Make a Beautiful DIY Pomegranate Wreath for Modern Christmas Decor

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Create a gorgeous metal hoop Christmas wreath with faux pomegranates, potpourri, and berries for a Very Global Christmas series DIY pomegranate wreath.

What do you get with bits and pieces of leftover floral crafts? A unique holiday wreath! Welcome back to A Very Global Christmas annual series hosted by my good friend Casa Watkins Living and Up to Date Interiors.

We adore kicking off the holiday season with twelve days of globally inspired Christmas ideas every year and we are already on day three: Christmas wreaths! I’m so glad I saved leaves, berries, and pieces of potpourri from other DIYs this week to make a beautiful DIY pomegranate wreath on a metal hoop.

A DIY Pomegranate Wreath for the Holidays

In case you missed the first couple of days or want oodles of inspiration from years past, head over to A Very Global Christmas page or visit my floral Christmas tree story and easy DIY pomegranate potpourri ornaments.

My Christmas theme this year has been all about florals and inspired by Japan, Greece, and France. I know, an interesting mix! But I’ll explain how.

A DIY pomegranate wreath on a metal hoop wreath with Fall leaves, berries, and potpourri hanging from a brass hanger with bell on a white door.
DIY Pomegranate Wreath

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It all started with a bag of potpourri (that’s the France part). I really wanted to incorporate warm Fall colors of floral stems and dried berries and knew Fall craft items would be on sale at this point. Also, I’ve discovered that orange and other warm tones look fabulous with our front room decor where the Christmas tree is and wanted to play more with those hues!

A gorgeous colorful floral Christmas tree in a corner with presents wrapped in botanical wrapping paper and  woman's portrait on a dark green wall in the background.
Floral Christmas Tree

The next stop was shopping for flowers for the tree and the cherry blossoms, or sakura if you’re in Japan, where the best option to fill the tree and the colors I had envisioned. The sakura and moss balls really do make me homesick for Iwakuni and Okinawa where we were stationed for four years.

While I was at the craft store I found bags of faux pomegranates on clearance and knew they would look great with the flowers and potpourri pieces. You can see how I turned dozens of them into ornaments in yesterday’s article.

Pomegranates are the Christmas fruit in Greece and often one is hung on the front door to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. Before making the pomegranate ornaments, I saved a bag of them for a Christmas wreath. So there you have it, my interesting mix of global inspiration.

First, I laid them out on an evergreen wreath form but wasn’t happy with the mix of colors. So I tried again with a gold metal hoop wreath JoAnn‘s had sent me from their Bloom collection. Honestly, whenever I’m not sure how to mix materials, I pull crafting items in the same color families to get me started.

Here are the last bit of my Fall leaves that were still out with other leftover materials. Perfect!

A gold metal hoop with faux pomegranates, leaves, berries, and dried floral pieces laying on a striped mat ready to be made into a Christmas wreath.
Laying out the Materials

How to Make a DIY Pomegranate Wreath with a Metal Hoop Wreath

Since this was my first time using a gold hoop wreath, I got my hot glue gun and florist wire ready and ended up using both.

DIY Pomegranate Wreath Materials:

  1. Gold hoop wreath
  2. Faux pomegranates
  3. Fall leaf pieces
  4. Red berry picks
  5. Pieces of potpourri
  6. Hot glue gun and sticks
  7. Florist wire and cutters
  • Prepare your leaves by cutting them into small pieces to fit around the wreath. Leave enough of the stems, a couple of inches, to wrap florist wire around.
  • Bend your first leave stem so that is conforms to the metal hoop and secure with a piece of florist wire. Add a second peice of wire in the leaves to help them lay close to the wreath if they aren’t easy to shape.
A close up of how to use floral wire to attach a stem to a metal wreath hoop.
Secure Stems on Metal Hoop Wreath with Wire
  • Contine with more leaf stems until you have the entire hoop covered. Lay them in the same direction so you have a continuous circle. The nice thing about wiring them first is that you can adjust them by sliding the stems so you have consistant coverage. Once they are all in place, add a dot of hot glue to keep them still.
A metal wreath hoop with Fall leaves wired on all of the way around laying on a striped mat.
Fall Leaves on Metal Wreath Hoop
  • The next step is the pomegrantes. First lay them out to see how many you want or need. I used six. Cut a 2-3 inch piece of florist wire and stick one end into the pomegranate. Place it on the wreath and wrap the wire around the back side and insert the other end and keep pushing it into the pomegranate until it is as tight as you can make it around the wreath.
A hand demonstrating how to stick floral wire into a faux pomegranate to attach it to a metal wreath hoop with Fall leaves.
How to add Pomegranates to a Metal Wreath
  • Squeeze glue between the pomegrante and metal wreath and hold the fruit in place for a few seconds while the glue dries. You may have push the florist back in some. I found that using the glue and wire was the most secure way of attaching and keeping them in place!
The backside of a Christmas hoop wreath showing leaves and pomegranate both wired and glued in place.
Use Wire and Glue to Secure in Place
  • Secure berries and pieces of dired floral/potpourri as you like once you have your pomegranates in place. I used a berry pick between each pomegranate all facing the same direction and glued them directly onto the leave stems.
A DIY pomegranate wreath with color matching leaves, berries, and dried floral pieces on a metal hoop laying on a pink rug.
Check Arrangement and Make Adjustments

A few pieces of potpourri are secured with a dot of glue and tucked around the pomegranates.

A close up of the details from a DIY pomegranate wreath for Christmas on a metal hoop with Fall leaves, Christmas berries, and pieces of dried potpourri.
Pomegranates, Berries, Potpourri, and Leaves

Now it’s hanging in our foyer on the coat closet door. I used a cute metal hook with a brass bell that I had picked up while living in Japan. The brass bells on the doorknob were a recent estate sale find from my neighborhood. You can never have too many strings of mini brass bells!

The gilded noel sign was part of a fun blog hop many years ago and I still love to display it at Christmas. The spider plant is sitting in a thrift store bowl from Japan. In fact, the basket tray and large basket with lid came from Japan too. 🙂

A cute boho foyer with white walls and a gold mirror, bar cart with plant and baskets, brass bells hanging on a door knob and a DIY pomegranate wreath on the door.
A Modern Christmas Pomegranate Wreath

Here’s a full view of the foyer wall. I recently did some rearranging to accommodate the Christmas tree and put this estate sale find Asian tin lamp on my grandmother’s cabinet. The lamp, lucite sculpture, brass crane, and non-art wall hangings are all second-hand.

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The two paintings are by local artists that my grandfather, an avid art collector and retired museum docent, gifted me. My husband gave me the playbill from opening night of Kiss me Kate signed by Cole Porter as a graduation gift when I finished my Master’s in Music Education.

A traditional modern foyer with a beautiful wood cabinet and gallery wall on white walls decorated with an Asian lamp, brass crane, lucite sculpture and plant. A modern Christmas wreath made with pomegranates and leaves hangs on the closet door.
Foyer with DIY Pomegranate Hoop Christmas Wreath

And our Christmas foyer is complete! I think. I’m always open to adding more holiday decor! Ha!

Make sure to visit Stephanie and see what Christmas wreath she made this year!

DIY Botanical Christmas Wreath

Botanical Christmas Wreath
Botanical Christmas Wreath from Casa Watkins Living
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