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Witches Tea Printables


Witches Tea Printables: Download and print these free printables for your own Witches Tea Party. Wicked quote, Witches Scattergories, Black Hats Society and more!

Hi there.  If you came by today to find the FREE Witches Tea printables, you’re in the right place.  To find all the decorating ideas and DIYs for how to host a witches tea, start here.

This is such a fun idea for a halloween party!  My friends and I have been getting together every halloween for a girls afternoon for the last 4 years.  I have so much decorating and coming up crafty things for our tea parties.  To make the tea party child friendly, host a “good witch” tea party otherwise have fun finding witchy quotes and decor to make your own signature annual tea!

The Wicked Quote is an 8X10 Printable from last year.  I love that most of the quotes I found come from historical and classic authors.  I’ve even found biblical witch names.

witches tea brew recipe

Black Hats Society 8X10, download here.  This makes for a fun way to greet your guests!

Witches Brew and Sweet and Wicked signs (cut out), download here and use them in your finger foods and table settings.


Witches Scattergories large (8×10), download here.

Witches Scattergories 2 games (8×10), download here.  If you have a scattergories alphabet dice laying around, use that for game play.  An alternative would be to write down all the letters of the alphabet, and draw a letter for each round.


witches tea party printables and decorating ideas

witches tea party decorating ideas and DIYS

For more tips and tricks and previous Witches Teas, click herehere, and here.

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