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Create a Boho Basket Wall Decor in a Few Easy Steps

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Spruce up your wall with a DIY boho basket wall decor using thrift store baskets and paint. Perfect for renters and adding a pop of color.

Hi there!   After sharing our kitchen progress yesterday (which is a bit of a challenge), I’m thrilled to share this cool and eclectic DIY wall art for our master bedroom!  

We are hitting week 3 of the $100 Room Makeover which means all the participants will be showing our room reveals next Wednesday.  The first week I shared inspiration and a shopping guide and last week a few room updates.

DIY Boho Basket Wall Decor

A huge thanks to Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry for organizing this fun month-long challenge. We are just settling into a new Japanese rental home after recently getting new military orders from Okinawa, Japan.

I’m so excited to experience a traditional home off base and this decorating challenge is just what I needed to get the master bedroom just right! Find all of the related stories from this makeover below.

week 1: inspiration | week 2: update | week 3:  DIY basket wall art | week 4: reveal

DIY wall decor with thrifted baskets, perfect for renters.  A collection of hand painted threshing baskets are hung on a white wall with decorative push pins.
Painted Baskets for Wall Art

I really liked the idea of using decorative baskets similar to my inspiration board but wanted a little more modern take on them.   Threshing baskets are very common in Japan and I found all of these for under $10! 

Create DIY wall art with painted baskets in pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue using flat threshing baskets.  A collection of different sizes are hung on a white wall with decorative thumb tacks.
Boho Basket Wall Decor

I used watered-down acrylic paint to “stain” each one a color. 

A DIY wall basket with thrift store finds showing a threshing basket on a wood floor with different colors of paint tubes.
Threshing Basket and Paint

The 100 Yen Store had some cute push pins and a faux succulent that adds a bit of fun interest to the basket wall decor.  And since this is a rental, there are restrictions to what size of holes can go in the walls which were no bigger than a thumbtack.

Decorative push pins from the Japanese dollar store are on a wooden floor.
“Dollar Store” Push Pins

This DIY wall art really makes the room come to life!  It’s like it was planned or something… 😉

How to create diy wall art with painted baskets.

DIY Colorful Basket Wall Decor

Add color to your walls on a budget with painted thrift-store baskets. Hang with ease using push pins and add a little interest with a dollar store faux plant. It's the perfect solution for a large empty space and is renter-friendly.


  • Thrifted flat baskets like threshing or tabacco baskets in different shapes and sizes.
  • Faux plant stem
  • Decorative thumb tacks/push pins
  • Craft paint


  • Paint brush
  • Water
  • Disposable dish like a plastic bowl, throwaway empty container, or paper plate
  • Paper towels


  1. Lay a basket on paper towels or newspaper to prep for painting.
  2. Squeeze out a dime to a quarter size amount of paint on a plate.
  3. Dip a paintbrush into water and then into the craft paint.
  4. Cover the basket with a wash of color. Use a little more water on the paintbrush to keep moving the paint around until the basket is completely covered. Blot any overly wet spots with a paper towel. It's almost like staining rather than painting the basket! One thin coat of paint is plenty for this project. A bright yellow painted threshing basket laying on paper towels and wood floor with a paint brush near by.
  5. Let the basket dry.
  6. Repeat the previous steps with different colors for the remaining baskets. I think leaving one basket natural is a lovely option. If you have one that isn't as tightly woven consider doing the same.
  7. Once your flat baskets are painted and dry, hang each one with a decorative push pin right in the middle. Keep the distance between each basket similar and mix the large and small baskets. It's best to hang the largest first and build your wall decor display around it with the others.
  8. Optional step: Embellish a basket or two with faux succulent or airplane. Secure it with a little bit of hot glue if it won't sit in the holes of the basket.

Did you make this project?

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A small cute dollar store basket is hung on a white wall with a brass thumb tack and faux plant.
A Cute Plant Tucked In
A side view of the diy wall decor with thrift store baskets and paint on a white wall near a window.
Bright and Cheerful Wall Decor

To balance out the window and empty wall space, I brought in a $5 thrifted basket purchased in Okinawa last year and hung some brass bells that were found locally.  

A cute rental bedroom in Japan showing a white wall with a small window and colorful painted threshing baskets hung as art above a round basket with lid and gold bed frame.
Japanese Baskets

The bedroom is very small as most Japanese ones are. I have to do a bit of a crab walk to get to the other side of the bed but the new layout is perfect. We tried the bed long ways and there was no room for side tables and it covered up the large garden window.

A close up of painted flat baskets hung on a white wall with decorative thumb tacks.  A faux succulent embellishes the netural basket while the others are green, pink, and yellow.
Renter-friendly Wall Decorating

We also found a solution for the tv this week with a darling cabinet from a thrift store down the road.  Here’s a little peek! The little cabinet fits perfectly in the corner and gives us more storage.

A narrow tall global cabinet holds a small tv and tan suitcase with a stack of books and white antlers.
Small Space TV Solution

Isn’t it fabulous?

Our garden sill is coming together too.  It is at least 12 inches deep so I had to take advantage of it with more plants. I’m mixing in faux with real and a few beach finds to get the biggest bang for my buch.

I’m just thrilled about how this room is coming along!

Plants are on a garden windowsill in a rental bedroom for $100 makeover.
Windowsill Plants and Shell

Let’s review the to-do list.

  • Plantsa garden for the windowsill and possible wall art
  • Color – a mix of bedding and textiles from my house (I also have some beautiful silk Kimono fabric!) free
  • Texture100 yen store baskets (I have a DIY up my sleeve for this one!)
  • Interest – an eclectic mix of decor elements (from “shopping” the house) free
  • LightingDIY shell chandelier and appropriate bedside lighting
  • *The two window shades for the room were $80 and won’t be calculated into the makeover budget as they were already purchased.


  • Wall hanging -$30
  • TV cabinet -$50
  • Large plant with basket -$15
  • Baskets and push pins -$7
  • Total: -$102
DIY wall art decor with thrifted baskets and renter friendly graphic for pinterest.
Boho Basket Wall Decor Pinterest Pin

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  1. Well you know I love anything gardening but those baskets spruced up with a big of paint and even a faux plant look great.
    Can’t wait to see it all next week.

  2. I love it! We both included wall baskets in our design and they are such drastically different looks! I love the colors you chose – just the perfect touch of color.

  3. Hi Kathy,
    I love the way that you updated the baskets with a watered down craft paint as stain. I would love to try this on a few pieces to bring some continuity to a basket wall that I am envisioning this year!
    Also, were you visiting Japan or are in living in Japan? We are headed there this Spring! Would love to find out more.

    1. Thanks Hilary! That DIY was so easy too! We live in Japan (three years now). My husband and us are stationed here with the USMC. It’s been such an amazing experience.

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