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Friday Favorites No 6

Happy Friday friends.  My kids and I are so excited, we are expecting our first visitor to Okinawa this evening. My grandfather.  He will be a lovely distraction while my husband is away.

Here our some recent pictures of our Okinawan adventures. IMG_0925

There are these amazing large banyan trees called Gajumaru that grow in Okinawa.  Local folklore tells about  fairy-like spirits called Kijimuna that live in the trees and cause mischief.  They are about the size of a child, have red-hair and fair skin.  There are pictures and statues of Kijimuna everywhere. IMG_0924Here is a replica of a higher class traditional Okinawan home.  Can you just imagine having all of your walls open up to the outside?  Beautiful in theory, then there’s the heat and humidity and the possibility of habu snakes and the “huntsman” (a hairy spider the size of a tarantula).  Maybe not so great. 😉 gwen-scuba

My daughter and her new friend.


A free dolphin show that faces the ocean. Stunning.

Other things I’ve enjoyed recently:

This helpful post on how to propagate succulents (something I need to know now!).

A great way to repurpose an old picture frame.

I absolutely love seeing bloggers share their natural artistic talents.  Check out these gorgeous paintings.

This creative way to DIY a cake stand and tips for styling it.

Have a lovely weekend,



  1. Thanks so much Kathy! And I love seeing the awesome adventures and sites you get to see. Like I said before my son is so jealous, he wants to move to Japan in the worst way. Mostly for the food 😉

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