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Turn Your Photos into Watercolors

I am sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen that title!  I am about two months behind the curve….:) BUT, if you haven’t heard of Waterlogue, then welcome my friend, welcome.  waterlogue-feature

Waterlogue app is “the new trend” from Apple for iphone, ipad, and ipad touch.   It is simple to use and very addictive, I must warn you.  After you purchase and download the app you simply upload or take a photo and watch it become a piece of art.  There are 12 presets and adjustable settings for size and brightness.   Very user friendly!

Pictures with high contrast seem to do pretty well.  Here are some examples of still life images turned into watercolors. (I placed my items on a piece of core board!)


Using pictures with more saturated colors or set on a lower exposure have more definition.


When I finally made the $3 splurge for this app late one night (bored in bed because I couldn’t fall asleep *giggle*), I had a brilliant idea to take portraits of my kids for a project I am working on this week.  watercolor-kidsThey were printed at my local pharmacy but you could print them out on card-stock or photo paper at home.  You can see them on my book case HERE and with styling tips HERE.

I told you this app is addictive right?

watercolor-misha watercolor-yellow watercolor-flowers watercolor-me




You’ll be going through your camera roll and turning everything into watercolors!  So cool.

Now all you have to decide is what to turn into a piece of art! Have fun. (By the way, I did not get paid to say any of this. I just think the app rocks!!)



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    1. That’s sad. 🙁 Its so addictive. 😉 Maybe there will be something available soon for all team android!!

  1. Nice app. I’m Team Android, so I’ll have to see if they have this app. I was drawn to the pic with the photo collage on the wall. I plan to do something similar with photos for my office makeover. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Thanks Shonda!! I really liked how that one turned out too. I have so much color in my house, it transitioned nicely to a painting. Wall galleries rock!!

    1. I’m glad it was informative for some of my readers Aimee. I was scared everyone would think it was so yesterday. lol It took me awhile to make the $3 splurge.

    1. I just made the switch last year and swore I wouldn’t put anymore money into my iphone. I guess $3 for the last year isn’t so bad. 🙂

    1. I printed my off at CVS with same day pick up but I am going to try printing it on cardstock at home. That seems more appropriate for a “watercolor” anyways! Now every picture I take I think, would this look good on my blog AND would this make a good watercolor? lol

    1. I haven’t Diana and I probably have some laying around… I just tried printing one with card-stock and really like how it turned out. 🙂

  2. How perfect as gifts for family and friends, their homes, children, pets, etc. Always wanted one done (water colour) the front of our home. Thanks for this information. Pat Cahill

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