Twelve Beautiful Painted Floors You Have to See!

See how painted floors can add an instant update to worn and tired flooring or to replace the use of a large area rug.

 I am excited to share with you today one of my “bucket list” decor projects,  painting floors.  I currently live in a rental property and will probably have to wait a few years and multiple PCS (military) moves before my family has the opportunity to buy our dream house. 

BUT, when we do, the dining room better watch out!  Painting a gorgeous pattern on the floor in place of a rug just screams DIY.   We have never really used a rug in our dining rooms before, not that I am against it. 

We seem to always have an open floor layout and plenty of rugs in the living spaces to divide up the floor plan.  Plus, it is easy to keep the bare floor clean and to slide chairs in and out from the table.

Some of you are probably thinking, I would never paint over my gorgeous wood floors, but before you write it off….. take a look at these beauties.

12 Beautiful Painted Pretty Floors

The first time I saw painted floors was on the Nate Berkus show, Spring 2011.  He had a guest who shared pictures of her house.

Are you in love? I immediately fell for these.   It is also a fantastic way to cover flaws, it shows patina well, and it is cheaper than having your floors redone.

Fun living room. So practical for families with children, pets, or allergies. 🙂

I love the gloss on this kitchen floor with a classic checkered pattern.

The kitchen breakfeast nook is just charming with a plaid pattern.

These floors look fresh and bright!

This gorgeous floor pattern is achieved using different stains.

Here is a beautiful “rug runner” in a galley kitchen.

design by Merrilee McGehee 

Another option for painting floors? How about painting stairs?  The Novogratz did this lovely runner in a beach house.

Are you ready to pull out the paintbrushes?  You can always paint a concrete porch or patio too! Think how lovely that would be in outdoor living space this Spring!!

Using a stencil to spruce up a worn floor replaces the need for a large area rug.

Here is a lovely example of how a little paint can make a big impact. Perfect if you don’t want to cover your entire floor.

Okay, I had to add some black and white.  Simply stunning.

Use a ruler and painter’s tape to create a geometric pattern.  You can also create a stencil or use a ready-made stencil from your local craft store. 

Don’t be discouraged if you think you will grow tired or mess up a design.  Just lightly sand the floor and try again!

Which space is your favorite?

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    1. Our old house had all wood floors! I love the idea of painted a runner in the hallway or on stairs and maybe a painted “rug” in the dining room but I love the look of bare wood floors too! Let me know if you decide to try it! You could alway sand and re-stain if you change your mind down the road. 🙂

  1. These floors are gorgeous! Thanks for posting. I love the pop of color it gives the floor. I do funky painted furniture so of course I love color, but I have to say the last black and white one with the teal walls really caught my eye, as well as the kitchen with the black and white diamonds. Great job gathering these up for your post!

    1. I tell you what, I have been a huge fan of black and white lately but I am definitely a color lover! So glad you enjoyed this post. I can’t wait to have floors I can paint!! Thanks so much for stopping by Carolyn.

  2. do it! it will look great. i am going to do mine white after i finish all my half fhnisied projects all ready on the go and i have 2 dogs which are going to scratch the living daylights out of them, but i’m still keen. make sure you get a gloss white which won’t yellow and then apply a few layers of lacquer over the top. that will help with the traffic areas. good luck!

    1. Yes! I have of heard of many success stories of painting and staining cement although I have never tried it. I would think using a few coats of polyurethane for a top coat would be key. I’m sure someone at the hardware store could lead you in the right direction for the type of paint and how to prep the cement. 😉

  3. I love love,love the idea of painting my floors.However I have a few ?’s,i have lamenent (fake wood).I also have ceramic tile in kitchen. Will either of these work as it relates to painting my floors.If not I might have to pull up and do the cement which is whats underneath

    1. I’ve read success stories with painting over laminate. You may want to use an oil based primer first (like Kilz) to make sure the design adheres. Not sure about the ceramic. I would ask the experts in a paint store or hardware store. Good luck!

  4. I love the pics of painted floors I have a question what steps do I take to paint my wooden floors to make them look as good as these and I to have pets and grandchildren

      1. I have ugly tile in my rental, and I have been looking for a solution. The tile is like sattillo tiles except in off white and has WIDE grout lines(they are almost 1” wide), which is where the floor looks the worse. I have some awesome grout cleaner and have been on my hands and knees cleaning it in sections but since it is in the marjority of my house. it will be time to start all over again. I thought about maybe painting or staining the grout a vibrant color, but design wise I am not sure how I would like it. I plan to do the tiny room where the toilet is in my master first before I go to the kitchen. Then I thought stenciling it would be the way to go, but I think grout space is too big and the floor has some imperfections so I think if I painted it a base color like white, and I don’t want a busy pattern, although I tend to gravitate to geometrical types of patterns as I have been looking.

        Cah you give may any guidance on this?

        1. That’s a tough one! I really like the idea of painting the grout. I would think a dark taupe, gray, or even black would be the best for wear. What color if the grout currently?

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