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Should You Choose a Theme? {revisited}

Greetings friends! I missed you yesterday and am so sorry about not posting. Life kind of got ahead of me. 🙂 I am sure you know how that goes. Well today are decorating tips for those of you who are not sure how to start decorating a room and whether or not you should choose a theme.

Easy tips for working around a theme

How many of us have thought to ourselves ”what theme do I want for this room?” I have been guilty of it.  When our first child was born I went with a ”classic pooh” theme and my nursery looked like it had stepped out of Target.Winnie-the-pooh-classic-pictures-pooh4

I quickly realized that this was not the way to go.  Interestingly enough, I decided at a much younger age that I preferred mixing beds sets, or finding a unique blanket or pillow for excitement, and even starting sewing my own room textiles. Yet, in my first apartment, I had a nursery “in a bag”.
When my son was just a couple of months old, I completely redesigned the room.  I kept pooh but found  vintage pooh fabric and mixed in corduroy, chenille, and cotton fabric for new bedding.  Adding art projects brought in other interest along with painting the nursery furniture. From that moment on, I have been careful about being a culprit of furniture sets, bed in a bag, and other collections retailers often attract their buyers with for bonus pieces and discounts.
Is it a design dilemma to want to choose a theme? Let me give you ideas how it can be accomplished without appearing like the room just came from a store.

First, if you have a theme in mind, think of it has inspiration.

For example, let’s say your little girl loves the Little Mermaid and asks for a Little Mermaid room.  Try not to think of the Little Mermaid in a literal sense but use it as inspiration  for picking your colors, textures, and decor items.  Can you imagine using ocean colors for the wall and bedroom furniture with red and aqua accents to represent Ariel’s hair and tail color?
Sea shells, drift wood, and sea glass would be great “under the sea” decoration.  Be careful not to go overboard with an “ocean” theme.  Think of a spa or a relaxing beach cottage with touches of “ocean” inspired decor.


Amber Interiors

Children’s books and age appropriate toys mixed in.

Don’t forget the function of the space.  🙂

Of course, let’s not leave out the Little Mermaid completely.  There are usually pretty art representations of favorite characters available.

Don’t forget light fixtures and window treatments.  

*Since I chose a child’s room for an example, I would like to mention that a room like this would be much easier to “grow” with the child.  Any room you choose, as long as you keep your “investment” pieces in a neutral colors with classic lines, you can easily adapt to a new inspiration when you are ready.
I just couldn’t resist creating a “Little Mermaid” inspired bedroom.
Mermaide Design Board
Tell me what you think?  Have you tried designing a room around a theme before?  What do you use for design inspiration?


  1. In my very first apartment, I decided that my theme would be green. Just about everything in that room was green – even the couch! I’m glad I’ve learned more about mixing different items and going for touches that hint at my theme rather than just my chosen theme repeating itself in each item in the room!

    1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! My first place was all purple. It took my ten years to add purple back into my decor after that! lol Thanks so much for visiting! 😉

  2. What stunning photos!! I can’t wait to move into our house and be able to decorate 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. My son wanted his walls to be “mini figure” yellow which spawned into a Lego themed bedroom. I tried really hard not to do anything overly legoish. The room is yellow with a yellow and white stripe wall. He has primary color madras bedding and some really cool Lego artwork–prints of the first Lego copyright, pics from the Lego store in Disney, his own artwork, etc. lots of navy. & red accents. I also had these geometric shaped pillows that we realized looked like mini fig heads. I really like the way it turned out.

    1. That sounds like such a cool boy’s room. I love you didn’t do “lego” everywhere but used colors and artwork. I bet my son would love it. Thanks so much for sharing with me!!

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