. 

A winter eclectic home tour featuring a modern boho dining room in a traditional tatami room with natural wood tones, a wooden etagere, and mix and match dining table and chairs.
Winter Eclectic Dining Room

The room is a bit of a challenge to decorate since it’s so small and probably the darkest room in the house.  I recently removed all the sliding doors so it opens right up to our Christmas living room and foyer.

This space feels the most curated to me even with holiday decor mixed in.  The main focus is a gorgeous thrifted etagere that sits in the corner and holds a lot of our global souvenirs.

Maximalist decorating on an etagere with Christmas and global decorations and plants for a winter eclectic home tour.
Boho Styled Bookcase

There’s a birdcage from Hong kong, a Chinese calligraphy brush, pottery from Okinawa, and plenty of books and plants.  I added in my DIY dollar store nativity set and DIY Noel sign for the holidays.  The cute stag head came from a local Japanese store. 

Close up of small white nativity set on a stack of books, Okianwan pottery, Christmas decor, and plants displayed on a carved Chinese etagere.
Christmas Decor and Trailing Plants

The marbled pot I created recently at a Japanese art class.  It was so fun to make!   The bookshelf also stores our dining room textiles and other table-setting items. 

An eclectic maximalist decorated bookshelf in a dining room that is in a traditional Japanese home with an American military family living there.
Decor and Storage for DIning Room Items

I love using trailing plants on bookshelves.  They have such a lovely way of connecting two shelves.  I mix real and with faux.  For such a dark corner, the plants do pretty well (English ivy and Jade).

Green books, plants, and Christmas decor on a bookshelf.
Color-coded Books and Decor

My DIY coral bookends look right at home in this eclectic mix. 😉  Our most recent furniture additions are a gorgeous bar cart from Target and a rattan chair I snagged on clearance out here. 

A gold bard cart with a Christmas wood slice sign, candles with black and white stripes, a Koi fish painting, and Christmas wrapping paper are in a dining room nook.
Christmas Touches in Our Winter Eclectic Home Tour
Renter friendly Christmas decor in small space featuring a rattan chair in front of a global eclectic bookcase with books, plants, and decor.
Rattan Chair

Just like last year, I corralled all our wrapping paper into a champagne bucket.  It always gets used for storage!  It’s really big and will never use that much champagne. lol

Christmas wrapping paper display in a champagne bucket for pretty storage.
Wrapping Paper Storage
A Christmas eclectic bar cart with a koi fish painting overhead in black, red, and green is super cute against white and gold peel and stick wallpaper.
Painting Party Koi Fish

My husband occasionally likes to contribute to our holiday decor and brought home copper wire wreaths with fairy lights and also picked out a woven deer head. 

A copper wire wreath with fairy lights is hanging on a woven deer head in a tatami room with modern abstract art.
Modern Boho Decor from Japan

We have most of our treasured holiday decor in long-term storage for safekeeping but I did bring a nativity lamp that my grandmother gave me years ago. 

A holiday eclectic dining room close up view of a colorful nativity light.
A Nativity Lamp

It will definitely be like a second Christmas when we move back to the states in a couple of years and we get all of our furniture, family heirlooms, and many paintings and photos out of storage!

Two-toned hand painted taper candles in black candle holders are on a global table runner with greenery.
Boho Eclectic Table Centerpiece

In the meantime, I love finding global pieces out here and thinking outside the box for DIY decor like these two-toned candlesticks which I will be sharing tomorrow!

A trio of colorful taper candles on the dining table with eucalyptus greenery.
DIY Painted Taper Candles
Candles on a dining table with a boho eclectic bookcase in the corner with lots of books, plants, and Christmas decor.
Colorful and Eclectic Dining Room for Winter

Here’s a shot of the entire room from the living room.   You can see how the door frames are low (hubby hits his head ALL the time) and just how small the space is.  But we have fit 12 Marines around that table fully extended before!    

A wide view of a tatami room from a wester room with American furniture and decor in boho eclectic style with white walls and wood French door and trim in a winter eclectic home.
Full View of DIning Tatami Room

And here is the view from the foyer!  That shell pendant is a $20 thrift store find from Okinawa that I zip-tied to the light frame. 😉 I’m seriously proud of that one!

View from top of the stairs into a Japanese foyer with a large shell pendent and wreath on the upper ceiling.  View into a tatami dining room below and a large plant.
A Traditional Japanese Foyer
Dining room view with white table cloth, global table runner, colorful candles and greenery.  White and black farmhouse style chairs.
Dining Table

This perspective reminds me of a dollhouse.  But the large opening on the right and in the middle of the two rooms have sliding doors and a french door leading into the living room.

A view of a dining and living room in a Japanese rental decorated for Christmas.
View from Entry
Dining room corner in a traditional tatami room with a cane cabinet with yellow pulls, modern art, and a deer head on the wall wood trim.
Western Dining Furniture in a Japanese Room

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A Winter Eclectic Home Tour banner graphic.
Winter Eclectic Home Tour

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  I’m sharing with The Gathered Home and Casa Watkins Living today.  Stop by and say hello if you haven’t seen their beautiful homes yet!  They are two of my favorites!  


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  1. Kathy—you’re a small space star!! I’m smitten with your shelfie situation (bar cart, too 😆). I love all the greens paired with the white Christmas sculptures and figurines. And $20 for the shell pendant?! I mean, c’mon!! I can only imagine the anticipation and excitement to rediscover your heirlooms when you get back, but you sure are rocking your washitu room in the interim. 🙌🏻

  2. I am always in awe of your attention to detail and love to see how you put all of the smaller pieces together. By the way, I am totally smitten with that shell chandelier in your foyer. Perfect!

  3. Your home is so beautiful! I love how you added some festive decor to your bookshelves! I also love that you store your wrapping paper in a champagne bucket – so clever! 🙂

  4. Kathy, your shelf and bar cart styling is on point! You did such beautiful job simply styling your spaces with subtle holiday decor. I love the idea of the wrapping paper in the bucket, too… I’m definitely going to do that at our house, thanks for the inspiration! And, Merry Christmas!

  5. I love how you mixed all your global treasures to create an eclectic holiday space! And though I love love your doors, it’s great to see the view of all the rooms interiors. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas

    1. Thanks Diane! The doors do add so much character and it’s fun to be able to change the layout of the rooms with the sliding doors. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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