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Autumn at the Beach DIY Wreath

Autumn at the Beach

Okay y’all, I wanted to get a Fall DIY wreath in before September hits.  I am really pleased how this year’s turned out.

Here are 5 easy steps for creating your own wreath. 
1. Gather your materials.  I rummaged through my big wreath/floral bin and found vines, white capiz shell floral stems, and orange Japanese lantern stems.  There were also many pieces of floral wire already floating around which made the “collecting materials” job even easier!  I also snagged a couple of seashells from a windowsill and coffee table.  White and orange is one of my favorite color pairings!
2.  Start with your first layer and attach with wire.  After I formed my wreath shape with the vines and loosely secured with them pieces of wire I proceed to attach the capiz shells stems, tucking them into the form and wire.
I personally don’t mind when my first layer doesn’t cover all of the wreath.  The open spot is perfect for an embellishment.
3.  Keep adding in layers.  Make your wreath as full as you like, all the way around or just partial.  I only used two layers, white stems and orange stems.
4.  Add an embellishment.   If you are happy with the outcome so far, you can just leave the wreath as is or add an embellishment(s).  Here is when I added the seashells with fishing wire (floral wire would have shown against the white shells).  You can add ribbon, a monogram letter, or whatever you like!
I loved the way the seashells brought instant “seascape” to the wreath but there was a little empty spot to fill so I added some robin egg blue berries in around the shells.
5.  Hang your wreath.   After you are finished creating your wreath don’t forget to hide any loose wire ends.  My wreath hanger was looking a little dingy so I gave it a makeover by wrapping twine around it.
Here’s how to create your own twine hanger.
 It’s really simple, just tie a knot on the back side of the hanger near the top….
and start wrapping the twine around, covering the “tail” as you go!
Keep wrapping…..almost there!
At the bottom, tie it off in a knot and cut the access twine off.
Much better!
Update:  After I made these DIY Velvet Pumpkins I added a couple to the wreath.
How is your Fall wreath shaping up this year?  I would love to hear from you!!


  1. I love it. What a great idea, fall at the beach. I love making a new wreath for my door as the seasons change and this is a very nice way to ‘change up’ the typical beach wreath.

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