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Witches Tea Invite and Decorating Ideas: Simple DIYs to Try

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Throw a Halloween party for your witchy friends with inspiration from a Witches Tea invitation and decor ideas.

Are you ready to throw a Halloween party for your witchy friends, filled with enchanting details and mystical decor? As someone who couldn’t go trick-or-treating growing up, I’ve embraced the opportunity to celebrate Halloween as an adult.

After hosting a few witches’ tea parties of my own, I want to share all the details and inspiration to help you host your own magical gathering.

Glimpse into the Past

Past witches’ tea parties have always been about making candy apples, concocting seasonal cocktails, and experimenting with new themes and decor. Let’s take a look at this year’s party!

Witches Tea Invitation

The heart of any party lies in the invitations. For this year’s Witches Tea Party, I got creative and designed the invitation as an HTML document.

This digital touch was not only cost-effective but also allowed me to infuse some witchy charm into the invites. After all, using spellbinding text and imagery is a must for such an occasion.

I printed them off on leftover invitations I had from a birthday party.

Witches Tea Party Invitation
Witches Tea Party Invitation

Witches Tea Decorating Ideas

The ambiance of a Witches Tea Party sets the stage for the magic to unfold. Last year, I stumbled upon a charming witch print at the Go Girl Shoppe, a delightful craft and decor haven at a local festival. It was the perfect addition to my witchy theme.

Make the DIY Coffee Filter Roses

Witch Print
Witch Print

Another staple of my party decor is the pumpkin tree which I crafted a few years ago. Its timeless appeal and versatility allow me to reinvent it year after year. This year, my inspiration leans towards a black-and-white palette with a touch of craftiness—spells and potions, if you will.

DIY Pumpkin Tree
DIY Pumpkin Tree

To add an extra layer of enchantment, I decided to melt red candle wax over some white taper candlesticks. Combined with a dash of greenery and a scattering of black and white accessories, our party space is infused with a bewitching atmosphere.

DIY Bleeding Candles
DIY Bleeding Candles
Bookcase Decor
Bookcase Decor

And what’s a Witches Tea Party without a bit of eerie charm? I draped white sheets over the furniture, casting a ghostly pallor over the room, and festooned a spider web across the mirror, adding a desolate feeling to the ambiance.

Cobwebs and More
Cobwebs and More

Find valuable tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years everything you need to know about hosting a Witches Tea Party in this story. Curious about high tea and how to properly host a tea party with a witch theme? Check out this guide!

A Spellbinding Guide to High Tea with a Witchy Twist

High tea is a delightful tradition and you may want your witches’ tea party to fit the formality of high tea. Let’s chat about how to create a magical high tea experience with a dash of witchy charm.

Setting the Witchy Stage

  • Decorate for the Right Atmosphere: Decorate your space with a dedicated magical color palette. Try deep, rich colors like black, deep purple, and emerald green or a chic and classic black and white with pops of deep red.
  • Lighting Magic: Use candles, crystal ball-shaped lights, or even LED candles for an otherworldly glow. Draw curtains shut and turn off overhead lights to help with a spooky ambiance.
  • Magical Tableware: Pull out the fine china or shop for vintage or ornate teacups and saucers to evoke a sense of timeless magic.

Brew the Perfect Potions

  • Witch’s Brew Tea: Select tea blends with exotic flavors like lavender, rose, or hibiscus for a bewitching experience.
  • Herbal Infusions: Offer a variety of herbal infusions for those seeking potions with health benefits.
  • Cauldron-Style Teapot: Serve tea in cauldron-shaped teapots to truly embrace the witchy theme.

Witchy Eats

  • Spellbinding Scones: Prepare scones with unconventional ingredients like black currants, lavender, or even dark chocolate.
  • Enchanted Finger Sandwiches: Create sandwiches with mystical-themed fillings such as smoked salmon with dill or cucumber with herbed cream cheese.
  • Magical Pastries: Offer pastries that seem plucked from a witch’s cookbook, like rosemary shortbread or lavender macarons.

Witchy Teatime Entertainment

  • Tarot Reading: Invite a tarot card reader to offer readings to your guests.
  • Potion Mixing: Set up a potion-making station where guests can mix unique herbal infusions and teas.
  • Witchcraft Trivia: Host a witchy trivia game with questions about famous witches from literature and history.

The Witch’s Tea Party Attire

  • Elegant Witch Fashion: Encourage your guests to dress in elegant witch attire with flowing dresses, cloaks, and ornate jewelry.
  • Witch Hats and Accessories: Provide witch hats and accessories like iconic gloves for high tea for guests who want to embrace the theme fully.

A witchy high tea is a magical way to blend tradition with enchantment. From spellbinding teas to mystical decor, you can create an otherworldly experience that leaves your guests spellbound. So, gather your coven, brew your potions, and host a high tea that’s truly bewitching.

Stay tuned for more bewitching content. Make sure to check out 50+ Fall seasonal and holiday decorating ideas, DIYs, and free printables for the season.

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