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The Best Renters Hacks for the Bathroom and Laundry Room


Hi there friend!  After taking the summer off, I’m back with The Best Renters Hacks series.   My fellow rental bloggers and I have shared our best decorating tips and DIYs for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room.  Now you are getting the rental creative scoop for the bathroom and laundry room.

My bathroom and laundry situation might be a little different than yours (unless you live in Japan) 😉 but these tips and tricks can be used for any rental space!

Start with a blank space and optimize.

If your bathroom/laundry areas have outdated or damaged cabinets, floors, or appliances don’t be afraid to ask the landlord for a replacement.   You would be surprised at how many times we get a yes! rental bathroom before and after

Make permanent eyesores pretty!

Try these creative solutions for common problems with rental bathrooms and laundry rooms.

*Weird storage units that are oddly placed and outdated.

Add greenery and spa items to open shelves.  If the cabinet is closed storage,  hang baskets with command strips and wire containers on the sides, underneath, or on top!   Adding natural textures like seagrass with metal and plants can do wonders for the aesthetic of an outdated bathroom/laundry room. decorating tips for rental bathrooms

*Exposed hoses and wires in a laundry room.

If there are cabinets over them or your washer and dryer are in a nook,  hang curtains on a tension rod to hide them.

Wires and cords hanging out in the open on a flat wall can be hidden with furnitureglobal eclectic rental bathroom makeover

Or try a creative solution like these baskets attached with command hooks to a rental wall!

readers favorites renter solution for ugly cords and hoses in the laundry room diy basket covers

*Cover ugly floors with rugs.

Limit your use of bath mats and opt for decorative flat rugs like kilims, durries, and area rugs instead.

area rug in the bathroom

Appliances can even get a face lift with removable decals.  Why not?!?decals on washing machine

Maximize storage. 

Rentals are notorious for having limited storage (at least the 6 I have lived in!).  Maximize the space with extra shelving, bins, and baskets.  Don’t forget wall storage too!  Adding an extra shelf under the sink cabinet will double its space. painted-baskets-renter-bathroom

Display pretty things, hide the rest.

Leave your extra soaps, pretty toiletry bottles, bath salts, and linens out for functional decor.  Store the rest.  A good rule of thumb for any room! rental bathroom decor

Add art and personality.

If you have the space, bring in plants and seating like a wood bench or bamboo stool.  Hang bathroom friendly wall hangings like mirrors, baskets, oil paintings, and inexpensive prints.  (Be careful with photography because of the moisture.)

rental bathroom decorating ideas

pretty bathroom storage for rental bathrooms

rental bathroom and laundry room decorating ideas and diys

With these simple tips and tricks, any rental bathroom and laundry room can be stylish, functional, and enjoyable!  Make sure to stop by Linda’s gorgeous blog The Home i Create to read her best hacks for rental bathrooms.rental bathroom decorating ideas

Do you have any tips and tricks to share for rental spaces?  I would love to hear about them!


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  1. Wow Kathy! Your bathroom looks amazing! That first before and after photos is like night and day! The hanging baskets on the wall is so clever. So many great ideas, you are the master of making rentals looks amazing!

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