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World Market Inspired Candle Sconce

Hey there! Welcome to our second Knock if Off DIY hosted by the lovely Jess from Domicile 37.  If you miss you last month’s post, our DIYs were inspired by Kate Spade.  You can read about them HERE.  This month, we took turn a turn in the style world towards global eclectic with projects inspired by World Market.wood candle sconce inspired by World Market

I saw this beautiful wood carving at a local gift shop and knew it would be perfect for my project.   It’s inspired by a large wood peacock wall sconce that you can you find HERE.   The peacock wall sconce is a little pricey at $59.99 so I didn’t feel too bad for spending $16.50 on the floral wood square.  It’s just as large as the inspiration piece.

diy wood candle sconce

Here’s what you need:

Carved Wood Square (around 12 x 12 inches)

“S” hook

Candle holder


staple gun

super glue

wood candle sconce inspired by world market

How to:

Step one:  Bend the “s” hook so that one end is straight.  Use a hammer to help straighten if necessary.

Step two:  Bend the other side until you have a little “v” shape at the end of a hook (see image).wood candle sconce inspired by world market

Step 3:  Use a staple gun to attach the wire to the back of the wood square. wood candle sconce inspired by world market

Step 4:  Super glue the candle holder to the “v” shape part of the hook.

wood candle sconce inspired by world market

Step 5:  Attach a picture hanger to the back or use command strips for a renter friendly way to hang. wood candle sconce inspired by world market

I had the perfect spot to hang mine in our very light and neutral bathroom. wood candle sconce inspired by world market

It warms up the space nicely and has a lovely contrast to the light peach walls.
wood candle sconce inspired by world market

Scroll down to see the other 8 amazing projects!  I’m really excited to read about them after seeing these teaser images.  The ladies’ talents never cease to amaze me.

World Market DIY


  1. Wow, that wood piece really looks like it was made to be a sconce! I have like zero creativity for figuring out how to rig stuff like this up, so color me impressed!

  2. I have been hunting high and low for a couple of weeks now trying to find something like this online. Seriously speaking, you are the only one who knows how to make something like this. It’s incredible and looks way better than the original World Market peacock piece. Well done!! I can’t wait to do my own. YAY!

    1. I had to go check the price! It sure is a lot less than it used to be. Thanks for the sweet comment! I was living in Japan and found the wood at a gift shop on a military base. Imports were very inexpensive over there!

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