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Witches Tea Party Invitation and Decor

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Throw a Halloween party for your witchy friends with inspiration from a Witches Tea invitation and decor ideas.

Oh, how I enjoy throwing a Witches Tea Party.  Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating (we did go to Harvest Festivals at church and got plenty of candy) so I guess I am playing catch up.

This year will be my fourth annual Witches Tea Party and I can’t wait to share pictures but it isn’t taking place until we are closer to Halloween.  Today and tomorrow I want to give you inspiration so that you can host a party too!

Here is a glimpse of previous years.
witches tea party ideas

Witches Tea Invitation

My friends and I have always had so much fun making candy apples and seasonal cocktails.  Every year we try new things.  Here is some of the decor and the invite for this year!

The invitation was created as an HTML document and printed on stationary I already had to save money.  Using witchy text for your invites is a must!
witches tea party invitation

Witches Tea Decorating Ideas

This cute witch print I bought last year from the Go Girl Shoppe which just happens to be the cutest craft, decor, and jewelry booth trailer I have ever found at a festival.  You can find the DIY roses I made here.

witches tea invite and witch art

The pumpkin tree I made a few years ago and I never get tired of it.  My inspiration this year is black and white with a little bit of “craftiness” (you see what I did there?) that I found around my house.

halloween decor with a DIY pumpkin tree
 I melted red candle wax over some white taper candle sticks.  Apart from a little greenery I threw together all of my black and white accessories with a skull or rat here and there.
create DIY bleeding candles for halloween decor
bookcase halloween decor

White sheets over the furniture and a spider web across the mirror give the room a desolate feeling.

cover furniture with sheets for halloween decor
cob webs and more halloween decorating ideas

Come back tomorrow for some great tips and tricks from other sources on how to throw your own Witches Tea! I hope you enjoyed my witches tea invitation and decor ideas.

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    1. Funny you should ask! I just posted the menu and other DIYs for a witches tea. ;)https://uptodateinteriors.com/2017/10/witches-tea-party-diys-and-printables.html

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