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Hello there!  Sorry for yet another short post.  Aside from being sick, I’m preparing extra posts that are due this weekend and finishing up last minute details for our First Annual NC Blogger Meet Up.  If you are interested in attending, please send (email: [email protected]) your name, email, and blog name and I will send the invite your way! save-the-date

Okay, back to my decorating quick tip!SONY DSC


Decorating Quick Tip #1:

If something isn’t working in your space, don’t buy a replacement, switch it with something from a different room.

Do you remember when I made over our living room lamps a couple of weeks ago?



I love how they turned out but I noticed how the shade gets lost with our wall color.SONY DSC


The lamp shade color might not be the best for the living room, but my bedroom shades are a lovely warm taupe and slightly larger scale.


Here is the left side table lamp with the “new” shade after my little “swap-a-roo”.


The right side….. 😉 SONY DSC

The entire wall.


Of course for this to work, the original shades needed to work with my bedroom lamps.  They do. 🙂  I love the lighter contrast against the blue side tables. SONY DSC

They are a little smaller but the shades make the lamps appear taller and they take up less space.


Do you have anything you can swap from one room with another?  You might be surprised at the outcome.  It takes two minutes to try! 😉



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