Love Your Space Challenge #16: Make Your Bathroom Pretty


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Brrrrr! I hope you are staying warm my friends.  Today’s challenge is the beginning of the final week.  I hope you have been enjoying all of our little projects.  Your many comments mean so much to me.  You can find all of our previous challenges listed below. Have fun!!

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Challenge #16: Make Your Bathroom Pretty

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Challenge #18: Repurpose Something!

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Challenge #20:  Organize a Junk Drawer

Love Your Space Challenge #16

Make Your Bathroom Pretty

There are three easy peasy decorating tricks that I would like to share with you to create a “designer” bathroom.


Option 1:  Hang art on the wall! Be careful with photography and make sure there is good ventilation so your art doesn’t get damaged.  Personally, I have hung oil, water color, acrylic, photographs, and other prints, and have never had any water damage.


Option 2:  Use a rug instead of a bath mat.  Breaking up the matching  bath towels, rugs, and shower curtain sets are a must.  Using a pretty rug for your bathroom is a great way to do that!

Oriental-Rug-in-Bathroom2_Simply-Smittenvia K Kerr Design

Option 3: Decorate with non-sets.  Find pretty containers and objects to  hold necessities on your bathroom counter instead of a matching bathroom set.  Keep things neutral with one or two pops of color or pattern and the outcome will be gorgeous.

Neutral-Color-Bathroom-Design-Ideas-2012-12via Modern Home Design

My outcome:  We have two little bathrooms, this is the master bathroom. SONY DSCSONY DSC

And this is the kids bathroom.  The art on the wall is a water color/pen painting that I created inspired by a print I saw on etsy.

 I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s challenge!


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  1. Option 1, too much for me.
    Option 2, too bare
    Oh gosh I feel like Goldilocks!
    Option 3 was gorgeous
    Also I like your bathroom. We are currently in a rental with 1970’s green and gold textured fern wallpaper! It is…hideous or retro depending on your take! LOL

  2. I love the art in that first one, it’s so nice! And it gives me an idea for our bathroom which has horrible ventilation, ceramics wouldn’t be damaged!

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