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Greetings! It’s another gorgeous, sunny day here and I can’t wait to get out for my run. I have a race coming up in a couple of weeks.  Eek! It will be the first time I am running a half marathon by myself.

So last week I shared my newly accessorized couch and coffee table,  which you can find here and mentioned that I would tell you where my new accessories came from.  Well,  One King’s Lane (one of my affiliates) sent me a credit to use for my first purchase. Happy dance. Seriously, how cool is One King’s Lane.  I love that some of their stores carry vintage and antique finds.  So, with my very small credit, I found a pencil box and a gold dish.

It arrived very quickly and in cute packaging but the cherry on top was that they sent complimentary stationary and a welcome note . So sweet.  Who doesn’t like to get a little something extra.





Here’s a close up, so you can read it. SONY DSC

The stationary is simple yet fun with a pop of color and cute little pictures.



The gold bowl that I purchased it on my coffee table with  a few sea shells.



*Disclosure interlude:  I did not get paid to write this post BUT if you were interested in looking at One King’s Lane you can get there by clicking on their ad to the left.  IF you purchased something I will get a small commission.

I am very grateful for your support of this site. It helps me to continue to provide you with quality content. Thank you.






The pencil box has a gorgeous scallop detail on it and is the perfect size for my side table.




I also added some fun accessories to my desk this week that I already owned.  My valentine’s printable was replaced with a cute elephant card that happened to be the perfect size.



One of my brass figures came to live on my desk.  He needs a name.



He’s pretty cute, right? Maybe I’ll name him after a brass instrument. Tuba. That will be his name. lol

One of  the eras I like to collect from is the 40’s.  I found these cute little tin cocktail trays a few years back and now one of them holds my business cards.



Are you in the market for some new accessories?  Do you like mixing vintage finds with more modern and trendy ones? Have you tried One King’s Lane?  Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite place is for accessories or a fun accessory that is already in your home!


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  1. Your house is beautiful Kathy! Love the accents. I’ve heard of One King’s Lane but they are a little bit out of my budget. They have some beautiful pieces though!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Madison. Yes, One King’s Lane can be really expensive even with their mad discounts but you can opt to see items from low to high prices and find some smaller accessories. My gold bowl and pencil box was about $15 together. BUT, if you actually live near stores, then you probably can find even better deals. lol I rely on online shopping now. ;(

  2. I am always amazed at how stunning your photos are! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 I love the thank you notes that they sent you!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Its my fancy camera. I wish someone would write photography tips for interior spaces, that is the one thing I haven’t been able to find searching the web.

    1. Thanks Tara! The dresser used to be mahogany but I love the white with the brass details. My elephant cards came the $1 bin at Michaels. 😉

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