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Puzzled with Patterns?

Are you puzzled with Patterns?   Take this fun quiz and find out!

Name the Patterns


Are you ready for the answers? Scroll down and check them.
photo via Apartment Therapy
Photo via Elements of Style
1. Herringbone (this one is a little more modern than the traditional men’s outerwear).
2. Gingham (this pattern comes from the check fabric family)
3. Chevron
4. Ikat
5. Paisley
6. Plaid
7. Damask
8. Trellis
9. Houndstooth
10. Calico
11. Medallion
12. Basket weave
13. Toile de Jouy or better known as just Toile (in this case a Parrot Toile)
14. Argyle
15. Fret pattern, also known as Greek Key
16. Batik (the art of dyeing fabric and saving color with wax)
How well did you do?  I learned the proper name for Greek Key pattern this week. =)
Leave me a comment.  I love hearing from you.






P.S.  Did you know there are well over 200 names for patterns?  If you are curious to know more about them check out Artlandia Glossary of Patterns.


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