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Love Your Space Challenge #18: Repurpose Something


PicMonkey CollageToday is finally here!  Seriously, I have been waiting to publish this post since the first week of our challenges. So excited.  Do you remember challenge #1, move a piece of furniture?  I had moved my desk into the living room.

SONY DSCWell, I am using it again for today’s challenge.  =) If you have missed any of the previous ones just click on a link below.

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Love Your Space Challenge #18

Repurpose Something!

I saved this challenge for the weekend so you can have fun with it.  Find something in your house that could use a little love.  Maybe a picture frame, lamp, tray, a piece of furniture that could use a fresh new color or a pillow that needs an updated look…..  I want you to fall in love with your “things” again!

Here are some makeovers I have done in the past year…

PicMonkey Collage

My outcome:  I repurposed the desk that I put in our living room in challenge #1.  I did actually LOVE that desk, its one of my favorites but I have been wanting to paint it for a long time.  So I did.


Remember, the challenge can be something really simple like finding a new slipcover for a throw pillow or it can be a bigger project like having a chair reupholstered!

Have a lovely, warm weekend,


P.S. Here’s a before and after!



    1. Thank you Skye! First time I’ve spray painted lamps but I LOVE how they turned out. I almost went with white but so glad I didn’t. 😉

  1. My mom use to spray lamps like that and they turned out nice she was the crafty type person me not so much. Love the computer space I need to spruce my little space up too.

    1. Thanks Kita! I think I got my craftiness from my mother but she does NOT have my decorating skills….. lol, I love that she calls me before she does anything to her house!!

    1. Thanks Aria! The lamp was from Hobby Lobby, 50% off and was the only lamp that was the sized I needed. I got lucky!

    1. Thanks Dawn! The room it is in stays pretty clean but I did use four and half coats of primer, 2 coats of paint, and sealed it with a furniture wax made for painted furniture. Oh, and I waited two weeks for the paint to cure before I started using it. Keeping my fingers crossed….

      1. Ah — that’s key info there– all that primer.
        I too have a dark desk I’d like to paint, but I’ve been putting it off, feeling unsure. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

        1. I can’t believe my desk took four coats of primer. lol If you are able to paint outside (or a well-ventilated area) use an oil base seal and primer (like kiltz) and it should take fewer coats. With that being said, all of those coats of paint, primer, and wax on my desk is holding up well. It gets used hours a day and not a scratch on it! 😉 good luck! You should just go for it!!

  2. Your purple lamp redo is wonderful…especially the evenly glossy finish. Do you have the directions accessible to readers?

    1. Thank you Sue! It’s super easy. I bought a paint with the glossy finish, taped off the cord and socket and spray painted. Lamps are pretty easy to maintain because they don’t get moved around a lot. Otherwise, you can seal it with a spray polyurethane. The paint will take 1-2 weeks to completely cure. (set)

    2. Oops, I forget not everyone spray paints as often as I do. Follow the directions on the paint can, keep the can about 12 inches away, and do a couple of lighter coats to prevent drips and you will have a smooth finish. Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any more questions. 😉

  3. What kind of paint did you use for the desk? i.e. brand, sheen. Surely that’s not spray paint? I just can’t get the hang of spray paint…runs and drips everywhere.

    1. Hi Judy! I mixed two different colors of the Valspar pre made sample cans to get the different hues of gray. (Lowe’s carries them!) The samples are always in an eggshell finish. I used FOUR coats of Kiltz water base primer first and two coats of colors. The wood desk just soaked it up. 🙂 I usually hand paint larger items but I do spray paint all of my picture frames and accessories and sometimes small side tables. Tips for Spray paint: Start the first spray on cardboard or something to make sure the flow is even. Don’t get closer than twelve inches and use multiple light coats to avoid drips. If you get a drip, wait for it to completely dry, sand down, and re spray that area. Hope that helps! 🙂

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