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Monday Musings: My new black and white pillow

Good morning my friends!  I just wanted to share an update with you today.  It’s funny how one little change can make a big difference.  What’s that little change you ask? 😉  Why, a new pillow cover of course!

I’ve been wanting to add a little black and white to my bedroom for a while now.  Black and white with navy or cobalt blue has a rich, classy feeling that I love.  A graphic black and white pattern can also be an easy and quick way to make a space look more modern.

Here is my new black and white pillow!


Isn’t she pretty?   The bold contrast makes the colors in my watercolors pop a little more.  If you have an IKEA close by, you probably recognize her.  I had to shop on Amazon since we don’t have anything close by.

SONY DSCMaking the bed and making sure the kitchen is clean are the first two things I do in the morning.  It makes being at home so much more pleasant. Even if the rest of the house is a mess.SONY DSC

I had to add in my Valentine’s Day flowers into a couple of shots.  That vase will probably get reused and stay in the room.


Have you added anything to your home lately that made a bigger difference than you were expecting?

If you love the look of black and white, check out these 10 Gorgeous Rooms.   I hope you have a sunny Monday!




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