Master Bedroom Redo

Master Bedroom Redo Inspiration and Plans

This week I am working on a mini-makeover for our master bedroom.  Here is what I have planned.

Everything I am doing will be with materials I already have plus 13 new art pieces my husband brought home from deployment.  (I love that man!)
1.  Paint the bedside tables a high gloss deep navy.   Similar to this bedside table’s color.  I can’t decide whether the hardware should be silver or gold.  What do you think?

 2.  Install art gallery wall.  I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.  I’m hoping it will fill the majority of the wall like in this room.

3.  Style the bedside tables and freshen up the bed linens with items around the house.  Always fun.

Here’s hoping this get’s done by Friday next month so I can show you an after picture soon rather than later. =)

UPDATE: You can find the complete makeover (two parts) here and here!


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  1. Oh wow. Great ideas! I love the idea of the blue night stands. Gold would work as long as it didn’t look brassy and naval. Unless that’s what you want!!

  2. Thanks May-B! I will post pics of the makeover Saturday. I did spray the hardware gold and it looked fine up close but with the rest of the furniture, it was looking more oriental. So I changed it to silver and it looks much better. =)

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